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Real Estate Brokers in Stone Ridge NY

Best Start for Buying or Selling Real Estate
in the Greater New Paltz, NY Area
Looking for that knowledgeable Realtor who listens
to and understands your needs? Someone who
works tirelessly to manage transaction issues while
adding a bit of fun? Then read on. Century 21 is the
world's largest franchise sales organization with
over 6,800 offices in 78 countries. The company is
highly successful in connecting home buyers with
house sellers. Our clients receive respectful,
attentive service.
With past employment as a New Jersey County Planning Director and as a Divisional Vice
President for a large international company, Realtor Ken Wishnick brings a high level of
professional know how to each real estate transaction. Typically, his skills translate to
identifying the best alternatives with less stressful transactions and a better financial
result for his clients. Click the testimonials tab to see & hear what Ken's past clients have
to say.

Buyer's Page
For starters, here are the most current
MLS listings for available homes in New
Paltz and nearby communities. You can
also customize or expand your search
using the tools provided.
At your option, sign up for my "autosend"
feature to receive emails showing all new
listings and price reductions for properties
that meet your criteria. There is no charge
or obligation of any kind for this service.
Professional Realtor representation typically results in a better home purchase price with
more favorable terms for your purchase. A skilled Realtor also points out potentially costly
pitfalls that might otherwise be overlooked. To help you in getting started, here are some
important transaction items to consider:

Here are some basic tips for a successful home sale
Make Sure all Agree to Sell : Before putting your
home on the market, make sure that all parties
involved in the sale are in agreement to sell. There
are few things more frustrating to either a home
seller or an agent than home sale indecisiveness.
Prepare Your Home For Pictures And Showings :
This is an actual photo of a past listing on the Ulster
County MLS. Your chosen agent MUST be insistent
on properly preparing your home for sale. A
reasonably staged house typically results in a
quicker sale at a significantly higher price. Ken
provides the basics of home preparation and also
utilizes a professional home stager (as seen on
HGTV) for special needs.

For more information please visit

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