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Business Center Delhi
Zen Co-Works, has created an environment in the heart of South Delhi, which caters to the
modern professional. We have established a premier facility providing fully serviced
business solutions and services to freelancers, professionals, sme’s, and corporates. Our
goal is to nurture and expand a platform where entrepreneurs can work, network and grow
with those who share similar goals and aspirations.

Private offices
Private offices that can accommodate from 1-4 persons are available in our facility. Each
office includes: furniture,dedicated phone number, internet, a/c, receptionist, guest
services, valet parking, printing, and coffee/tea. Our spaces have been designed so that you
can bring your laptop and start work immediately. Zen Co-Works removes all of the hassles
of expanding your business, allowing you to concentrate on your objectives. Spaces at Zen
Co-Works are approximately 30% larger than current recognized industry standards and
we are offering aggressive pricing schemes.

Professional Services
The Zen-Co-Works team can guide you through many of the challenges faced by startups
and some companies. We have helped organizations achieve critical milestones in their
internal operations, as well as successfully raising funds through angels, private equity, and
venture capital agencies. ssOur services are available as part of the overall package or ala

Safety of business place is of highest priority of all Indian and International businessmen .
But it is not always feasible and cost effective to ensure safety by renting your own office at
a prestigious location and then hiring security guards. Then you must also have security
guards and security systems working round the clock. Not many people can afford it in the
start up phase. Zen Business Center takes your security very seriously. We have round the
clock security for our boutique offices at Defense Colony – one of the most preferred
business addresses in Delhi and in India.

Featured Recent Work
ZenBC – Defense Colony possession ready. Beautiful boutique offices that lift your mood
and add a corporate touch to your business are now ready for possession. Call us today or
contact us here for enquiries. Allocations will be made on first come first serve basis.

Virtual Offices in Delhi
Defense Colony is one of the most preferred business addresses in New Delhi and its proximity
to Nehru Place and South Extension business hubs make it a very valuable location to have as
your commercial address. You can thus have the privilege of being with national and
international brands which adds to your repute and brings more business.
With a Virtual Office in Delhi, and especially at a prime location like Zen Business Center
– Defence Colony, New Delhi, you can reap most of the benefits of having a commercial
office at only a small fraction of the cost.

Fully Serviced Office space in Delhi
Zen Business Centre offers fully serviced office spaces at Defense Colony, Delhi. Our offices
are especially for Start Ups, Small business owners, Consultants in Information Technology,
Legal Services, International Recruitment Agencies and similar professional.
We offer 1 person, 2 person and 3-4 person boutique offices that can be customized as per
your requirements. At your Zen business center corporate location you get peace of mind
as we take care of your office and operation troubles. This allows you to focus on your core
competencies and scale your business further. Read more about the advantages of Zen
Business center over other competitors in Delhi.

For more information please visit

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