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Nom original: Solicitation letter- October 13, 2015 - Signing of Yves Mayer.pdf
Titre: roupe de Parrainage de RÉfugiés (GPR) - Paroisses St-Paul et St-Médard

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Archdiocese of Gatineau
Grande-Rivière Pastoral Community
Dear Sir,
Dear Madam,
The Paroisses Saint-Paul and Saint-Médard of Gatineau (Aylmer) forming the Grande-Rivière Pastoral
Community have initiated a project to sponsor a Syrian refugee family and I invite you today to join our
effort to provide an answer to the refugee crisis. The refugee sponsorship group, Groupe de parainnage
de réfugiés (GPR), is responsible for the sponsorship project for the Grande-Rivière Pastoral Community.
This newly formed group has been very active and has progressed rapidly in developing this sponsorship
project. A Syrian family to be sponsored has been identified due to the efforts of Father Fadi Atella,
priest at St. Paul Syriac parish in Ottawa.
The four members of this family are Samer Kassar, the 33 year old father; his wife, Ruba Al Zein, age 28;
their son Amer, age 6 and daughter Tia, age 2. Their Damas home has been completely destroyed by
bombs and they are presently sheltered in Lebanon.

Samer Kassar, 33 years Ruba Al Zien, 28 years
Amer Kassar, 6 years
(Accounting clerk)
(Mother and housewife)

Tia Kassar, 2 years

We have witnessed reports and pictures of the tragic events affecting the lives of thousands of Syrian
and Iraki refugees as they flee their respective countries devastated by civil wars, and the Islamic State
who practices political, ethnic and religious violence on defenseless populations. Entire families face
hunger, thirst and the real dangers of escaping in crowded boats across dangerous seas, secured borders
and barbed wire in many European countries trying to find sanctuary where they may rest their heads
and find the opportunity to live in peace and dignity.
Our entire planet has been shocked and devastated by the sight of little Eylan Kurdi, found dead on
Turkish shores. The civil wars in Syria and Irak have lasted many years and their people have been
submitted to bombing and other atrocities for too long. The Islamic State stops at nothing and the
people of Syria are living with the fear of decapitation, kidnapping and rape.
Today, Syrian refugees who have fled their countries along with civilians persecuted because of their
ethnic or religious allegiances need our help. These Syrian refugees are fleeing their homes in war torn
countries to face the uncertainty and dangers of life in exile.

Archdiocese of Gatineau
Grande-Rivière Pastoral Community
Today, I call upon your compassion and generosity to sponsor Samer and Ruba’s family. One hundred
percent of the funds collected for this project will be given to Accueil Parainnage Outaouais who will be
legally responsible for the sponsorship of the Kassar family. The GPR’s objective is to collect $7,000.00
per sponsored person for a total of $28,000.00 for this family of four. These funds will serve to finance
the family’s essential needs such as lodging, furniture, clothing, food, transportation and other
miscellaneous needs for one year.
You may make a cash donation or write a check to the order of either Paroisse Saint-Paul or Paroisse
Saint-Médard, indicating that your donation is for the sponsorship of a Syrian refugee family.
Your donation may be mailed to one of the following addresses:
Paroisse Saint-Paul
26, Eardley Road
Gatineau, P.Q. J9H 0K2


Paroisse Saint-Médard
25 St. Médard Street
Gatineau, P.Q. J9H 7E4

Income tax receipts will be issued and mailed to you by your chosen parish for donations of $20.00 or
more in February 2016.
For any question concerning our sponsorship of a Syrian refugee family project, please do not hesitate
to contact with Raymond Sabourin, head of the GPR at (819) 360-6780 or by e-mail to
From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your compassion and generosity.

Yves Mayer
Priest and Pastor
Paroisses Saint-Paul and Saint-Médard
Archdiocese of Gatineau.

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