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We are a family of four members, I am Marlén, and I have three daughters,
Catherine, Leslie and Sidney...

We come from the longest country in the world : CHILE. (There are more than 2670 miles
between the North and the South and only about 112 miles between Est and West)
Chile is an attractive country because of the environmental variety. It offers an ecological
habitat where one can decompress. The different landscapes, the architectural heritage,
the Andes, the concentration of fauna and flora constitute promising marvellous
discoveries for the traveller.
We would like to share and promote all that we have been allowed to enjoy, appreciate
and love as children. We would like to share the treasures of this country we have
inherited... a return to our roots.
For all these reasons, we have had the idea to BUILD DOME DESIGNED DWELLINGS
called « MELIDOMO » (It means " 4 women " in the Mapuche language).
They will welcome anyone who is wishing to go in search of adventure and to discover this
territory, transforming their trip into an unforgettable stay.

A GEODESIC DOME is an architectural building established on the
base of a half-sphere, composed of geometrical shapes. More than a
peaceful and futuristic place, the DOME offers an excellent thermal
insulation, favors natural light and has a high resistance to the forces of
nature , such as wind, snow and earthquakes.
Steps for the construction of a DOME

Photos of the construction company

After a few weeks …
the small site
quickly turns into
a palace...

Model Projet

Some examples of domes you might encounter on the internet

The DOMES will be built in such a way that you will be able to see the sky
through glass windows in the ceiling. You will find a suitable place for an
exceptional astronomic observation, thanks to a TELESCOPE at your
The energy that will feed the


will come from



(We would like to promote this kind of energy which is
There will be ALPACAS (to distinguish from the llamas who spit).
Alpacas they are the symbol of the Andes. The alpacas produce a
remarkable quality wool and we would like to use it to make, scarves,
pullovers, glovesand, ponchos etc,. You will be satisfied by these traditional
hand-made objects produced by the Natives.

 Build 3 DOMES, which could accommodate , with every comfort ,
families of 2 or 4-members , and smaller DOMES to accommodate
couples and singles.
 Make transfer from Hospital to Airport
 Propose a French gastronomy and different typical Chilean dishes.
 Moreover, the innovation brought by the solar panels will be used
because Chile is sunny up to ten months out of twelve a year.
 Suggest horse riding , links with other attractions , tours etc. all with
the goal to promote our territory.

 We want to make people know about our native village called
Hospital. This peaceful, quiet place, in total harmony with nature, its
wonderful landscapes, its welcoming inhabitants, its environment and
its culture will revitalize your life.
 We want to help the area around Hospital too, developing its
economy and increasing the quality of life and social wellbeing by
offering job opportunities.

 It is also a way to bring to my community all the know-how of the
western developed countries. It will allow visitors to have a pleasant
shelter during their stay in Chile.
 Allow visitors to have a nice reception point without pollution during
their stay in Chile, in MELIDOMO


is in the district of

Paine, 32 miles from Santiago, the capital city, is also 30 min

from ACULEO Lake (25km² surface area.) It is located about 9 miles from the mountains if you
like mountain hiking and 12 miles from ski slopes, like FARELLONES for example.

Its geographical location is a major advantage :
It is very simple to reach the most beautiful coastal lowlands and areas (Valparaiso,
Viña del Mar), whichare only 1h30 away.
If you are a wine amateur, you will be delighted by the great valleys which house
vineyards such as Undurruga and Santa Rita. You can visit them and taste a
delicious Chilean wine.
An escapade in direction of the north will lead you to the Atacama desert and the
Altiplano, or towards Las Torres del Paine (a wonder of nature). You will also see
volcanos in the extreme south of the territory or go towards the East, where you will
encounter the fabulous peaks of the Andes and behind them : Argentina.
Las Torres del Paine

Atacama desert


Southern Volcanos


Thanks to the money raised and thanks to you, we will be able to buy :
3 Domes

1 600€
6 000€

3 Telescopes

11 300€

3 Alpacas
1 800€

900 €

4 Solar Pannel Kit


The total will amount to 21,600€






If you decide to make our project possible by donating, we will thank you by
offering you objects made in Chile. These objects are made from


from lapis lazuli (a semi-precious blue gemstone you find in Chile and
Afghanistan only) and clothes and accessories in alpaca wool.
We chose these objects in order to promote the local artisans and to help you
discover Chilean products.
If you choose to be very generous when contributing, we let you discover our
all inclusive trips for 2 people (with breakfast, lunch and dinner) in our domes.
We will agree on a date and on others who will participate.
Thank you very much for your support and your contribution. We are
grateful to all of you. It is only with your help that this project can succeed.
Please help us by transmitting this project to your relatives, and friends. Thank
you in advance.

Scale of contributions :
5€ and more : a beautiful postcard from Chile and sincere thanks.
20€ and more : a leather key ring with your name on it, a beautiful postcard from Chile
and sincere thanks.
30€ and more : an alpaca wool gloves made by Natives, a beautiful postcard from
Chile and sincere thanks.
50€ and more : a lapiz lazuli jewel, an alpaca wool sling made by Natives, and a
beautiful postcard from Chile and sincere thanks.
70€ and more : an alpaca wool pullover, a leather key ring with your name on it, and
beautiful postcart from Chile and sincere thanks.
100€ and more : an alpaca wool gloves + sling + bonnet + a beautiful postcard from
Chile and sincere thanks.
350€ and more : a night in one of our domes for 2 people, all-inclusive (breakfast,
lunch, dinner), or any equivalent contribution.
500€ and more : two nights in one of our domes for 2 people, all-inclusive (breakfast,
lunch, dinner), or any equivalent contribution.
800€ and more : three nights in one of our domes for 2 people, all-inclusive (breakfast,
lunch, dinner), or any equivalent contribution.
More than 1000€ : a week for 2 people in one of our domes, all-inclusive (breakfast,
lunch, dinner), or any equivalent contribution.

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