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B2B, B-to-B or Business-to-Business is actually pertain to the
business transactions among two businesses, may it be a trade between
manufacturer and a merchant or between a wholesaler and a vendor. The
concept of B2B has spread out far and wide and now it generally
refers to online dealings among businesses along with the approaches
of searching new business connections. In terms of dealer’s view, it
is the method of targeting new buyers for selling merchandises in
large quantities to different traders who can then provide these
suppliers to end consumers.
What are 10 useful Global B2B platform?
- Alibaba.com: Founded by Jack Ma in the year 1999, Alibaba.com is
Chinese based world's largest B2B Marketplace started with the aim of
providing a decent b2b trading platform to international trade
community. The company is serving as a prominent e-commerce stage for
small and medium enterprises regardless of the fact that from which
part of the world they are...
- GlobalSources.com: Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Hong Kong,
Global Sources is one of the world's leading B2B media companies that
are main facilitator of international trade with Mainland China. It
is one of the best online destinations where you can find decent and
dependable suppliers, exporters and reliable manufacturers as the
main aim behind the organization and developing of
- Made-In-China.com: The Focus Technology Co, Ltd is a well known and
reputed organization that is serving the fields related with EBusiness in China for the past 13 years. The company was established
in the year 1996 and the main aim of Focus Technology Co. Ltd. is to
provide decent privileges to its customers by using promotion methods
which they can find effective online solutions...
- TradeKey.com: Founded in 2005, TradeKey.com is one of the world's
fastest growing online b2b marketplace initiated with the vision of
providing better and state-of-the-art online b2b trading platform to
international trade community. TradeKey.com has been designed and put
forward with the aim of aiding small and medium sized enterprises so
that they can easily extend their reach to international markets.
- IndiaMart.com: IndiaMart.com is presently providing golden
opportunities to 1.2 million Indian suppliers who are generating
decent profits as well as benefits by getting in touch with almost

6.5 million buyers, importers and purchasers from different parts of
the world.
- GlobalMarket.com: GlobalMarket.com is a leading online M2B
(manufacturers to business) marketplace that connects global buyers
with accredited Chinese manufacturers timely and cost-effectively.
GlobalMarket.com is one of the most trusted and distinguished group
who are adept in providing the quality based services in a wide range
of products ranging from Agriculture to Toys and Textile products.
- ThomasNet.com: ThomasNet.com is world's largest Industrial B2B
Marketplace that connects industrial buyers and American
manufacturers globally through state-of-the-art online b2b platform.
The history of ThomasNet.com is consist of 12 decades of success, as
it was initially started-off as industrial directory with the name
"Thomas Register of American Manufacturers" in the year 1898 by
Harvey Mark Thomas.
- DHGate.com: Founded in 2004, DHGate.com is leading Wholesale B2C
Marketplace founded by Diane Wang who is one of the founders of
famous Joyo.com which was a known B2B brand in the Great China. She
was adept in marketing and have been playing leading role in Cisco
and Microsoft in China. Since its inception, DHGate.com has been
serving millions of satisfied customers.
- ECVV.com: ECVV.com is one of the leading B2B portals founded in
2003 and this initiative was taken by the pertinent authorities
keeping in contemplation the varying demands of enterprises and
global value of internet related approaches. Headquartered in Hunan,
China, the aim for initiating this project was to facilitate
international trade effectively and efficiently, where businesses can
effectively interact and communicate with each other without any fear
of scam or misrules.
- EC21.com: Based in South Korea, EC21.com was initially launched in
October 1997 as online trade board affiliated with KITA (Korea
International Trade Association) and it was get separated from KITA
in April 2000. Today, it has successfully managed to help numerous
SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) in reaching heights of success.
- En.ofweek.com:En.OFweek.com is a prosperous Industrial B2B
Marketplace developing very quickly. It focuses on industrial fields
such as LED & Lighting, Solar, Laser, Display, Automation,
Electrical, Electronic Components, Computers, Security Products,
Instruments, Telecom Products, Equipments & Machineries, etc. OFweek

provides trade opportunities for global manufacturers, exporters,
importers, wholesalers & distributors.
OFweek provides users with abundant highly-valued real-time reports,
original articles and picture information in the high-tech industry.
With in-time and swift updating, it has become the most in-depth,
influential web portal and leading online service platform in Chinese
high-tech industry. Visitors come from over 220 countries and regions
from worldwide. Global buyers are sourcing at En.OFweek.com everyday.
What do you think about this 10 Global B2B Websites selection? Please
share your thoughts.

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