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Soft and grippy rubber-compound provides an instant gun
rack for your work bench or at the
range. Set it on the tailgate of your
truck to protect expensive firearms
from scratches, securely holds either three or five guns or fishing rods from slipping and falling over. Completely portable;
sets on the edge of a bench or table top. Requires no clamps
or magnets. a
SPECS: Rubber, black. 3-Gun Rest - 41/2" (11.4cm) long, 3" (7.6cm) wide.
5-Gun Rest - 75/8" (19.3cm) long, 3" (7.6cm) wide.
#100-000-584AQ 3-Gun Rest,  ​6K11F09 ����������������������������� $ 19.99
#100-002-588AQ 5-Gun Rest,  ​6K16A09 �����������������������������  24.99


Keeps Your Weapon Or
Flashlight Within Easy Reach

The Bed Buddy gun rack
slides between the mattress and
box springs, providing quick
access to your firearm. Steel
frame rack has a soft rubbery
coating to protect your gun’s
finish. Single Bed Buddy rack
securely holds a pistol or flashlight. Dual Bed Buddy features
two racks for securing a long gun to your bed, or separate the
pair for mounting a pistol on each side of your bed.
SPECS: Steel frame, rubber coating, black. 12" (30.5cm) long, 33/4" (9.5cm)
high, 33/4" (9.5cm) wide.
#100-013-635AQ Bed Buddy, Single,  ​5C15Q29 ������������ $ 17.99
#100-013-636AQ Bed Buddy, Double,  ​5C23D99 ����������  29.99



Big Capacity For Large Cabinets/Closets
No moving parts. Just a gentle flow
of warm, dry air that helps prevent rust,
condensation and mildew. Two sizes: 70
watt protects 500 cu. ft. (10′x10′x5′); 130
watt protects 1,000 cu. ft. (10′x10′x10′) of
air space. Low operating cost, trouble-free protection. a
SPECS: Aluminum base, plastic cover. 70 watt 13" (33cm) x 51/2" (14cm) x
41/4" (10.8cm). 130 watt 131/2" (34.3cm) dia. x 4" (10.2cm).
#437-200-060AQ 70 Watt Thermo Dryer,  ​7C57L99 ������ $ 59.99
#437-100-130AQ 130 Watt Thermo Dryer,  ​7C69F99 ���  69.99



Protects Metals From Moisture & Corrosion
Thin, lightweight, round, non-woven
disk emits invisible, volatile corrosion inhibiting (VCI) vapors that fill confined air space
to prevent metal corrosion. One Durabrite 10
disk provides corrosion protection for up to
10 cu. ft. for 24 months. Prevents moisture, salt, dirt, oxygen
and other contaminants from corroding or tarnishing steel,
aluminum, iron, zinc, copper, tin, brass, bronze, silver, nickel,
nickel-plated steel, lead, magnesium, and others. Use in gun
safes and cabinets, utility and tool boxes, shipping containers,
and control boxes with exposed wires. Adhesive tape on back
for easy installation. a
SPECS: Compressed fiber disk. 23/16" (56mm) dia. x 1/4" (6.4mm) thick. .39
oz. (12g) weight. Protects 10 cu. ft. for 24 months. One per pak.
#100-005-220AQ Disk VCI Emitter, Each,  ​6A2Q98 ����������$ 3.99




Economical Protection
From Moisture, Rust & Dust

Keeps Gun Cabinets/Tool
Boxes DRY!! Prevents Rust/
Damage To Valuables
One of the most effective
moisture absorbers ever developed. These man-made crystals prevent rust, mildew, corrosion, and tarnish before they start by literally “sucking up” and
safely holding the moisture that causes them. Yet, the crystals
stay dry to the touch, will not harm or dampen any surface even
when saturated. When built-in indicator changes from blue to
pink, the crystals have all the moisture they can hold, and are
easily reactivated by heating in a conventional oven for 3 hours.
The crystals can be reactivated over and over again, giving you
a lifetime of protection from the destructive effect of dampness. These premium grade Crystals are made by W.R. Grace &
Co. to Mil Spec D-3716 for positive, moisture-free protection.
Gives longest time between reactivations when used in enclosed areas and containers. Perfect for tool chests and lockers, closets, safes, etc., to protect guns, cameras, silver, clothing,
documents, leather, medicines, electronics and tools. Several
boxes may be used together for large gun cabinets and chests,
closets, darkrooms, boat lockers.
SPECS: 40 Gram protects 3 cu. ft. - one drawer, individual gun, or a camera. 2" (5.1cm) x 4" (10.2cm) x 1/2" (1.3cm) flat aluminum can. 450 Gram
protects 33 cu. ft. 7" (17cm) x 41/2"- (11cm) x 2" (5cm) corrugated carton.
750 Gram protects up to 57 cu. ft. 6" (15.2cm) high x 4" (10.2cm) dia. steel
can. 900 Gram protects 66 cu. ft. 6" (15.2cm) x 3" (7.6cm) x 81/4" (21cm)
corrugated carton.
#415-100-040AQ 40 Gram Silica Gel Pack,  ​5A4A99 ������� $ 7.15
#415-100-450AQ 450 Gram Silica Gel Pack,  ​5A10F50 ���  15.25
#415-100-750AQ 750 Gram Silica Gel Pack,  ​5A35K99 ���  49.99
#415-000-001AQ 900 Gram Silica Gel Pak,  ​5A17B25 �����  23.25

Prevents moisture, corrosion, rust, grit and dust from getting to any firearm stored inside. Soft, cushioned cases, treated
with silicone- and rust-inhibitor double as handy quick-case
or provide maintenance-free, long term storage without heavy
oils or grease. Open weave exterior fabric allows thorough
air circulation. Soft pile interior cushions against nicks and
scratches. a
SPECS: Gray, knit exterior, acrylic pile interior, velcro closure. Order by
overall length and type of firearm.
#132-100-002AQ Small Auto, Rev/7"
#132-100-003AQ Large Frame Auto/10"
#132-100-004AQ 4", 6" Revolver/12"
#132-000-001AQ 8" Revolver/14"
#132-101-001AQ Folding Stocked Shotguns,
Mini-14, AK-47, CAR-15/10"
x 36"
#132-101-002AQ M1 Carbine Mini-14/7" x 40"
#132-101-003AQ Sporting Rifle/7" x 46"
#132-102-001AQ Scoped Rifle/10" x 46"
#132-102-015AQ AR-15/M16/11.5" x 42"
#132-103-001AQ Shotgun, Musket/7" x 52"
#132-000-003AQ Scoped Shotgun/10" x 52"
#132-000-004AQ Shotgun Barrel Bag/4" x 36"

Orders/Tech: 800-741-0015

2C5N09 $  6.99
2C5C79 $  7.99
2C6P49 $  7.99
2C6D89 $  8.99
RC-1 2C11G89 $ 15.99

RC-2 2C11K69
RC-3 2C11F69
SRC-1 2C12J49
SRC-2 2C13L79
SG-1 2C12B49
SSG 2C14F49

$ 15.99
$ 15.99
$ 16.99
$ 18.99
$ 16.99
$ 19.99
$  9.99

Reusable Bulk Paks Absorb
Humidity To Protect Your Guns
Absorbs the moisture near your
guns; when it gets “full”, just bake it in
an oven to get the moisture out, then
reuse. Big bulk paks to handle gun
safes and long term applications. No
fancy containers or packaging, just
the “stuff” ready to put to work. a
SPECS: Dual Pak contains: (2) 16 Unit (528g) Calcium Aluminosilicate Clay
Desi Paks; (1) Humidity Indicator and Instructions.
#083-053-101AQ 1 Dual Desi Pak,  ​3H19Q47 ������������������� $ 30.99
#083-053-103AQ 3 Dual Desi Paks,  ​3H52H36 �����������������  59.97
#083-053-106AQ 6 Dual Desi Paks,  ​3H86F51 �����������������  124.97
#083-053-100AQ Desi Paks Humidity Cards, 5-pak,  ​
3H8K41 ���������������������������������������������������������  11.99
ONE GUN DESI PAK - Just right for protecting firearms stored in
a gun case or container. Fully sealed; puncture resistant.
SPECS: Calcium Aluminosilicate, Tyvek bag, 5" (10mm) x 5".
#083-053-012AQ 12 One-Gun Desi Paks,  ​3H19H38 ����� $ 24.99
#083-053-036AQ 36 One-Gun Desi Paks,  ​3H44I63 �����  68.99


Absorbs Humidity
Without Being Plugged In

Wireless dehumidifier absorbs
moisture without the need to drill
holes or run electrical cords through
your safe. Compact size won’t take up
precious storage room. Absorbs moisture from enclosed spaces up to100
cubic feet for 4 to 6 weeks before needing to be recharged. Easy-to-read moisture gauge on the front
tells you when unit is saturated. Plug the dehumidifier into any
standard electrical outlet for 8 to 10 hours to recharge.
SPECS: Plastic, white. 6" (15.2cm) long, 4½" (11.4cm) wide, 1¼" (3.1cm)
thick. Recharge by plugging into any standard 110-volt outlet.
#100-011-532AQ Wireless Rechargeable
Dehumidifier,  ​6F18N59 ����������������������� $ 24.99


Extra Thick 2 Mil Construction
Holds Anything That Fits
With this assortment you can quit hoarding every poly bag that comes into the shop!
The assortment will give you the right size
with a good closure - and enough on hand
to take care of your needs. Their use is as
extensive as your imagination…for carrying
different weight handloads when hunting or
test-firing…shotshell loads and hulls…smallest
bags are great for pins, parts, springs, sights, screws…in the bluing room for storing parts after polishing and prior to bluing…
bigger ones for larger gun parts and the largest will hold pistols
and actions. Drop in one of our Rust-Blox™, zip shut and you
can store things for years without loss or messing up - and in
full view!
SPECS: Heavy 2 mil. 6 sizes. Mini-Assortment contains 20 - 2’s; 20 - 3’s;
10 - 4’s; 8 - 5’s; 5 - 6’s; 3 - 9’s. Maxi-Assortment contains all sizes in quantities shown below, 165 Bags in all.
#084-059-223AQ Poly Bag 2′s - 2" x 3", 40 bags,  ​
4H3J16 ������������������������������������������������������������ $ 3.97


Once Sealed, They’re Impervious
To Moisture; Resistant To All
Petro-Chemicals & Solvents;
The Firearm Storage Bag
For The Next Hundred Years
Tough but flexible; these bags are puncture resistant, semitransparent and have a 0% moisture transmission rating, so
rust-protected items sealed inside will remain rust and corrosion free indefinitely. Resistant to all petroleum based chemicals and solvents and completely non-biodegradable, so they
will never break down even in full contact with soil or moisture.
Anti-static properties make them a perfect dust cover for short
term storage in a vault, or even in the back corner of a closet. a
SPECS: Polyester/aluminum/polyethylene film, silver. Handgun 8"
(20cm) x 20" (50cm). Rifle 12" (30cm) x 60" (152cm). 3 pak includes 3
bags, Gun Box Labels and instructions, 12 pak includes 12 bags, Gun Box
Labels, 1 roll of poly-tape and instructions.
#083-054-003AQ Handgun Storage Bag, 3-pak,  ​
3H8F25 ������������������������������������������������������������$ 9.99
#083-054-012AQ Handgun Storage Bag, 12-pak,  ​
3H30Q09 �������������������������������������������������������� 41.99
#083-055-003AQ Rifle Storage Bag, 3-pak,  ​3H15E64 ������ 22.99
#083-055-012AQ Rifle Storage Bag, 12-pak,  ​3H57J65 ���� 85.99

Everything You Need To Protect
Guns Off-Season, Or Long-Term
Tough, flexible storage bags are puncture
resistant, semi-transparent and have a 0% moisture transmission rating;
items sealed inside will
remain rust and corrosion free. Resistant to petroleum based oils and solvents and
will never break down, even in full contact with soil or moisture.
“Blox” prevent rust and corrosion on steel, aluminum, copper
and brass for at least one year. Will not harm or discolor protected item. a
SPECS: Bags - Polyester/aluminum/polyethylene film, silver. Handgun
8" (20cm) x 20" (50cm). Rifle 12" (30cm) x 60" (152cm). Blox - 3/4" (19mm)
squares. 3 pak includes 3 bags, 9 “Blox”. 12 pak includes 12 bags, 36 “Blox”.
#083-000-001AQ 3-Pak, Handgun Storage Kit,  ​
3H11N73 ������������������������������������������������������� $ 15.99
#083-000-002AQ 12-Pak, H’gun Strg Kit,  ​3H42C02 �������  59.99
#083-000-003AQ 3-Pak, Rifle Storage Kit,  ​3H17F93 �������  24.99
#083-000-004AQ 12-Pak, Rifle Storage Kit,  ​3H66P49 ���  94.99

#084-059-335AQ Poly Bag 3′s - 3" x 5", 35 bags, 
​4H3D16 ������������������������������������������������������������  3.97
#084-059-446AQ Poly Bag 4′s - 4" x 6", 30 bags,  ​
4H4M78 ����������������������������������������������������������  5.99
#084-059-558AQ Poly Bag 5′s - 5" x 8", 25 bags,  ​
4H5E34 ������������������������������������������������������������  6.71
#084-059-669AQ Poly Bag 6′s - 6" x 9", 20 bags,  ​
4H3Q28 ����������������������������������������������������������  4.97
#084-059-991AQ Poly Bag 9′s - 9" x 12", 15 bags,  ​
4H3C72 ������������������������������������������������������������  4.97
#084-060-066AQ Mini-Assortment,  ​4H12G12 ������������������ 14.97
#084-060-165AQ Maxi-Assortment,  ​4H20D09 ����������������  25.11

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Take-It-With-You Rest Prevents
Damaged Guns, Sights, Scopes