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1. Authentic  


2. Fantasy  


3. Family  Exclusive  Experience  


4. Chic  &  Nature  





Miami  –  1  night  /  Raleigh  Hotel  


Highlights   :   Discover   old   authentic  


Florida   and   charming   historique  


Miami  –  3  nights  /  Betsy  Hotel    


Miami  is  hot  hot  hot!  And  it’s  not  just  the  sultry  weather.  Here,  the  nightlife  is  

 scorching,  thanks  to  a  strong  Latin  influence  and  spicy  salsa  culture.  Dance  the  

Hailed  as  a   “grand  dame”  of  South  
Beach   Art   Deco   by   Conde   Nast  
Traveler,   The   Raleigh   Miami   Beach  
is   a   perfect   blend of   style   and  
comfort.  It’s  chic  y et  unpretentious,  
and   historic   while   tastefully  


noche  a way  in  a  nightclub,  or  indulge  in  a  fancy  m eal  at  one  of  the  city’s  celebrity-­‐

Must   See:   Saint   Augustine  

colorful  art  deco  architecture.  Grab  a  Cuban  sandwich  in  Little  Havana,  then  ride  
 the  vintage  carousel  at  Virginia  Key  Beach  Park.  
 The  Betsy  hotel  Dramatically  poised  a longside   it’s   Art  Deco   neighbors  on  Miami  
Beach’s  famed   Ocean  d rive,   The   Betsy  is  a  distinguished  h istoric  landmark  hotel.  
 The   Betsy’s  61   rooms  and  suites  private  b eachside  h eavens   with  sensory  details,  

Saint   Augustine   is   a   luxurious,  
romantic   vacation   spot—you’ll   find  
classic   hotels   and   intimate  
restaurants.   What   sets   Saint  
Augustine  apart  is  its  history—it’s  the  
oldest   European   settlement   in   the  
U.S.   And   nowhere   else   in   the   world  
can   you   taste   the   waters   of   the  
Fountain  of  Youth  A rcheological  Park    

 owned  restaurants.   By  day,  hit  the  b each  of   course,  or  be  f ascinated  by   Miami’s  

imaginative  a menities  and  inspirational  design.  

Palm  Beach  –  2  nights  /  Breakers  Hotel    

Palm  trees,  white  sand  b eaches  and  refined  luxury.  Welcome  to  Palm  Beach,  the  

 «  Newport  of  the  South  »,  Palm  Beach  is  undoublty  the  smallets  richest  city  of  
Florida  and  one  of  the  richest  in  the  nation.    

 A  spectacular  resort  destination  on  Florida’s  Atlantic   coast,   The   Breakers   Palm  
Beach,   has   lured   generations   of   discerning   travelers   to   its   idyllic,   Italian-­‐

 Renaissance  setting.   Experience  the   irresistible   charm  and  storied  h istory  of  this  
legendary  o ceanfront  resort.  


Naples  –  2  nuits  /  Edgewater  Hotel  
Sunny   Naples   is   a   popular,  sophisticated   and  charming   b each   destination   on  

  the  Gulf  of   Mexico.   It  boasts   many  world-­‐class  hotels  and   resorts  a long   miles  
of   white   sand   b eaches.  The   ocean  surf  is   gentle   and   the   p eople   are   f riendly.  

  And  it’s  proximity  to  the  everglades  makes  it  more  appealing.    

Surounded  by  palm  trees  and  10  km  of  white  sand  beaches  The  Edgewater  

  Hotel   welcomes   you   in   it’s   125   suites   right   on   the   Gulf   of   Mexico   within   a  

casual  atmosphere  and  nonchalant  luxury.  

Make   your  stay  even   more  m emorable  
in   Miami   and   rent   an   authentic   Chevy  
Bel  Air  1965.  

Extend  your  stay  :  Key  West  –  2  Nights  
Does   time   ever   pass   in   the   Florida   Keys?  
Everyone  and  everything  in  Key  West  seems  
to   go   at   its   o wn   pace,   right   down   to   the  ice  
melting   slooooowly  in   your   margarita   glass.  
Of  course,  it’s  not  all  limes  and  leisure  –  Key  
West  is  known  as  the  “Winter  White  House”  
because   of   its   appeal   to   visiting   U.S.  
presidents,  and  the  island  has  been  home  to  
literary   greats   like   Ernest   Hemingway   and  
Tennessee   Williams.   The   diving   here   is  
phenomenal,   as   is   the   kid-­‐friendly   Florida  
Keys  Eco-­‐Discovery  Center.  




Private  transfert  t o  your  island  by  
Seaplane  !!    

Stay   in   one   of   the   hippest   and   most  
luxurious   Hotels   in   Miami.   Or   book   the  
ultimate  stay  on  a  private  island.  



Miami  –  3  nights  /  Mondrian  Hotel  
Set   on   the   stunning   waterfront   of   Biscayne   Bay,   Mondrian   South   Beach   bold  
designs   mix   with   bay   or   city   views   at   this   trendy   hotel   with   chic   pool   &  
indoor/outdoor  lounge.  Revolutionary   Dutch   designer   Marcel  Wanders’  whimsical  
and  visionary  style  for  the  hotel  is  an  homage  to   “Sleeping   Beauty’s  Castle.”   In  the  
soaring   lobby,   where   the   scene   is   about   “see-­‐and-­‐be-­‐seen”,   floor-­‐to-­‐ceiling  
windows   offer   spectacular   views   of   the   Bay,   while   the   eye   is   drawn   to   the  
masterpiece  of  the  room–an   iconic,  signature  “floating  staircase.”.  A lso  on   site   is  a  
private  marina  exclusively  for  guests’  use.    

4  nights  on  a  private  island  in  the  Keys.  
This  amazing   resort   welcomes  you  on  a  private  island  off   the   coast  of   Florida.   It  
boasts  a   marina,  a  spa  and  a   gourmet   restaurant.    All  the   suites  offer  free   wifi  and  
amazing  o cean  view.  
This  luxuious  resort  is  surronded  by  white  sand  beaches  and  a  swiming  pool.  You’ll  
also  f ind  a  relaxing   garden  and  a   library.   Yoga  classes  a re  also  available  o r  you   can  
rent  kayaks  and  sail  the  blue   sea.  All  the  suites  offers  a  large   seperate   living  space  
and  private  v erandas  with  o cean  view.  



Suggested  Activities  :  



Enjoy  your  stay  on  the  private   island  by  renting  
a  sail  boat.    Swim   with  dolphins   in  their  natural  
habitat.     Or   snorkle  to  d iscover  an  amazing  and  
breathtaking  marine  biodiversty.  











Familly  Exclusive  Experience  

Highlights   :   An   unforgettable   and  
unique   family   experience   in   with   the  
wild  animals  of  the  savanna.    


Orlando  –  4  nights  /  Disney  Animal  Kingdom  –  Villa    
Miami  –  3  nights  /  The  Setai  Hotel  –  Ocean  Suite  Experience  
The  Setai  :  An  oasis  of  tranquility  amidst  the  energy  of  South  Beach.  Its  design  
and   vision   artfully   combine   the   rich   architectural   history   of   South   Beach’s   Art  
Deco  District  with  the  multi-­‐faceted  cultural  h istory  of  the  International  A rt  Deco  
movement,  particularly  its  influence  in  Asia.  


From  the   Magic   Kingdom  to  magical  spa  treatments,  Orlando  sparkles   with  the  
promise  of  adventure.  Spend  a  day  exploring  the  world-­‐famous  Disney  theme  
parks,  giggling  with   the   dolphins   at   SeaWorld,   o r   screaming   your   head   off   on   a  
Universal  Studios  roller  coaster.    
The   Disney's   Animal   Kingdom   Villas   –   Kidani   Village   It’s   an   African   theme  
inspired   hotel   hosting   suite/pavilion   type   rooms   with   multiple   bedrooms   and  
kitchens.   It’s  the  p erfect  place  to  admire  exotic  animals    in  t heir  natural  habitat  
from  your  own  balcony.  


Suggested  Activities    



Enjoy   Magical   Vacations   at   Disney   World   or  
Discover   Universal   Studios   with   your   own  
private   guide   and   experience   the  VIP   treatment  






Highlights  :  Experience  the  beauty  

Chic  &  Nature    


Transfer  to  The  Bahamas  by  Seaplane  
jusqu’aux  Bahamas  

and  uniqueness  of  mother  nature.  




Miami  –  4  nights  /  Delano  


With   its   soaring   lobby   and   subtle   seductions,  Delano  is   the  hotel   that   changed  
South  Beach  forever.  Designed  by  Philippe  Starck,  Delano  South  Beach  balances  
eclectic   details   with   grand   public   spaces   that   are   playful,   elegant,   quietly  
theatrical  and  filled  with  a ll-­‐night  energy  -­‐  p roof  that  the  n ew  rules  of   chic  are  
simplicity  with  a  crisp,  clean  and  modern  sense  of  ease.  

Bahamas  –  3  Nights  /  Tiamo  Resort  
Tiamo,   an   exclusive  slice   of   paradise   in   the   h eart   of   the  Caribbean.   Situated  
on  South  Andros  Island   in  the   Out  Islands  of  the  Bahamas,  a  visit  to   Tiamo  is  
unlike  most  other   experiences.  Accessible  only  by  boat  or   seaplane,  with  a  
private  b each,  only  10  v illas  and  the  Bird’s  Nest  in  our  resort,  taking  a  vacation  
here  really  does  enable  you  to  get  a way  from  it  all.  Indulge  y ourself  in  t ropical  

Suggested  Activities    
Enjoy   the   beauty   of   the   Bahamas   Coral   Reef   by  
snorkeling  in  the  amazing  b lue  sea.  

Extend  your  stay  in  the  
Caribbean  /  Amanyara  
Located   on   the   beautiful   island   of  
Providenciales   within   the   Turks   &  
Caicos,  set  on  a  secluded  white-­‐sand  
beach,   Amanyara   enjoys   a   pristine  
location   away   from   much   of   the  
development  on  the  eastern  side  of  
the   island.   Providenciales   is   25  
minutes   away   along   a   coastal   road  
that  rises  to  a  h ill  and  then  falls  a way  
into  a  flat  plain  covered  with  native  


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