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 Unusual  hotels  by  World  Connexion  


  A  private  island  :  «  is  an  ultimate,  
intimate  and  romantic  gateway.    A  private  house  ideally  located  on  a  white  sand  beach.  
  ."  »  

Little  Palm  Island  

Philosophy   :   Your   dreams   take   you   to   a   place  
where  the   sun  sets  on  a  pristine  b each.    A  spot  
so   secluded   that   you   can   only   get   there   by  
Seaplane  or  boat.  Don’t  look  further,  you  found  
you  own  paradise.   The  v iew  of  the  immaculate  
ocean   and   the   star   filled   sky   will   make   your  
night  and  stay  m emorable.  
Services   :   Enjoy   dinner   by   the   amazing  
turquoise  water.  Your  o wn  private  and  isolated  
table   is   the   perfect   spot   for   a   romantic   night.  
Enjoy   your   own   butler   and   the   cuisine   of  
reknown  chefs.    
The  Suites  :  A ll  the  suites  boast  a  separate  living  
room   and   private   loggias.   You   can   enjoy  
amazing  o cean  v iews  f rom  your  private  terrasse  
and   also   an   outdoor   bamboo   shower.   Or   you  
can  also  chose  one  of  the  secluded  bungalows  
for  even  more  p rivacy.  

Bahamas  Gateway  –  Tiamo  

Caribbean  Experience  –  Amanyara  

Philosophy  :   Tiamo,  an   exclusive  slice  of  paradise  
in  the  heart  of  the  Caribbean.  Situated  on  South  
Andros   Island   in   the   outlying   Islands   of   the  
Bahamas,   a   visit   to   Tiamo   is   unlike   most   other  
experiences.  Accessible  only  by  boat  or  seaplane.  

Philosophy  :  A manyara  (peaceful  p lace)  is  located  
on   the   coast   of   Northwest   Point   adjacent   to  
Malcolm's   Beach   on   the   island   of   Providenciales.  
From  its  secluded  white-­‐sand   b each   and   unusual  
ironshore   rocky   coves,   to   the   abundant   marine  
life   of   its   p ristine   reef  walls,  Amanyara  embraces  
Northwest  Point  Marine  National  Park.  

Services   :   The   resort   is   perfectly   placed   to   take  
advantage   of   the   calm   Caribbean   for   some  
wonderful  water   sports   a ctivities.  When  it’s   time  
to   eat   at   Tiamo,   you   will   discover   a   wonderful  
dining  experience.    
The  Villas  :  With  just  11  villas  and  2  Rooms,  Tiamo  
is   an   exclusive   retreat,   a   place   where   you   really  
can  get  a way  f rom  it  all.  A ll  11  Villas  on  properties  
exude   great   charm.   Built   in   a   traditional  
Caribbean  style,   each  one   is   surrounded  by   lush  
green   palm   trees   and   has   direct   access   to   the  
white-­‐sand  b each.  

Services   :   A   large   pavilion   opens   up   to   a   large  
pond   surrounded   by   the   library   and   the  
restaurant   and   bar.   The   bar   offers   ocean   views.  
The   hotel   has   it’s   own   private   beach,   spa   and  
wellness  center  and  large  swiming  pool.    
The  Pavillons  :   Pavilions  are  situated  on  the   edge  
of   a   tranquil   ponds   with   timber   sun   decks  
extending   over   the   water.   All   Pavilions   have   a  
combined   bedroom   and   living   room   separated  
from  the  bathroom  area  by  a  decorative   wooden  



 Unusual  hotels  by  World  Connexion  
Loews  Don  Cesar  –  St  Pete  

Casa  Monica  –  Saint  Augustine    

Renaissance  Vinoy  Resort  &  Golf  Club  –  St  Pete  

Philosophy:   The   flamingo-­‐pink,   Mediterranean  
sandcastle   was   built   in   1928   and   carries   a   romantic  
and  haunting  86-­‐year  history.  Recipient  of  AAA's  four-­‐
diamond  a ward  for  over   30  y ears,  this  hotel  features  
277  newly  renovated  guestrooms,  including  36  suites  
and  two  incomparable  Penthouses.  
Services:   The   Sea   Porch   Restaurant   offers   a   chic,  
casual   setting   and   the   Beachcomber   Bar   and   Grill,  
located   beside   2   pools   serves   lite   bites   and   tropical  
drinks.   The   luxurious   11,000   sq   ft   Spa   Oceana  
transport  guests  to  a  relaxing  seaside  experience.  The  
10,000  sq  ft  state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art  Fitness  Center  is  open  24  

Philosophy:   In   the   heart   of   St.   Augustine,   the  
nation's   oldest   city-­‐the   Casa   Monica   Hotel   is   a  
majestic  1888   landmark.   Rising   like  a  Spanish   castle  
overlooking   Matanzas   Bay,  the   city's  only  AAA  Four  
Diamond   hotel   welcomes   guests   into   a   setting   of  
regal  beauty  and  inspired  service.  Restored  in  1999,  
the  Casa  Monica  Hotel  blends  a  legendary  past  with  
contemporary  pleasures.  

Philosophy:  As  the  only  luxury  resort  in  St  Petersburg,  
Florida   with   the   unique   combination   of   a   private  
marina,   18-­‐hole   golf   course   and   12-­‐court   tennis  
complex,  the  resort  is  p rimely  located  on  Tampa  Bay,  
mere  minutes  from  St.  Pete  Beach.  

Rooms:   relax   in   one   of   the   277   luxury   rooms   or   36  
recently   remodeled   suites.   Most   of   them   offer  
spectacular   view   of   the   wild   beach   of   the   Gulf   Of  
Mexico  or  the  Boca  Ciega  bay.  

Services:   Step   inside   the   grand   lobby   into   a   rich  
decor  &  chandeliers.  Concierge  attention  fulfill  your  
every   need.   Dine   in   at   95   Cordova   restaurant   and  
the   Cobalt   Lounge.   Stroll   to   historic   downtown  
attractions,  or  relax  by  the  pool.  Guests  also  enjoy  
privileges   at   the   exclusive   oceanfront   Serenata  
Beach  Club.  
Rooms  :  Each  of  the  138  room  and  elegant  suites  a re  
unique  and  well  appointed,  you   can  count  on  new  
and  memorable  experiences.    

Services:  With  stunning  1920s  Mediterranean  Revival  
architecture,   the   Vinoy   has   earned   a   National  
Register   of   Historic   Places   designation,   and   offers  
guests   all   the   amenities   seasoned   travelers   expert  
from  the  resort.    
Rooms  :  A ll  the  rooms  have  been  renovated  and  k ept  
their   old   world   charm.   And   all   have   a   sleeping   sofa  



Unusual  Activities  in  Florida  

Private   Miami   Tour:   You   will   have   the  
oportunity  to  discover  Miami,  the   magic  city  at  
your   own   pace   with   a   private   guide.   He   will  
show   you   the   best   kept   secret   in   the   city   and  
the  hidden  gems.    
Private   Snokelling   Experience   –   Key   Largo:  
Embark   on   board   of   a   private   charter   and  
explore   the   amazing   coral   reef   and   spend   the  
day  with  a  local  captain  to  discover  the  fabulous  
Florida  k eys.    
Dolphin  Encounter  -­‐   Key  Largo:  Come  d iscover  
the   dolphins   in   a   private   lagoon   with  
professional   caregivers   or   board   on   a   privaye  
boat   with   your   own   captain   and   enjoy   the  
dolphins  at  sea  in  their  natural  habitat.  
Classic   &   Exotic   Car   Rental   -­‐   Miami:   Drive  
around   Miami   in   your   rental   car,   go   for   the  
modern  ride  or  keep  it  classic  with  an  antique  

Fly   board   Experience   –   Miami:   Enjoy   the  
amazing  Miami  b lue   waters  while   experiencing  
this   Jetpack   ride   for   30   min   or   1   hour.     Your  
private  instructor  will  t each  you  how  to  ride  this  
incredible   new   toy   and   you   will   enjoy   the  
sensation  of  flying  in  the  air.    
Private  Seaplane  to  Dry  Tortugas  : Key  West,  
FL   lies   North   America's   most   inaccessible  
National   Park,   the   Dry   Tortugas.   The   park   is  
renowned  for  its  marine  life,  p irate  legends  and  
sheer  unspoiled  beauty.  
Private   Boat   tour   to   Biscayne   National   Park:  
Escape  to  a  tropical  paradise  tour  and  snorkel  
the  natural  wonders  of  Biscayne  National  Park's  
Marine   Park.     Snorkeling   over   living  coral   reefs  
and   ShipWreck   which   supports   an   incredible  
array   of   marine   life   including   hundreds   of  
species  of  colorful  fishes.  
Boat   Tour  to   Stiltsville:  Miami’s  Most  Unique  
Historic  Site  
You  may  have  seen  exclusive  homes  on  artificial  
islands   around   Miami;   in   the   1930s,   the   most  
exclusive   homes   on   the   water   didn’t   have  
islands   to   stand   on!  The   Tour   of   Stilts   Ville   and  
the   Miami   Waters   takes   you   to   explore   the  
structures   standing  atop  p ilings  that  rise  out  of  
the  shallows.    

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