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Doc. 6 :
This document is divided into two parts, the first one is a plan
of how the Berlin Airlift works, which way do the planes use
to transport food, material and raw materials. The Berlin
Airlift is a plan made by European and American to bring help
to german people who undergo the soviet blockade, which
was one of the first major conflicts of the Cold War and
occurred post-World War II when several nations occupied
Germany, during this, Sovets blocked roads and railways used
by the Allies to access Berlin because the Soviets wanted to
control the city. The document also indicates that the planes
leaves from Francfort and Fassberg. The second part of the
document tell us that a plane leaves every 15 minutes from
these cities and lands every 15 minutes in Berlin.

Doc. 11 :
This «Ruston Daily Leader» newspaper was printed in the 24th
November of 1948, its major headline says that «Experts Say
Berlin Is Backfiring». It means that the Allies are becoming
more and more popular among German citizens. Despite the
blockade, the Allies formed the Berlin Airlift to bring food,
materials and aid to the citizens. That's what make Berlin
citizens turn away from soviets.

Doc 12 :
This document is an editorial from the Los Angeles Times and
dated of the 12th September of 1948. In this text, the journalist
says that the prospect of a mutually satisfactory arrangement
between West Allies and Stalin is unrealistic. He also tell us
that Stalin intent upon severing the last links between Western
Germany and and Berlin (including the Berlin Air Lift).
Consequently, the position of the Western powers will be far
more difficult that it is at the moment of the writing of the
article. Stalin is actually seting up a trap for the West Allies,
he'll drive them to despair and hence to a declaration of war,
in which the Allies will be branded the agressors. The writer
says that the Allies should take a decision that is not too late
to take. A decision that would save the peace in Europe in
spite of the faces of Western countries. As long as Berlin will
be divided into four sectors, the Allies will be the targets of
constant humiliations by Soviets. In fact, they should go back
to their own zones because a co-operation with USSR is no
longer possible.

Doc 13 :
This document is a map of Berlin on the Sunday 25th
November of 1945 with some places indicated on it. The
places are all important buildings except one : the russian
tank. Most of these places are in the American Zone,
including the Russian Tank which should be in the Russian

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