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" Buy Nothing Day " ( BND) is a
nonviolent event of boycott of
purchases, to protest against the
wasting of the consumer society.

The buy nothing day take place
every years the day after thankgiving.
Thus Everything on November 27th
november in US and 28th november
in UK

It's created by ted Dave with the
slogan « enough is enough » in 1992.

What is the purpose of this action ?

The purpose of this day, it's It's not
buy. This action aims to raise
awareness of overconsumption by
developed county and demonstrates
that there is no need to buy any day
and and avoid wastage.
We are not forced to participate
since it is only a demonstration.
During the day, the people
manifested in the streets, shopping
centers and practice various activities
such as cutting credit cards , ...

Why partipate ?

- to convey a message
- show that we agree
- Because to be a lot it is carrier of
hope and pressure
- awarness people

* more infos on the official website : http://www.buynothingday.co.uk/

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