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Outdoor Bar & Hookah Bar in Los Angeles
Vibe Cafe is known for our spectacular outdoor bar and Hookah Bar
in Los Angeles. We have a one of a kind ambience here that is a
product from the perfect mix of cocktails, music, Mediterranean food,
and hookah. Great service and a vibe like no other is what keeps
people coming back. Enjoy the fully renovated decor at the bar, or
lounge at a table next to a heater and order some great food to pair the
alcohol with.
The outdoor bar is perfect for anytime of the year. We have excellent
heaters set for each table individually to keep our customers happy
and warm during the colder nights. We also drape a beautiful shade
awning to cover over the venue so customers can enjoy the fresh air
while not being beaten down by the sun on warmer days. Our
outdoor area is the perfect place to bring a date to grab a drink, or a
large party to enjoy flavorful hookah and good food.

Outdoor Bar
Our outdoor bar and hookah bar in Los Angeles has been the hot spot
to go for fun in LA since Vibe opened in 2010. We have professional
private security that keeps Vibe safe and in good hands at all times.
Our customers happiness and satisfaction is our main concern and we
are here to make the vibe experience the best possible with every
opportunity we get. The cocktails that we serve here are made from
the most experienced bartenders and exquisite alcohols. Our drink
menu includes a wine list, draft beer list, and option to purchase
bottled spirits delivered right to your table. Come enjoy some of the
best tasting liquors and mixed drinks in LA at Vibe Cafe.

Hookah Bar
The hookah here at Vibe Cafe is rich, flavorful, and truly tastes like
no other hookah out there. Our secret is that we have an exclusive
line of all glass hookahs which are an icon for us here at Vibe. When
it comes to Hookah Vibe is always the first place to get the newest
flavors on the market. We also frequently pass out samples of new
products or hookah related items for our customers to try first right
here at Vibe. Come enjoy some one of a kind hookah and call today to
schedule your reservation. We are located at 14919 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403 and our number is 18185012700. Come feel
the Vibe!


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