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« Put agility back into your projects with the best value
for money offer in Europe ! »
► Benefits offered by Team Trade
Thanks to the flexible and quick response of our development teams located in France and
Serbia, your projects move forward rapidly to achieve ROI faster.
You can benefit from the best value for money right now thanks to :
o The difference in price for technical and functional expertise and associated infrastructure
o The optimization of quality and productivity standards through :
 Specialized in-depth training of our local engineers and great team spirit
 Rigorous and proven processes: methodology, tools, testing…
 Geographical and cultural proximity (visit on site in one day)

► Why you should outsource your projects to Team Trade
The long-term consequences of the increasing scarcity in IT developement resources in Europe for the last
several years are :
 Price inflation of local resources and an increase in staff turnover
 Slow-down in new projects and loss of agility
Team Trade, specialists in IT and Finance since 2000 are experts in service centre management and can

offer two service delivery models :
 ON-SHORE : 100% at the client site
 MIX-SHORE : teams are split between the client site and our Near Delivery Centre in Serbia

► Our testimonials
Vendors, banks, brokers, asset managers... Various clients in the finance industry have put their trust in us !



► Business Parter Testimonial

« Our partnership with Team Trade, which is based on a mix-shore delivery model has enabled us
to optimize implementation of our solution at the clients end. Its innovative offer relies on the fact
that we can lead operations from our premises and continue the development process in the
near-shore centre in Serbia. Thanks to the expertise of Team Trade in managing a service center in

the financial sector for over 10 years, its teams were rapidly operational in just a few weeks. »
CEO - Software vendor

► About Team Trade – a Synechron company
At a company presentation meeting, we will make you a personalized offer that can include client
visits and a trip to our delivery center in Serbia.

Our delivery centre in Serbia
TEAM TRADE, a leading business consultancy and IT services company dedicated exclusively to the
financial services industry founded in Paris in 2000, joined SYNECHRON in December 2014, the
largest pure-player consulting and outsourcing provider for the financial services industry. Founded
in 2001 in New York, it has today 5.500+ professionals and operates in the US, Canada, Great-Britain,
the Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and
Australia. The company owns also development centres based in Pune, India.

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