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Machine Tool Recyclers Inc.
2005 Granart Road,
Sugar Grove IL 60554
Email: mtri@machinetoolrecyclers.com
At Machine Tool Recyclers, we buy carbide, and offer top scrap carbide prices and immediate
payment. Get cash for your carbide--start now.
Scrap, used, old, obsolete high-speed steel or tungsten carbide tooling:
drills, endmills, inserts, taps, router bits, etc
Wear parts like compacts, mining bits and saw tips
Drawing dies, stamping dies, nozzels
Soft carbide scrap / grinding sludge (payment after analysis—about 2 weeks)
Our sludge/swarf page has details For hard scrap, we issue your check within 24

hours of receipt.

Soft carbide scrap (swarf) recycling—how do you get paid:
Shipping usually brings some of the coolant to the top. We remove this excess top oil before
When your shipment arrives, core samples are taken and sent to an independent lab for analysis.
This is the proper way, as the heavier--and thus more valuable--material will have settled to the
bottom. When the analysis comes back it might read something like:


other elements

1,750# x 74.5% = 1,304# tungsten contained (sometimes
called "tungsten units)
1,304# x $10.00 = $13,040 paid (typically in 2 or 3

We use DOUBLED, industrial strength, 8-mil bags to ship all
over the country. Sissy sandwich bags and garbage bags do not work, No wooden boxes please, they
break and do not give.


We use crumpled, and very tightly stuffed newspaper below and around and on top of the “inside”
container. This provides a firm crash cushion if the package is dropped.

Recycling tungsten carbide & hss scrap



Using certified-for-trade scales, we sort and weigh
your scrap carbide.

Under 400 lbs? Please review our 3-minute video about how to
pack your scrap carbide.
Over 400 lbs? Please review instructions for shipping scrap
carbide by LTL truck.
Your Scrap carbide needs be clean, free of foreign material and
separated from high speed steel. When necessary, test for highspeed steel. Click here to see how

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