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Beyond Boundaries
Connecting Our Clients
to Target Audiences
Across the Globe

Horizon Teleports is a leading provider of high-quality
satellite-based communications services to businesses
across the globe. Understanding its customers’ need for
extremely reliable and cost effective communications, the
company utilizes its fully redundant and secured teleport
infrastructure, comprising of 16 high-end antennae, to
offer worldwide coverage with guaranteed 99.99% uptime.
Strategically located in Munich, Germany the Horizon
Teleports is backed by the extensive technical expertise of
its holding arm, HorizonSat, a reputed Dubai-based
satellite communications provider with more than a
decade of experience in the industry.

Horizon Teleports offers access to a network of 16 C/
Ku/Ka Band satellites located between 55 degrees
West to 78 degrees East. This wide distributed network
enables customers to enjoy seamless connectivity
across Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the
Horizon Teleport delivers:
•  End-to-end Satellite Uplink/ Downlink services
•  Network Planning & Consultancy
•  VNO platforms for iDirect
These services are used by our clients from
around the world to support and delivery applications
such as:

 TV Contribution & Distribution
 Carrier Monitoring
 IP Trunking
 Maritime Services
 GSM Backhaul and Broadband Data services.

All these services are supported by our dedicated
24x7x365 Network Operations Centres in Germany
and Dubai. These centres of excellence have dedicated,
experienced technical staff that are able to provide the
highest level of network performance.
Utilizing the latest technology & platforms, we are able
to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Wide range of Options:

Antennae from 2.4 – 9.4m
Antennae supporting full
C/KU/Ka-Band frequencies with
4 port feeds

Latest Technology

Special Ku band combiners used in
Transmit chain to add different
frequency ranges without disrupting
existing services
New generation antenna controllers
State of the art equipment room
Remotely controllable PDUs for
each rack
Fully remote controlled matrix switch
or Tx/Rx
All antennae fitted with rain blowers
Built-in hot air de-icing system,
guaranteed operability up to -30C
Fully motorized antennas for azimuth
elevation and pol. Separate shelter
for each antenna
UPS systems


2:1 Redundant LNA system
2:1 Redundant Indoor HPA
2:1 Redundant
Up/Down Converters
Redundant Dark Fibre
IP Connectivity
Redundant 460 Kva
Generator Backup
1:1 fully redundant fiber L-Band
links for entire transmit &
receive chain

We provide our clients access to Satellites & Teleport Facilities. This is supported by a
fully redundant dark fiber connectivity to Equinix Munich. Redundant internet backbone
connectivity at Equinix Munich from NTT & Cogent for 1-Gbps each.

Eutelsat 21B


Eutelsat 10A




Hot Bird


Eutelsat 7W
Eutelsat 7A

Terrestrial Grid
Access to tele house in London, Frankfurt, Paris & New York – easily connected to
the world-wide telecommunications Grid. Using geographically diverse fibre links between
regions, Horizon Teleport is able to customize solutions for our clients in addition to
providing greater redundancy.


Satellite Look-Angle covering 55 degrees West to 78 degrees East
Backed by more than a decade of satellite communication expertise
Using high-end antennae and subsystem with the latest technology
Consultative approach with focus on cost effectiveness and reliability
Completely redundant and secure infrastructure
Broadband internet access (through redundant internet backbone)
24/7 state-of-the-art Network Operations Center
Managed and customized services
Pro-active monitoring and quality of service

24 x 7 x 365 Support
This state-of-the-art infrastructure is backed by Horizon Teleports’ dedicated team
of expertly qualified enginers who deliver 24/7 monitoring and support of the
teleport from the company’s Network Operations Centers in Dubai and Germany.
Using the latest technology, Horizon Teleport provides every customer with the
highest reliability and performance guarantee of 99.99% up-time.

Site Security Systems
To ensure maximum security Horizon facilities are monitored 24X7 by a
multitude of security cameras and time-lapse loop video recording systems,
the teleport is surrounded by high perimeter fence with access provided only
by secured and monitored security gates. Access to various sections of each
facility is controlled, monitored and logged by access card security system with
automatic security alarm and call out facility.

We utilize leading teleport platforms and technologies to deliver fast, secure and
reliable satellite services to our customers. These include:
iDirect Intelligent Platform™
ViaSat Linkstar® Pro System
Comtech EFDATA - Advanced VSAT System
Newtec - Flex Acm

Horizon Teleports GmbH, Degernpoint K7, 85368 Moosburg,
Munich, Germany
Tel. +49-8761-72080-0 Fax. +49-8761-72080-99

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