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EDI Training and Interchange Services | Data
Communication Solutions
Providing Consulting
Services Since 1991
DCS has helped over 500 companies with
their EDI and ERP systems so they can
become self-reliant.

DCS Focuses Exclusively On Business-to-Business Data Interchange
Successful companies have implemented supply-chain concepts by choosing
components that are best suited to their unique way of doing business. The goal
of DCS is to help you improve your supply-chain processes. Your existing EDI
and ERP systems are the best foundations upon which to build. The challenge
is to connect to customers, transporters, and vendors in the most economical
yet efficient method.
Since 1991 DCS has focused exclusively on business-to-business complexities,
helping you quickly, economically, and thoroughly. Over 500 companies have
improved their process and became more self-reliant with DCS help. For a short
list of some of the companies that have benefited from our EDI consulting,
view list of our customers.

The DCS Mission Statement
DCS helps improve its customers’ competitive position by delivering
appropriate and timely EDI and B2B solutions to meet its customers’ business
challenges. From assessment, planning, mapping, installation, and training, to
maintenance, DCS helps its customers excel.

Future Planning
DCS can help you plan for next year. DCS provides a FREE 2-hour remote
assessment giving you a straight-forward assessment, mini-report and budget
estimate based on our extensive experience with EDI. We help you take the
guesswork out of the multitude of alternatives and choices so that you can
concentrate on your day-to-day business. Click here to learn more on how we
can hope you plan.

EDI Systems

Delivering Successful EDI Solutions since 1991
Data Communication Solutions (DCS) can help you overcome all your EDI and
e-commerce challenges, whether classical EDI (X12 or EDIFACT) or
standardized XML (GS1 or OAGi). DCS EDI Specialists has successfully
installed, mapped, and operated nearly all EDI systems. We are ready to help
you: when you need us, for as much as you need us.
Our EDI support and training is thorough, quick, and economical due to our
many years of support with numerous EDI systems. Your process automation
will be effective,reliable, fast, secure and economical because our expertise is the
highest around. Most importantly, you will have the domestic personal service
you need for highly visible EDI. Contact us for a FREE assessment and learn
how DCS can meet your EDI needs.

ERP Systems
Our EDI experience with hundreds of ERP conversions and upgrades can speed up
the conversion process and avoid the many embarrassing pitfalls that can arise. DCS
knows that your customers will
not tolerate disruptions in EDI as
you convert to a new business
application. Best of all, DCS will
teach you to become self-reliant
in managing your automated
EDI processes.

Business application upgrades are typically time intensive; just when you have many
other conversion details upon which to focus EDI problems surprise you.
Unfortunately, EDI and AS2 systems do not automatically link to business
applications, so you need thorough configuration and testing. For example, when
developing new maps or making changes, DCS will perform testing until your
customers and internal users approve individual documents.
The costs of converting are the generic map development, customization for each
customer or Trading Partner, testing, and training both users and the I.T
department. Learn more how we can assist you with our FREE assessment.

Contact Us
10125 Crosstown Circle, Suite 235
Eden Prairie, MN 55344
Phone: 952-941-5466
Fax: 952-681-2145
Email: info@dcsedi.com, lynne.berg@dcsedi.com
Website: www.dcs-is-edi.com

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