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Laser Pointer 50000mw .pdf

Nom original: Laser Pointer 50000mw.pdf
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HTPOW 5in1 High fashion 450nm Red Laser Pointer 50000mW Gilded appearance Starry effect

HTPOW 5in1 High fashion 450nm Red Laser Pointer 50000mW Gilded
appearance Starry effect

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Product Details
"HTPOW" 450nm Red Laser Pointer 50000mw for sale
100% copper material,It is very strong and durable. gold-plated, fine build. With Nichia NDB7875 9mm diameter high-power red diode,the new design of the circuit
board. 5 in 1 Laser Pointer Starry effect, with 5 heads, a total of five kinds of pattern. Laser safety goggles are included with each HTPOW 5 in 1 High fashion 450nm
Red Laser Pointer Pen laser. This amazing high power Red Laser Pointer is sturdy and reliable and is the perfect gift item for an adventurous person.
Rotate the star cap, and it will present different patterns
Designed with red color light, which is easy for you to find the target and outline the key point.
With adjustable focus and high power
Can be used for lighting matches, burning papers and cutting
The built - in laser module can improve the heat dissipation equipment

Laser Pointer 50000mw Features
Dimension:2 3 × 1 6 5 M M
Surface Treatment:Gilded appearance (Fashionable and cool)
Material: All copper
Laser Color:Red
Range:8000-10000m (the higher the power, the greater the range)
Wavelength:4 5 0 n m
Working voltage:DC=7.4V
Power supply:2 x 18650 batterie

Tips: The

laser light will readily fever, although brass improved cooling capacity, but still does not work for a long time, please be careful using it.

laser pointer is very fragile electronic products, the core element is a laser diode, Poor heat dissipation , Not resistant to throw, so be careful when you use.
1. Use shall not be more than one minute, rest for 20-30 seconds, use it again.
2. Do not violently collide.

Package list


5in1 Red 450nm Laser Pointer 50000mw
Protective goggles
battery(include charger)
High-grade aluminum case box


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1.Unscrew Laser pointer's back cover.
2.The positive electrode of the battery is placed outwards (Switch place),the negative electrode is placed inside(Light outlet). Then tighten the back cover.
3. After turn on Laser Pointer for sale , turning the focus head, the facula becomes large,Light outlet in the vicinity of the beam forming the focus.When facula
becomes larger, focus from Light outlet even closer,At this time. You can find the focus to burn things.(focus on the beam of mobile range is limited, you may find the
exact focus that they can not ignition, need more operations, our products are sent to you before, will conduct functional tests intact, will be issued).
4. When the facula is the minimum, which is a parallel light beam can not burn things.
5. When not in use for a long time, remove the batteries.

Please note the following
1.Never point it to eyes!!!Laser beam harmful to the eye.
2.Keep it away from children!!!Avoid accidental injury.
3.Wear the glasses when use it!!!Avoid direct eye exposure to laser beam.
4. Please don't keep open for a long time, otherwise easy to damage the light bulb
5. If you find that the brightness of the laser beam is seriously reduced Please note that to charge the battery or replace battery.
6.The use of laser pointers (especially the higher powered ones) may be illegal in some countries

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