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We'll Buy Your
Manufactured Home
So You Can Move On
or Move Up.
Quite Simply, the Easiest Way to Sell Your Mobile or Manufactured Home
MHome Buyers has been making it easy for owners to sell their mobile and manufactured
homes. Since 2007, MHome Buyers has helped hundreds of homeowners sell their homes
quickly and easily. MHome Buyers is a licensed manufactured housing retailer in Michigan
and Texas.

Why Sell Your Mobile or Manufactured Home to MHome Buyers?

We handle
the entire
process from
start to
finish. It's

Behind on
taxes? We
can help,
right away.

We're the
buyer, not
an agent.
Accept our
offer and

We buy
homes in
any and
, even

s to pay or
any hidden

Any place.
Anywhere. No
matter how
much you
owe. Try us!

Short sales
are our
water? We
can help.

Quite Simply, the Easiest Way to Sell Your Mobile or
Manufactured Home
Relocating? Life change? Or just ready to move up to a bigger, better
home? It’s not easy to sell a manufactured home in today’s market. But
don’t worry, MHome Buyers can help. Just answer a few short
questions. We’ll make you an offer to purchase your mobile or
manufactured home FAST, so you can get moving without the hassle.

Yes, You Really Can Sell Your
Manufactured or Mobile Home... Fast!

Job Relocation?
Double Payments?
Behind on Payments?
Divorce or Estate?
Need a Bigger House?
Owe Taxes?

We Are Not Real Estate Agents Looking to Charge You a Commission – We Are

Our Services
MHome Buyers is a licensed retailer of manufactured and mobile homes in Michigan and Texas.
Since 2007, we have helped countless clients buy or sell their mobile and/or manufactured homes in a
fast, fair and easy manner. We buy manufactured homes from all around the country and help our
customers get the best outcome for their needs.

Selling your Mobile Home?
Whatever your reason may be for wanting to sell your mobile or manufactured home, you're always
sure to get a very reasonable offer fast, from us here at We want to make things
as fast, stress-free and easy for our clients as possible. Hence, we make sure to handle the whole
process - from start to finish.
Whether you're late on payments, owe taxes, or others, all you need to do is answer a few simple
questions and we'll make you a fair offer on your mobile home within the next 48 hours.
Here at, we deal exclusively with mobile and manufactured homes. We do not
buy or sell real estate properties. Our goal is to make it as easy and stress-free as possible for folks
who seek to turn their mobile homes into cash as quickly and hassle-free as possible.
If you're thinking "I want to sell my mobile home at a fair price fast", please do not hesitate to come
to us and we'll make sure to take care of your needs as soon as possible.

Contact Us
3022 Carly Court
Auburn Hills, Michigan 48326
810.614.9181 or

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