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My Paying Ads : + 70 000 members
Admin: Uday Nara
Ad Pack plans for everyone's budget!
Revenue sharing for every ad pack
until 120% returns!
10% referral commissions
(distributed to 30/70-Cash
Balance/Re-purchase balance)!
Earnings from Paid-to-View Ads!
$5 minimum add funds!
$5 Minimum Cashout!
Payout requests are processed everyday!
No Payout Fee!
No Membership Fee!
View 10 Ads Daily to Claim Revenue Sharing!
Accepted Payment Processors:
Paypal, Payza, SolidTrustPay and Perfect Money, Bitcoins!

HQ Revshare : 62 000 members
Admin: Han Mohamad
Earn up to 158 % on your packs
No mandatory clis + PTC section
for free.

Payment processors :
Paypal, Payza , PM , STP, Bitcoin
withdrawal min. $ 5 and maximum of $ 150 / day

$5 Packs expire at $7.50 or 150 %
Packs at $10 expire at $15.30 or
153 % ROI
Packs expire at $ 20 $ 31 or 155
Packs 40 $ expire at $ 63.20 or
158 % ROI

Referral Commissions on 1 level : 12%

Traffic N Cash : 6000 members and pretty earnings
Admin: Jean Duclerne
Earnings rates between 4 and 8% and fast payments on Paypal, Payza and STP.
Each pack is $25 which is quite a high amount and earns up to 130% with 50% repurchase rule.
The same rule is applied to the 10% referral commissions, for longevity purpose.
You can withdraw from $20 to $250 daily from Monday to Thursday.
The program has now 6000 members.

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