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Lunch Break
1 Afternoon Session
President: Dr. Adel Bahroun
15:00-15:15. Zied ben Amor , University of
Sousse, Tunisia
The Problem of Sexuality in William
Shakespere’s Hamelt, Othello and The
15:15-15:30. Sayda Mansour, University of
Kairouan, Tunisia.
Pecola and the (un)desired gaze in Toni
Morrison’s The Bluest Eye
15:30-15:45. Fadwa Ben Mohamed, University

of Sousse, Tunisia
Desire, Otherness and the Fragmented Subject in
Cormac McCarthy’s Child of God Abstract

15:45-16:15. Discussions
16:15-16:30. Coffee Break
2nd Afternoon Session
President: Dr. Zied Ben Amor
16:30-16:45. Mourad Romdhani, University
of Sfax
Miss Emily Grierson’s Necrophilic Desires in
William Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily”:
Explicit Disorder, Implicit Order
16:45-17 :00. Rawia Barrek, University of
Desire for Lucre in Arthur Miller’s Death of a
17 :00-17 :15. Karima Arif, University of
The politics of Desire in the Feminist Utopian
Societies of Ursula K. Le Guin’s The Left
Hand of Darkness (1969) and Charlotte
Perkins Gilman’s Herland (1915)
17 :15-17 :30. Discussions.

l Morning Session

President: Pr. Abdenbi Ben Baya
09:00-09:15. Chayma Barrek, University of
Desire and Phantasies in the Perspectives of Sigmund Feud
and Jacques Lacan
09:15-09:30. Nodhar Hammemi, University of Kairouan,
Female Bonds in Henry James’s The Bostonians: A Sexual
Desire or a Political Choice?
09: 30-09:45.Moez Salani, University of Carthage, Tunisia
Jean Rhys and the (Post)Colonial Iconography of (Fe)male
Sexuality: The Case of (O-)phallic Desire in Wide Sargasso
09:45-10:15. Discussion
10:15-10:30. Coffee Break

Republic of Tunisia
Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific
University of Kairouan
Faculty of Arts &amp; Humanities
Department of English

International Multi-Disciplinary
November 26/27/28 2015

2nd Morning Session
List Of Participants
President: Pr. Tawfik Djebali
10:45 - 11:00. Afef Badri, University of Sfax, Tunisia
Metaphorical Conceptualisation of Spiritual Desires in AlGhazali’s the Revival of the Religious Sciences
11:00-11:15. Najwa Stambouli, University of Sousse,
Lesbian Desire and Politics of Becoming in Adrienne
Rich’s « Twenty-One Love Poems »
11:15-11:30. Rchid Neji, University of Gabes, Tunisia
The Technology of Desire in Thomas Pynchon’s The crying
of lot-49, Gravity’s Rainbow and Mason and Dixon
11:30-11:45 Discussion
11:45 -12:15 Closure

Steering Committee
Farhat ben Amor
Fahmi Khlil
Borni lafi
Mhamed Krifa
Mimoun Melliti
Mohamed Salem Ould Tah
Jamel Mbarek
Mourad ben Slimen
Rawia Barrek

Scientific Committee
Pr. Mounir Triki
Pr. Mansour Khlifa
Pr. Tawfik Djebali
Pr. Nejet M’chala
Pr. Salwa Karoui
Pr. Abdenbi Ben Baya
Pr. Bennet Schaber

Tawfik Djebali
Borni lafi
Wajih Ayed
Hajer Ben Driss
Zied ben Amor
Adel Bahroun
Farhat ben Amor
Mhamed Krifa
Mimoun Melliti
Mohamed Salem
Ould Tah
Jamel Mbarek
Nodhar Hammemi
Afef Badri
Mourad ben Slimen
Rawia Barrek
Chayma Barrek
Bilel Labben

Zied Kammari
Sami Chatti
Belgacem Mechri
Sayda Mansour
Sana Abdi
Najwa Stambouli
Hamdi Mlika
Hichem Messoudi
Ali Frioui
Wided Ferjani
Karima Arif
Fadwa Ben Mohamed
Nawel Zbidi
Moez Salani
Olfa Gandouz
Mourad Romdhani
Rchid Neji
Helmi ben Meriem

Initiator and Coordinator of the Conference
Dr. Adel Bahroun, Head of English Department

Thursday 26th
8:15 -8:30. Registrations
8:30- 8:40. Opening Ceremony
8:40 -8:50.President of the University's Speech
8:50-9:00. Dean of the Faculty's Speech
9:00-9:10. Head of the English Department's

1st Morning Session
President: Pr. Mansour Khlifa
9:10-9:40.: Tawfik Djebali , University of Caen,
Key Note Speech : The Civil Rights in the United
States and the « Jasmin » Revolotion in Tunisia :
Historical Determinism and a Desire for Change
9:40-9:55. Adel Bahroun, University of Kairouan,
Beyond Schizorevolutionary Desire :O’Neill and
Beckett’s Perception of Becoming
(The Iceman Cometh , Waiting for Godot)
9:55-10:10. Olfa Gandouz, University of Sousse,
They’s gold in the fields o’ California…Dog’ll eat
dog » : The Insatiable Desire for possession in
Eugene O’Neill’s Desire under the Elms
10:10-10:25. Belgacem Mechri, University of

Kairouan, Tunisia
Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were
watching God : when voice becomes desire
10:25-10:55. Discussions
10:55- 11:10. Coffee Break

2nd Morning Session
President: Pr. Mounir Triki, University of Sfax
11:10-11:25. Hamdi Mlika, University of Kairouan,
Pascal Engel Hume and the Question of Desire
11:25-11:40. Hichem Messoudi, University of Carthage,
Le Statut Philosophique du Désir
11:40-11:55. Ali Froui, University of Sfax, Tunisia
‫الرغبة منطلق االدراك و وهب االبداع الفني عند جيل ديلوز‬
11:55-12:10. Wided Ferjani, University of Kairouan,
Desire and Nihilism In the Postmodern Thought
11:30-12:00. Discussions.
Lunch Break
1st Afternoon Session
President: Dr. Chokri Smaoui
15:00-15:30. Mourad ben Slimen, University of Kairouan,
Motivation in Language Learning : the Self-Determination
15:30-15 :45. Mimoun Melliti, University of Kairouan,
Publish or Perish : Desire to Publish Among Non
Anglophone Academics
15 :45-16 :00.Mohamed Salem Ould Tah, University of
Kairouan, Tunisia
Conceptual Metaphor and its Implications for Teaching :
Love as a Journey
16:00-16:20. Discussions
16:20-16:35. Coffee Break
2nd Afternoon Session
President: Dr. Hajer Ben Driss
16:35-16:50. Farhat ben Amor, University of Kairouan,
Mimetic Desire in Miguel Cervantes’ Don Quixote : an
Anthropological Study
16:50-17:05. Nawel Zbidi, University of Sousse, Tunisia
The Desire of « Return », Commonality and Belonging in the
Works of Contemporary Arab-American Women Writers
17:05-17:20. Zied Kammari, University of Sousse, Tunisia
Dramatizing Libidinal Politics in Edward Albee’s The Zoo
17:20-17:40. Discussions

Friday 27th
1st Morning Session
President: Pr.Mansour Khlifa, University of
9 :00-9:15. Hajer Ben Driss, University of Tunis,
Desirous Texts/Texts of Desire : A Theoretical
9 :15-9:30. Wajih Ayed, University of Sousse,
Identity and Desire in Arthurian Chivalric Romance
9 :30-9:45. Sami Chatti, University of Manouba,
On the Use of Desirability as a Semantic Parameter
9 :45-10:00. Helmi Ben Meriem, University of
Sousse, Tunisia
Desire under the Tribe in Nuruddin Farah’s A Naked
Needle and Ken N. Kamoche’s “Secondhand Wife”

10:30-10:45. Coffee Break.

2nd Morning Session
President: Dr. Wajih Ayed
10:45-11:00.Sana Abdi, University of Kairouan,
Le désir dans les poésies de Mallarmé
11:00-11:15. Jamel Mbarek, Faculty of letters and
humanities Kairouan, Tunisia
Thatcher anti-union policy A desire to avenge health

11:15-11:30. Mohamed Krifa, University of
Kairouan, Tunisia
Impact of Libidinal Desire on the interpretation of
the Quran : A case study of the understanding
of Al Hoor Al Ayn in Works of Early and Modern
Muslim Exegesis
11:30-11:45. Bilel Labben, University of Kairouan,
Jihadists’ Interpretation of the Qur’an : A Case Study
of the Jurisprudence of Jihad and Sex Slavery

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