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Architectural Visualization Boca

About Us
TekVisual, LLC. is a 3D Rendering and Website development studio based in Boca Raton,
Florida. We focus on photorealistic 3D renderings, animation, website design and web
marketing. Our services assist in growing our clients’ companies and strong marketing. We
create beautiful conversion-friendly websites, drive targeted website traffic, and create
outstanding 3D Renderings and Animations. The staff at TekVisual has been responsible for
designing multimedia presentations for a variety of large companies internationally.
TekVisual is dedicated to customer service. We stand behind our work and we support
client technology needs unconditionally. TekVisual has the track record, support, and
service to take your project to a new level.
TekVisual, LLC. is a premier 3D Visualization and Web Design Studio. We are dedicated to
customer service and have been standing behind our work and supporting client technology
needs for 15 years. TekVisual, LLC. has the track record, support, and service to take your
project to a new level.
Some of our exclusive clients include: Lennar Homes, Wynn Development, Cancer
Treatments Centers of America, Onstream Media Corporation, Ansca Homes, Ike Behar,
Aristo Development, Hawthorn Suites By Wyndham, Florida Back Institute and The
Butters Group.

Web Development
TekVisual's web team will help bring your idea from paper to reality. Clients are assigned a
project manager to assist communication with our design department. Periodic reviews and
status reports ensure your satisfaction. Your web site represents your company, and should
be designed for future growth, marketablility, and accessability.
TekVisual's in-house development team specializes in open source development. Open
source development takes advantage of the latest technologies while keeping site
development costs down.
 E-Commerce
 Database Design
 Interactive Web Sites
 Custom Applications

TekVisual's web animators are second to none. Whether you want to spice up your site with
brand relevant animations, or want a full blown cartoon series, our animators will give your
site the competitive edge it needs to beat the competition. Our animators specialize in
HTML 5, jQuery and Flash.

Web Marketing
Social Network Submission
Social Network Submission ensures that visitors to sites such as Friendster, Linked In,
MySpace, and Facebook all have your products or services available to them on the users
favorite Social Network.
SEO and Keyword Analysis
To ensure that search engines are aware of your site, we submit your site with a brief
description to all of the major search engines. Submission reduces the time it takes for your
site to get ranked.
In the past six years, Search Engine Optimization (now commonly known as SEO) has
made leaps and bounds in progress. For the longest time, even spam pages full of junk were
able to obtain high search engine rankings. Now, page rankings are largely determined by
Meta data, giving the higher search engine rankings to web sites with worthwhile content.
The reason for this is simple: Google wants to provide a vast array of options to its users
that are valuable, usable and provide them with information that they want and need. Thus,
the more content of value a web site has to offer to browsers, the higher up it will rank in
Google searches.

3D Interiors

For more information please visit

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