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Since its foundation as a Los Angeles general contractor,
A to Z Construction has completed countless building,
construction, remodeling and renovation projects
throughout Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura Counties,
ranging from room additions, kitchen and bath
remodeling to all types of exterior and interior jobs. Our
work has been featured in numerous media outlets.
Regardless of scope, A to Z Construction approaches each project with a foundation of
strong design aesthetics, comprehensive product options, sound project management,
and a commitment to craftsmanship.
DESIGN AESTHETICS: Because of its focus on Room Additions and Complete Renovations
over the past years, A to Z Construction possesses a keen understanding of the
architecture and style of all aspects of homes.
PRODUCT OPTIONS: A to Z Construction is one of Los Angeles Metro rare single-source
for design, remodeling and product resources
PROJECT MANAGEMENT: At A to Z Construction, our pride in project management equals
the pride we take in the quality and creativity of our design work. One of the distinctions
of our project management is our implementation of progress billing, in which - after an
initial labor deposit - you pay for our services only as they're completed, rather than
weeks or months before they've even begun.

If a home has a sufficient amount of square feet but insufficient and outdated interior
and exterior, then A to Z Construction recommends our complete remodeling services.
Adding accents and character to the house, breaking interior walls for more open
entertainment area layouts, soundproofing and insulating living spaces, updating
cooling and heating systems, updating to cooper piping, updating electrical main box
and fixtures, changing windows and doors, hard and landscaping. Creating a healthy
and pleasant environment, built to serve a lifetime. Rather than doing one thing at a
time, without a concept or vision, as well as paying “per job profit” each time a
remodeling takes place, we urge our clients to hire A to Z Construction to design and
remodel the entire insufficient and outdated interior and exterior of the house at once,
following a distinctive and personalized scope of work. We guarantee significant
savings on all complete remodeling projects.
Interior Complete Remodeling : Interior remodeling ideas
vary from home to home, from personality to personality,
but the usual A to Z Construction goal is to create a
harmonious environment with plenty of light, from grand to
cozy it has to be efficient and livable for years to come,
easily accessible now, and when the inhabitants grow older.
Emphasizing quality products and done right installations
we offer a one stop shop for all interior remodeling needs.

Custom Cabinetry Kitchen Remodeling : We have completed countless custom projects
for homeowners across the Southland. From initial concept development through
completed installation, we believe integrity, communication, and precise attention to
detail form the foundation of our service. We believe that custom means complete
personalization and it has always been the heart of what our kitchen designers do.
Custom is about meeting specific needs, unique designs, remodeling that will, when
completed, make life easier. We promise to find the best fit between client, home and
integral elements of the dream kitchen. Our kitchens are 'state-of-the-art', so you can be
sure your kitchen will be a defining feature of your home and augment its beauty. The
result is a kitchen that will be uniquely yours, fitting in harmoniously with your home,
family and lifestyle. We are proud to offer two distinctive styles and visions in our custom
cabinetry remodeling projects.

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