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8 Rue Alain Savary,
2100 Dijon, France
Phone: +33 (0)698 073 486
Skype: Johan.hidouche

Now-2016: Master in Management -Burgundy School of Business France

2013: Bachelor in Philosophy - Sorbonne University, Paris,


2012: Bachelor in Géography - Sorbonne University, Paris,


May-August 2015 :Internship in Sales & Events, Gabriella wines New-York City, USA

My Internship: Analysed the local market. We also underwent training to educate our palate to the wine. In
Wine business, you are a poet-business man: speaking about the subtlety of the wine and then earning a new
client. My best professional experience !

October 2014 – May 2015 : Internship in Real Estate at Palagon, Vancouver, Canada

My Internship: Marketing & Business Development position I worked to promote my company in
Vancouver, organized some events. My mission was to find new clients, contacted them, created a first
meeting and convinced them to deal with Palagon Company.

Language skills: French native speaker, English very good working
knowledge. Computer skills: Excel, word, Powerpoint.
Sport: Practised running for 10 years, regular swimming.
Independent travel: North Europe, South Europa, Africa, America.

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