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Paris 8/12/15
The Inner Dimensions of Climate Change

Spiritual Perspectives
“The Earth needs both physical and spiritual attention and awareness, our acts and prayers,
our hands and hearts.” – Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee
The painful violence we see in the world today is linked to the violence we commit against the earth and
her creatures. If we are to see a more peaceful world, we first must make peace with the earth and find a
way of living that does not destroy our rivers and oceans, forests, mountains and air; that does not cause
the daily extinction of species. The violence we commit against the whole web of life creates waves of
violence within the human community. This is the nature of interconnection, of cause and effect. We must
come to see the connection between our inner mental state and what is taking place in the external
world. Love is the way to counter violence – love for the Earth, for the rivers and oceans, for the forests
and mountains, for each other.   
 In this discussion spiritual teachers from different religions and regions will explore the connection
between our disregard for the integrity of nature and the violence that is being perpetrated in the human
community.  Addressing the deeper meaning of interconnection, they will explore how we can repair the
physical and spiritual damage inflicted on earth’s ecology and on ourselves.  There is a deep connection
between making earth whole and healthy again, and creating a more balanced and peaceful human
community.  How do we come again into a loving and respectful relationship with the earth and with each

Climate Generations Area 
Room 5
Le Bourget - CO

Discussion 1 between:
Sraddhalu Ranade, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, India
Acarya Judy Lief, Author and Teacher, Shambhala Buddhist tradition, USA
Father Michael Holleran, Catholic Priest and Zen Teacher, USA
Zarko Andricevic, Chan Buddhist Teacher, Croatia
Moderated by Dena Merriam, Founder GPIW
Discussion 2 between:
Rev. Richard Cizik, President, New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good, USA
Angela Fischer, Author, The Golden Sufi Center, Germany
Tiokasin Ghosthorse, Sundancer, Lakota Nation
Moderated by Swami Atmarupananda, Ramakrishna Mission, India
Special Address by Dr. Vandana Shiva, Founder, Navdanya, India
and by Prof. Dr. Phra Brahmapundit, President of International Council for Day of Vesak, Thailand

For more information contact:
Marianne Marstrand

open to the public and free of charge

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