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18 years old (11.03.1997)

Contact me :
Mail :87, Rue de Bretagne. 53000, LAVAL, France.

First-year OT student in Laval, France

E-mail :

Speaks English and French fluently, has been
learning danish for four months

Skype : daph.rouart (Daphné Rouart)



September 2015 – Today (Dec. 2015)
-Study of Occupational Therapy
Institut de Formation en Ergothérapie, Laval

-Learning of Danish

Knowledge in anatomy, clinical approach, assessment,

diagnosis, hygiene, sociology, psychology, activity analysis,
human and technical helps, working methodology,
reeducation and readaptation techniques, handling,
arrangement of the environment, professional english...

Jeg taler ikke dansk flyende endnu , det er grunden til
mit CV er skrevet på engelsk. Jeg har skrevet min
motivation brev med lidt hjælp fra danske venner.

2014- August 2015
-Voluntary work : handler, secretary

Contact with socially isolated, vulnerable people

Oeuvres Sociales de la Fraternité (Social secondhand
clothes shop, reception and hosting of precarious public,
popular education)

Interest in social activism, popular education, reduction
of social inequalities, care of precarious persons

-First year of bachelor's degree in Psychology

Open-mindedness, curiosity, knowledge in psychology

University of Nantes

-Correspondence prep course for the OT-institute
admission examination

Hardworkingness, determination

2011- 2014
-Vocational high school diploma in Sanitary and
Social Sciences

Knowledge of the health and assistance sector

La Colinière High School, Nantes

-Practice of various sports

Team spirit, tenacity, energy


Self-confidence, flexibility, creativity, outgoingness,

-Practice of drama in an amateur group


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