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BOOKINGS & enquiries : gcequestinfo@gmail.com

0449 29 47 29

HOLIDAY PROGRAM / December 2015
Beginner & Intermediate level ( 7 y.o to 17 y.o )
Over 2 days – 12 hour camp / Cost : $290
Tuesday 29th December : 9.00 AM to 3.00 PM
Wednesday 30th December : 9.00 AM to 3.00 PM
Program :
- 2 sessions of riding per day
- Security rules around horses, how to approach, tack, shampoo etc..
- Trail ride along the river, lunch there with your friends
- Feed horses and spend time with them
Children really improve their riding skills during camps and build their confidence around
horses by taking care of them, grooming and tacking up.
Meet our very well trained school horses & Ponies and our very experienced coaches on
our beautiful 50 acre property, set up to the best standards for both riders & horses.
Limited spots, bookings : gcequestinfo@gmail.com
Gold Coast Equestrian Centre, 212 Stewart Road, 4210 GUANABA, 25 min from Southport.

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