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Christmas 2015

Pre-Order Menu
Breakfast / Petit-Dejeuner


Your Order

Frozen Viennoiseries Packets (x4) These ready-to-bake packs of 4 full size pieces, will fill your house with
mouthwatering scents. Done in less than 15mins. Made with high quality French butter. Doesn’t get any fresher!

Croissants A grand classic
Pains au Chocolat Belgium chocolate danish
Pains aux Raisins Vanilla custard and raisin swirl
Mini viennoiseries selection Pack of 10 mini croissants, pains au
chocolat and pains aux raisins, frozen, ready to bake and devour!

Le Croque-Croissant filled with French pressed ham, bechamel
sauce and Maasdam cheese.

$6.50 each

½ cooked
fully cooked

Meats / Viandes
Let us do the work for you! We can glaze and decorate your ham - add $15 for a Small and $20 for a Large
(if you decide you’d like your ham glazed, just tick the box)


Whole Ham (≈8-10kg)
Half Ham (≈4-5kg)

Turkeys & Stuffing/Dindes & Farces

All our turkeys are Free Range.
Our stuffing is homemade with only the best, high quality ingredients.

We sell our Turkey products

Frozen, but we can Thaw it for you or Stuff and Cook it with your selected stuffing.

Turkey Roast
Boned, free-range turkey roast, stuffed with apple and cranberry. One
roast weighs about 1.6kg and will feed 6-8 people.

Whole Free-Range Turkey
Canter Valley turkey; grain-fed, tender and moist to perfection.
The whole bird is about 4.5kg and will feed 10-12 people.

$65.90 each

$124.00 each

Stuffed &

Homemade Stuffing comes in a frozen pouch of ± 1kg. All contain eggs. We can Thaw it for you if needed.
Veges & Herbs
Mushroom, Celery, Carrot, Parsnip, Fresh Thyme, Parsley, Coriander,
Rice, Seeds and White Wine.

Dry Fruits & Nuts
Apricot, Raisin, Apple, Walnut, Almond, Lardons, Toulouse Sausage,
Couscous, Nutmeg and Rum.

Chestnuts & Sausage Organic Chestnuts pieces, Toulouse Sausage,
Bread, Onions, Thyme, Bay Leaves and Whiskey.

Chicken / Poulet Free-range Organic bird.
We can also stuff and roast your chicken on request.

$30.00 each


Platters / Plateaux
Cheese Platter/ Plateau de Fromage

SMALL 6-8 pp: $70

Selection of French imported Cheeses: Brie de Meaux, Bûche de chèvre,
Roquefort, Comté etc, beautifully presented with nuts & dried fruits.

MEDIUM 10-12pp $100
LARGE 14-16 pp $130

Cured meat Platter/ Plateau de Charcuterie
Selection of cold meats including: French pressed ham, Serrano ham, salamis,
chorizo, chicken liver parfait, terrines, cornichons, olives & French mustards.

SMALL 6-8 pp: $65
MEDIUM 10-12pp $95
LARGE 14-16 pp $125

Dips / Sauces & Pâtés
Chicken & Duck Liver Mousson


A light mousse-like texture pâté of chicken & duck liver seasoned with cognac.

“Forest” Chicken & Duck Liver Mousson


A light mousse-like texture pâté of chicken & duck liver seasoned with
truffle oil, porcini and cognac.

100% duck liver Parfait


The next best thing after Foie Gras…

Salmon Dip


Fresh NZ Salmon, Cream Cheese, Chives, Lemon and mayo.

Tuna Dip


Tuna, Celery, Capsicum, Fresh Coriander, Red Onion and mayo.

Black olive Tapenade


Kalamata olives crushed with light anchovy tones.

Mediterranean Dip


Sundried Tomato, Capsicum, Artichoke, Basil, Almond and extra virgin olive 0il.

Breads / Pains
Boule de Campagne

Baguette A French Classic

$3.20 each

White Traditional Loaf/ Batard

$4.20 each

Portefeuille Cereals

$7.30 each

Wholemeal with Walnuts

$4.70 each


$8.30 each

50% Buckwheat

Diamond buns (x4) frozen pack selection Sesame, Poppy, Natural and Cereals

$8.50 each


Sweets & Cakes / Desserts et Douceurs
Christmas Mince Pies

½ Dozen $11.50

Dozen $22.00

Les Bûches de Noël: Traditional French Yule Logs, delicious and beautifully decorated
Tout Chocolat
Chocolate & Orange sponge cake, rich chocolate mousse filling, Dark

3-4pp: $26.00

Chocolate Ganache with a traditional log look.

6-8pp: $46.00

Chocolate & Passionfruit

3-4pp: $28.00

Milk Chocolate mousse with a tangy Passionfruit curd centre wrapped
in a Hazelnut Daquoise.

Marrons & Whiskey
Walnut sponge cake, delicious chestnut cream filling with Whiskey and
cream cheese icing.

Bûche Glacée:

6-8pp: $49.00
3-4pp: $26.00
6-8pp: $46.00

A delightful iced dessert, a great refreshing change for the summer season

Chocolate & Raspberry
Chocolate ice-cream with a Raspberry sorbet heart on a delicious
brownie base.


3-4pp: $28.00
6-8pp: $49.00

Plentiful, Tasty & Beautifully Decorated… Here are our Stars!

Charlotte aux Fraises A fresh summer desert made of layers of


Chantilly cream, fresh Strawberries and Ladyfingers… Yum!

Min. 6 servings

Royal Chocolat for Chocoholics  Dark Chocolate Genoise, crunchy


feuilletine, light and tasty chocolate mousse and shiny cocoa icing.

Min. 6 servings

Many cakes are available on request, please ask our staff for a full list =)
Black Forest, Exotique, Daquois…and more!

Thank you very much and Merry Christmas to you ALL! Xxx

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