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For many of us, buying a property
abroad is a dream come true, and
countries such as Thailand are
becoming increasingly popular with
expatriates looking for a better quality
of life. However, it’s important to take a
look at your finances before you start
your move, and mortgage brokers can
help you secure financing towards your
dream home. It’s much easier to choose
the area and type of property you want
once you know what your budget is,
and even if you’re not quite ready to
buy getting financial advice helps you to
set short and long term goals that will help you achieve your dream.

Advantages of living in Thailand include:

Sunnier climates
English speaking private schools
Friendly locals
Cheaper properties
A more laidback way of life

Of course, when you’re buying a property abroad it really helps to get advice from
a firm who have experience in that country, as they can help with the regulations
and paperwork. However, you may wish to look for mortgage brokers in Australia
or your home country so that you can look at your finances in depth and decide
what’s affordable to you.

Location vs. budget
Thailand has a lot of expatriate communities with luxurious properties, and these
suit some people, whereas others prefer to live with the locals and may aim for a
more modest property. It’s important to use a real estate agent with plenty of
listings in Hua Hin or your chosen area and to have a list of requirements such as:

Minimum and maximum budget
Number of bedrooms
Number of bathrooms
Rural or urban location

This will help narrow it down, but you should still make sure you look at plenty of
places, as you may fall in love with a property that you may not have considered
before. By using Aussie mortgage brokers you can easily get a picture of the kind
of property that you’ll be able to afford, and can compare that with what you
want to get to reach a compromise.

Home and abroad
Owning a property in Thailand doesn’t mean you have to immigrate on a full time
basis. There are lots of ways you can enjoy your home country and Thailand
throughout the year, and many people choose to rent over the summer, have an
affordable second home, or simply have it as a holiday home. By dealing with
mortgage brokers you can decide what will work best for your financial situation
and can come up with a solution to suit you and your family.
If you’ve always dreamed of living abroad, then why not consider Hua Hin? It’s a
great community for expatriates with lots of affordable properties, and whether
you’re moving solo or bringing the whole family along, there will be a place to suit
your needs. You can then enjoy a much more peaceful, relaxed way of life in your
Thailand home. | 66(0)822 980707

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