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Provence Stay .​


This town of water and art, is a superb city in Provence offering exceptional architectural
heritage and many beautifull fountains. You will be enchanted by the Cours Mirabeau,
with its famous Rotonde fountain, its chapels, churches, the Saint Sauveur cathedral…
Aix en Provence, as well as being a cultural town, with its many museums, is also a lively
and dynamic student town.


Cigaline Tree house @les cabanes du Var’on .​
1 night 



Spend a night with donkeys ! Situated in the south of France. Be careful you don’t feel
dizzy because it’s 9m from the ground.
Situated near Draguignan, you’ll discover this wonderful domain. You need to know that
to climb to it you’ll take a zipline !

Guided tour of Aix-en-Provence .​
Day 1  



Accompanied by a guide, discover the emblematic places of Aix-en-Provence : Saint
Sauveur Catedral, townhall, courthouse, mazarin’s district etc. Your guide will reveals
you all the secrets of the town !

3 hrs



Provencal Wine .​
 Day 2  

Go to Saint Victoire Mountain and visit Cote de Provence Vine ! At the end of the visit,
you will enjoy wine testing !

9:00 am

4 hrs


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