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2016 Rallye Perce-Neige de Maniwaki
Maniwaki, Québec
51st Edition
February 5 - 6, 2016

And the beat goes on…
Rallye Perce-Neige turned 50 last year. Quite an accomplishment for any motorsports event. The festivities were many: historical rally,
fireworks, a rock show, etc. Those who attended and the people of Maniwaki will surely remember. The oldest performance rally in
Canada went out of its way to celebrate the historical milestone. The organising committee starts fresh for a new fifty-year tenure in the
same spirit of offering, as usual, a perfect winter event to launch the 2016 championship 2016 marks the 60th year of a national rally
championship held in this country.
Among the changes last February, our event adopted a more compact format with the closing ceremonies taking place on Saturday
night. It was a first and the Sunday morning awards brunch was history for the first time since 1975. Its seems the competitors
appreciated it and the organising committee will use the same two-day format for the 51st running of the rally set for the upcoming
February 5 and 6.
Along with our Best Wishes for the New Year, the invitation is set to have you back for our winter challenge. Rallye Perce-Neige bears
a good reputation for a hearty welcome, a flawless event and a network of winter roads like no other, a real challenge for any team. But
above all, coming to Perce-Neige is visiting a postcard scenery in Quebec and meeting hundreds of volunteers that are waiting for you,
Hoping to see you for the first time or to see you again,

Patrick Rainville, coordinator
Cédric Tanguay, clerk of the course
And the organizing committee


1. Jurisdiction
This event will be held under the General Competition Rules and National rally regulations of
the Canadian Association of Rallysport (CARS), affiliated to ASN Canada FIA, the rally
regulations of Rally Sport Ontario (RSO), Rallye Sport Québec as well as the present
regulations. These documents will be available for scrutiny at registration and are available at:

Debbie Dyer
P.O. Box 300
Turner Valley AB T0L 2A0
Tel. : 1 (855) 640-6444
Web site :

Rally Sport Ontario :

17 Greystone Cr
Georgetown, ON
L7G 1G9
Web site :

Rallye Sport Québec:

CP 37502, Carrefour Grande Cote,
St-Eustache, QC
J7P 5N2
Web site :

2. Name of the event
The name of the rally is Rallye

Perce-Neige de Maniwaki 2016

3. Organizing committee
Organizing club :

Club Rallye Perce-Neige

Web site, Social Medias : or
Facebook – Rallye Perce Neige (official) – Maniwaki, Quebec
Twitter : @PerceNeigeRally
Twitter direct link :
Director of the event :

Patrick Rainville
Phone : (819) 663 – 5546
Email :

Registrar :

Josée Gagnon
244 Jules-Verne
J8R 0A3
Phone : (819) 663 – 5546
Email :

Clerk of the Course :

Cédric Tanguay
Email :

Assistant clerk :

Claude Tanguay

Motorsports consultant :

Michel Poirier-Defoy

Chief control marshal:

Jennifer Murray
Email :

Assistant chief control

Kevin Heistermann


Miguel Valiquette

PR director /Social media : Miguel Valiquette
Email :
Competitors contact :

Patrick Rainville

Service area manager :

To be announced

Safety Officer:

Cédric Tanguay

Stage Commanders:

André Cloutier
Jasmin Richard
Guy Pinard
To be announced
To be announced

Equipment Manager:

André Cloutier


Jean-George Marcotte / Rally Scoring

Chief scrutineer :

To be announced

Medical crew :

Blue Sea municipality paramedics

Refueling area safety :

Maniwaki Fire Department


Bob Boland and his team

Senior steward:

Awaiting for CARS nomination


Awaiting for CARS nomination
Awaiting for RSQ nomination

4. Status
This event is part of the following series or championships:

Canadian Rally Championship (CRC)
Eastern Canada Rally Championship (ECRC) www.ecrc-­‐
Ontario Performance Rally Championship (OPRC)
Rallye Sport Québec, single status event

Note : OPRC and RSQ events will be held over the 2nd and 3rd legs only (170 km stage distance)

5. Venues
Headquarters :

Château Logue
12, rue Comeau
Maniwaki (Qc) J9E 2R8
Phone : 1 (877) 797-2573
Web site :

All activities will be held at headquarters in Robert-Coulombe hall, unless otherwise stated
Starting order established

Registrar’s home

Registration. Press Room,
Driver and novice meetings
Radio network control


Scrutineering :

Cité Étudiante de la Haute Gatineau H.S.
Mechanic training Department

Starting order draw
speed Factor 85 and up:
Return of vehicle log book

Resto Pub Le Rabaska stage, Galeries Maniwaki

Drivers meeting at recce start:

Crevier Service Station, Kitigan Zibi

Parc Exposé, Ceremonial Start,
Finish, and podium ceremony:
Parc Fermé, post-event scrutineering
Awards’ ceremony
Service area:

Galeries Maniwaki shopping centre parking

Maniwaki Propane, 54 Principale N,

6. Schedule
Tuesday, January 19, 2016
07:30 PM
Closing of early registration
08:00 PM

Starting order created

Home of the registrar

Wednesday , January 20, 2016
Starting order will be posted on the web site
Thursday, February 4, 2016
06:00 PM
Opening of headquarters

Chateau Logue

Official Notice Board
06:00 – 10:00 PM

Event and recce registration
(National, ECRC, RSQ and OPRC)


Friday, February 5, 2016
06:30 AM
Driver’s recce meeting

Crevier service station, Kitigan Zibi

06:45 AM

Crevier service station, Kitigan Zibi

Start of recce

11:00 AM

Service area setup

Maniwaki Propane,

54 Principale N,

04 :30 – 08:00 PM


Cité Étudiante de la Haute Gatineau H.S.
Mechanic training Department

01:00 – 07:00 PM



06:30 PM

End of recce


07:00 PM

Late entries registration closes

07:30 PM

Meetings (officials, stewards
medical, security)


08:45 PM

Speed factor above 85
starting order draw

Chateau Logue’s Bar

09:30 PM

Timing re-fresher course



Saturday, February 6, 2016
06:00 – 7:00 AM

Late registration and scrutineering Headquarters
by special request only

07:15 AM

Novice drivers and codrivers
meeting for seed 5 & 6 entries


07:30 AM

Driver meeting


08:00 AM

Start of recce for regional teams


08:00 AM

Parc Exposé

Galeries Maniwaki parking

08:30 AM

Start of 2016

Galeries Maniwaki parking


Rallye Perce-Neige de Maniwaki
12:30 PM

Start of 2016 Rallye Perce-Neige
(RSO and RSQ)

Service Area
Maniwaki Propane, 54 Principale N,

Official Notice Board
08:00 PM approx. End of rally/ Parc fermé

Galeries Maniwaki parking

Official Notice Board
08:30 PM approx. Stewards meeting
09:00 PM approx. Podium and Awards ceremony

Resto Pub Le Rabaska stage

10:30 PM

Log book distribution

Resto Pub The Rabaska

11:30 PM

End of event

The organization may modify the schedule but then all teams would be advised.

7. Type of event
The Rallye Perce-Neige de Maniwaki is a performance rally consisting of 3 legs with
approximately 420 km in total distance including 16 stages (approximately 215 km). Most of the
stage distance will be run on gravel roads, probably covered with snow and ice. The OPRC and
RSQ events will consist of the 2 legs for 275 km, including 10 stages (approximately 170 km).

8. Area
Altitude ……………… Minimum 559 feet (170 metres)
Maximum 1060 feet (323 metres)

9. Entries

Entries will be accepted until the end of the registration period on Friday, February 5,
2016 at 7:00 PM. See article 6 - Schedule.
Eligible vehicles – Open 4WD and 2WD, Production 4WD and 2WD according to CARS
2016 rules.
Note that a vehicle registered under another Sporting Authority and running a series in
terms of vehicle eligibility will be admitted into a comparable CARS vehicle class
according to CARS vehicle eligibility regulations.

10. Maximum number of entries
The maximum number of entries will be 60. If more than 60 entries are received, entry will be
determined on a “first paid / first served” basis (i.e. payment must be received before your entry
is considered valid).

11. Entry fees

National Championship only…………………….
National and Ontario Championships…………
ECRC, including CRC…………………………….
OPRC or RSQ only……………………………..…



Each fee includes a 120 $ CAD fee for public liability insurance, accidental death and
dismemberment premium for insurance coverage during special stages.
Cheques or money orders must be payable to RALLYE PERCE-NEIGE and dated no later
than January 19, 2016 to be eligible for the starting order seeded draw. There will be an extra
200$ (National) or 100 $ (Regional) late fee penalty for entries received after January 19,
2016. Credit card payment will be possible with an extra fee of 15 $). Please contact the
registrar when you register.
Entries should be sent to the Registrar at :
Josée Gagnon
244 Jules-Verne,
Gatineau QC J8R 0A3
Phone : (819) 663 – 5546
Email :

Note: 100 % of the entry fee will be reimbursed if notice of withdrawal is given at least 48
hours prior to the opening of registration, Wednesday,February 3, 1:00 PM. There will be a
75% refund if notice is given within 48 hours of the opening of registration, Friday, February
5, 1:00 PM. After the opening of registration, no refund will be made.

12. Awards
Awards details will be posted at registration. Multi podium ceremonies will be held for CRC 4WD
and 2WD, ECRC, OPRC and RSQ (if enough entries).

13. Documents
An entry form and a waiver are attached to these regulations along with a registration and selfdeclaration scrutineering forms. A pre-odometer check will be available at headquarters.

14. Eligibility
Eligibility will be according to national regulations, sections 11 and 12, RSO and RSQ rules..
Please note that studded tires will be allowed for RSQ entries only.

15. Timing and Scoring
Timing, controls and scoring will be as per NRR – 15 , 16 and 17. Timing cards will be used.
They must be presented to control marshals at time controls. To calculate a time out at the end
of a stage , the competitor will use the lateness time, unless the time spent in the stage is
longer. If this should happen, the competitor will use the time in at the finish in hours and
Time at start of stage
Stage lateness time








Time in at end of stage



Time out at end of stage




Note; Competitors unfamiliar with this procedure are invited to attend a time-keeping refresher
course which will be given Friday night at 09:30PM if competitors so request before February 1st
at 07:00 PM.

16. Service area and refuelling
The service book will help plan service. It includes:
• A chart showing the total distance and stage distance between the start and each service
• Information on indicated service and gas stop areas
• Indication to access all stages start and finish points.


The distance between two gas stops will not exceed 150 km as per CARS rule book 13,2,5


There will be 2 service stops at a single location and an optional refuelling area.


Servicing and refuelling are strictly limited to the designated areas.

17. Parc Fermé and post-event scrutineering
All cars finishing the event must enter Parc Fermé. Upon reaching the finish control of the
event, any team member may drive the vehicle into Parc Fermé. Any car finishing the rally may
undergo post event scrutineering. Reassembling the removed parts will be the competitor’s

While a conventional route book will be provided, the clerk of the course will offer a two-pass
recce in all the rally stages on Friday 5, 2016. During the recce, competitors may use their rally
car. Upon written request to the coordinator received before January 31st 2016, a regional team
may recce the rally stages once in convoy on Saturday, February 6, 2016 in the morning.
When registering for the recce, competitors must determine the vehicle to be used for the recce.
Only one car per team may participate in the recce.
RECOMMENDATION; It is strongly advised to drive the recce with a 4WD vehicle or a rally car.
Winter tires are mandatory. The clerk of the course keeps the right to reject any unsafe vehicle
for that activity.
Recce procedures :
-The organization will supply a number that must be affixed to the side window on the
codriver’s side of the recce vehicle
-The maximum speed is 60 km/h in the stages and the legal posted limit on transits.
-The organization reserves the right to have observation controls during recce. Penalties
for speed violation or dangerous driving will be as follows : 1st infraction - $ 100 fine, 2nd
infraction - $ 500 fine, 3rd infraction – exclusion from the rally without appeal. Fines must
be paid before the start of the rally
-The roads are opened to residents, rally workers and logging trucks. Competitors are
expected to share the roads.
-Teams are strictly forbidden to travel in the opposite direction on any special stage.
-A maximum of two passes of each stage will be allowed.
-No recce will be allowed outside the recce schedule, subject to exclusion from the event
-The recce schedule of the special stages will be available Thursday, February 4th at
rally headquarters.
-The 4 forest stages (Kitigan Zibi, Forest de l’Aigle, Tortue and Lapointe) will be run in a
convoy. All the others will be free.

19. Miscellaneous
A) CARS licenses will not be issued at the event. Competitors must get their licenses from the
CARS office
(855) 640 – 4444 or visit before registration.
B) All competitors are reminded that, with the exception of recce, any practising is prohibited.
C) The official time will be posted at headquarters.

D) BUDGET car rental has a location at Mc Connery’s Garage and will rent a car for recce
purposes. Please contact Yves Bernard at (819) 441 – 2866 for details.

E) Accommodation in Maniwaki;
1− Château Logue – Phone : 1 (877) 474 – 4848
12, rue Comeau, Maniwaki
2− Auberge du Draveur – Phone : 1 (877) 449 – 7022
85 rue Principale Nord, Maniwaki
3− Motel Central – Phone : 1 (877) 449 – 6868
147 rue Principale Sud, Maniwaki
4 - Forest de l'Aigle cottages - Phone 1 (819) 449 - 7111
1 ch. du Black Rollway, Cayamant


Excitement guaranteed

Canadian Association of Rallysport
Formulaire d’engagement / Registration Form

Nom de l'événement / Name of event

Championnat / Championship :

National ( ) OPRC ( )

Rallye Perce-Neige
de Maniwaki 2016
Priorité / Seed

National / OPRC ( )
National / ECRC ( )
Classe nationale / National class -

Expert ( )

Classe régionale / Regional class Propriétaire / Entrant
Nom / Name


Adresse / Address




Novice ( )

( )


Novice ( )


Ville / City

Code / Zip________________________

Pilote / Driver
Nom / Name

Phone (


Adresse / Address
Ville / City

RSQ ( )


Cell (




Prov./ State

Code / Zip_________________________

Courriel / Email _________________________________________________
Permis de conduire / Driver licence

Prov/State __________________

Licence de compétition / Competition licence

CARS - Nat

Copilote / Codriver
Nom / Name



Adresse / Address
Ville / City

Reg; ASN________ Nat

- _______ CEL (






Prov./ State

Code / Zip ______________

Courriel / Email__________________________________________________
Permis de conduire / Driver licence
Licence de compétition / Competition licence

Véhicule / Vehicle Catégorie / Class : Ouverte/Open ( )
Manufacturier / Make
Modèle / Model
Immatriculation / Licence plate
Assurance / Insurance

CARS - Nat

Production ( )

Reg; ASN________ Nat

2RM/2WD ( )



4RM/4WD ( )

Année / Year _____________________
Couleur / Color___________________________________
Prov/State _________________________
Police / Certificate # _____________________________

La renonciation (au verso) doit être signée./ Waiver (on reverse) must be signed

Canadian Association of Rallysport
Entry Waiver

Rallye Perce-Neige de Maniwaki

Maniwaki, Quebec



February,5 to 6 2016

In consideration of being permitted in the RALLY, to compete and/or to enter for any purpose any area used by the rally, including but not
limited to the service areas and competition surfaces(including special stages), each of the Undersigned, for himself and his personal
representatives, assigns, heirs, and next of kin, agrees, and on the direct representation that he acknowledges awareness and knowledge of
the types of roads to be used in the rally and the type of terrain through which the roads run and the skill required to drive on the roads and
does further warrant that his participation in the scheduled event and his entrance upon any area used for the rally, constitute an
acknowledgement that he has such knowledge and awareness as foresaid and that it is safe and reasonably suited for the purpose of the
event for which this Release and Waiver applies:
HEREBY RELEASES, WAIVES, DISCHARGES AND COVENANTS NOT TO SUE the Canadian Association of Rallysport, its Regions and
Clubs, their officers and members, officials, marshals, car owners, drivers, service crews, participants, persons in the rally area, promoters,
sponsors, advertisers, owners and lessees of premises used to conduct the event, and each of them, their officers and employees, all for the
purposes herein referred to as releases, from all liability to the undersigned, his personal representatives, assigns, heirs and next of kin, for
all loss or damage, and any claim or demands therefore, on account of injury to the person or property or resulting in death to the
undersigned, whether caused by the negligence of releasees or otherwise while the Undersigned is in or upon any area used for the rally,
and/or competing or officiating in, working or for any purpose participating in the event;
HEREBY AGREES TO INDEMNIFY AND SAVE AND HOLD HARMLESS the Releasees and each of them from loss, liability, damage or
cost they may incur due to the presence of the Undersigned in or upon any area used in the rally and whether caused by negligence of the
Releasees or otherwise;
I DECLARE THAT THE USE OF THE CAR HEREBY ENTERED IS COVERED BY INSURANCE as required by the highway traffic act of the
province in which the rally is run, which is valid for such parts of this event as shall take place on roads as defined in that Act;
Releasees or otherwise while in or upon any area used for the rally, and/or competing or officiating in, working or for any purpose
participating in the event.
Each of the Undersigned expressly agrees that the foregoing Release, Waiver and Indemnity Agreement is intended to be as broad and
inclusive as is permitted by the law of the Province and that if any portion thereof is held invalid, it is agreed that the balance shall
notwithstanding continue in full legal force and effect.
and further agrees that no oral representation, statements, or inducements apart from the foregoing written agreement have been made.
I have read the CARS Rally General Competition Rules, the CARS Rally Regulations and all other regulations in effect for this event and agree
to abide by and be bound by such rules and regulations. I further agree to ensure that all associated crew members are similarly acquainted
with these rules and regulations and agree to abide by them and be bound by them.
The entrant in signing this registration form and agreement and in consideration of the right to enter and compete in the event, agrees to
participate in the event at his/her own risk. The entrant further agrees that he/she, the competitors and all associated crew members, shall
execute a release agreement prior to their admission to the event.
_______________________ ___________________________
Entrant Printed name


Printed name



_______________________ ___________________________
Co-Driver Printed name


______________________ ___________________________
Witness Printed name


If an entrant or competitor is under the legal age of majority, this form must be countersigned by the appropriate parent or guardian.
_____________________ __ ___________________________
Parent/Guardian Printed name
** Held under the General Competition Rules of CARS.**

Canadian Association of Rallysport
Rally Perce-Neige de Maniwaki 2016
Registration and Technical Inspection Self-Declaration
Inscription et inspection technique – Déclaration sur l’honneur
Please complete and hand in the original form at registration
Prière de remplir et remettre l’original lors de l’inscription
Registration / Inscription :
It is the responsibility of the entrant or driver to ensure the following documents are valid and available
during the event. Each item must be initialed by the entrant or the driver.
Le propriétaire ou le pilote doivent s’assurer que les documents suivants sont valides et peuvent être vérifiés
durant le rallye. Chaque item ne doit être paraphé que par le propriétaire ou le pilote.

Valid and available / Valide et disponible
Driver’s licence / Permis de conduire
Rally and service vehicle registrations
Immatriculations des véhicules de rallye et de service
Rally and service vehicle insurance certificates
Preuves d’assurance des véhicules de rallye et de service

Scrutineering / Inspection technique :
It is the responsibility of the entrant or driver to ensure that the rally vehicle is road worthy and that the
following items are operating properly. Each item must be initialed by the entrant or the driver.
Le propriétaire ou le pilote doivent s’assurer que le véhicule de rallye est en bonne condition de rouler et que
les items suivants fonctionnent correctement. Chaque item ne doit être paraphé que par le propriétaire ou le

Checked and operational / Vérifié et fonctionnel
Headlights / Phares
Horn / Klaxon
Wipers / Essuie-glaces
Markers and reverse lights / Feux de position et marche arrière _____________
Brakes / Freins
Exhaust system / Système d’échappement

Entrant or driver declaration /Déclaration du propriétaire ou pilote :
The rally vehicle is road worthy and the above items are operating properly
Le véhicule de rallye est en condition de rouler et les items susmentionnés fonctionnent correctement.
Signature _____________________
Date ____________________

Driver / Pilote


Event /Événement / _______________

Affiliée à ASN CANADA FIA *** Affiliated to ASN CANADA FIA

Entrant / Propriétaire ¨
Vehicle/Véhicule # ________

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