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Article group 98
As a part of our daily life, accidents are considered as ordinary problems. For our
group, the danger was not to be treated too late but the risk to not be well treated because of
patients’ lake of information about their medical file. Moreover, nowadays to many papers are
needed to avoid medical mistreatment. Gaulthier, a member of the team, has penicillin
intolerance and he told us that if he has any really critical infection, if the doctors are not
aware of this problem it could be a danger.
Accidents can occurs anytime, anywhere, and generally they happen when you
expect them the least. So, you can’t really be prepared to have an accident, it simply
happens but when it did, you would like emergency acts fast. In order to intervene effectively,
emergency services need to access to information about the victim. Thinking of a solution so
that emergency services can access easily to medical documents about a victim could make
way much easier for emergency services to take action on patients who suffer from an
accident, reduce ten times the risks of medical mistakes related to special diseases and
finally it would allowed to have the identity of the victim more quickly in order to warn
We are committed to create a component in which all the medical data will be stored,
allowing people who will be using this tool to be more efficiently rescued by emergency
services. Indeed, our device will make things easier for emergency services when arriving on
an accident scene. As soon as the Emergency Services will arrive on the location of an
accident, they will have access to all medical records of the patient because of our tool.
The selection of our expert was an important step of the project. According to our idea
we needed experts to tell us and explain us the reality of the problem, the different way of
improvement and how much that could worth. There were different criteria such as his level
and area of expertise, his experience, and his career. That is why it is important to have a
clear idea of our needs and what we expected from our expert. According to that we were
looking for expert who have done with the problem of the lack of information during the first
aid. Philippe Lalleman and Christian Favario are two expert of the medical sector with more
than 30 years of experience one as a doctor and the other one as firefighter.
We are aware that our potential customers could have the feeling to be spied or
watched and that we can have to face a question of respect of private life. It was also
mentioned by our expert on the interview. That is why one of our major challenges is going to
achieve to convince our users that only medical professionals will be able to access the most
private and elaborate information.
We selected this idea because this is the one in which we believe and all the team
really thinks that this sustainable project and tool could help both emergency services and
victims of accidents. It was a great challenge to explain and develop the problems we wanted
to solve through the video and to let people know and imagine what could be our solution to
resolve those problems. We had several positive feedbacks from the people we interviewed
and from the ones who watched our video. So let’s move into our project!

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