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After the tremendous success of our first coming together last year in Helsinki, Finland, we — the Euro-BRICS’ Young Leaders — are proud to
announce the second EuroBRICS Young Leader’s Summit in New Delhi, India, in March 2016!
2016 will be the year of Sustainability. If today’s world leaders fail to implement the promises of the Sustainable Development Goals and Climate
negotiations of late 2015, it will be our generation who pays the price for their shortcomings. Therefore we will come together in New Delhi to
discuss the prospects of a sustainable way to live in the newly arising multipolar world the EuroBRICS initiative incorporates.

The EuroBRICS Young Leaders platform brings together present and future leaders across a vast array of topics from all over the EuroBRICS states.
Our member structure consists of members of parliaments, diplomats, scientists, activists, government employees, as well as non-state actors and
other young, outstanding individuals who do lead our world today and in the future. The ambitions for New Delhi are even higher, as we are
currently attracting the attention of high ranking members of the EuroBRICS’ governments!

This is your chance to support us!
We are looking for engaged, responsible sponsors to enable our delegates to tap into the extraordinary dynamics set into motion during and
after the Helsinki summit. We want to meet in India to continue our great work on a multipolar, fair world order. Read through the following pages
to get an overview of what we achieved so far, what we are currently doing and where we want to go with your support.

Since 2009 LEAP is convinced that the EuroBRICS rapprochement conveyed a strong
potential for the vitally needed (re)invention of global governance in a world turned

Global crisis-related issues, such as the reform of the international monetary system,
started being discussed on the basis of this EuroBRICS format, which proved
extremely powerful in reaching the relevant perspective on challenges and solutions.
A EuroBRICS academic network developed over the years which gathered regularly,
patiently advocating for the holding of a EuroBRICS Summit at some point.

But in 2014, the major blow cast on EuroBRICS relations via the Euro-Russian row
compelled LEAP to upgrade its project and the EuroBRICS Youth Platform was
launched. This Platform was soon missioned to organise the first EuroBRICS Young
Leaders’ Summit in Helsinki based on the idea that global governance was suffering a
generational gap: seeing a new world run by old generations motivated a new
generation of young leaders to strive to connect to the established global leadership
and highlight more promising paths to the future — our future, after all.

From a EuroBRICS academic network to the
Euro-BRICS Young Leaders’ Summit
The First EuroBRICS Young Leaders’ Summit last June was a major success in terms of
content, creativity and energy. The unique combination of backgrounds and
perspectives resulted in creative innovation and new approaches to the well-known
shortcomings of contemporary global politics. Among other things, it was
tremendously successful in connecting a large network of highly skilled European and
BRICS young professionals, forging lasting friendships and intercultural bonds, that are
for sure the bases for improved EuroBRICS collaboration in the future. We are talking
about the transition towards a new, multipolar world with Europe and the BRICS being
important global centres.






In 2016, we are passionate about organising an even higher-profile Summit, this time with an enhanced connection with officials and
governments. For this reason, India, which presides over the BRICS in 2016 was chosen as the next destination of the Summit. Patronage letters
will be sent to heads of states and governments throughout the whole of European and BRICS countries. Ministers and civil society
representatives will be invited as keynote speakers to express their support to younger generations’ concerns for our future along the lines of
peace, democracy, innovation, diversity, modernity, mobility and sustainability — the seven pillars of the reinvention of global governance, as
defined in the first summit.



“To connect with the established global leadership and take advantage of the combined strength of our regions to make
the change we want to see happen. It is our future, so we demand to shape it in a responsible, collaborative way!”



Namaste, Delhi!
In 2016, New Delhi, the vibrant Indian capital was chosen as the place to discuss a topic at the heart of concern for our young generation:
Sustainability. We will tackle this important issue, that affects us all in the most essential way, from the vast variety of angles and perspectives
inherent to our Platform. Sustainability is ubiquitous these weeks with the SDGs signed and yet another climate summit looming in the near future.
Yet, the EuroBRICS Youth Platform can offer a unique point of view on Sustainability.

We do represent the next generation of world leaders from the economic powerhouses of this planet - both old and new. Resources are finite and
it is us and our children who will suffer the consequences of today’s failures. We are witnessing today the hardships of China’s process of
economic normalisation. India is supposed to make up for the lost global growth engine. But we already know that the new steam will be a flash in
the pan leading to new instability for India and the world in a matter of 10 years. And we know for sure that at some point, if globalisation is a
success, no growth engine based on bridging wealth discrepancy will be available anymore. 
Hence sustainability evolves from a moral duty to a vital objective, considering that scarcity and/or wars are the only other, way less attractive,

Therefore, sustainability goes far beyond environmental questions, reaching to the complete re-invention of economic and social modes of living
together in a multipolar world. Sustainability’s core issue is hence the bridging of the gap between the rich and the poor parts of our planet — the
gap that keeps our current economic model running. Environmental sustainability is a big part of that. We need to find ways to do our economy in
a way that does not hamper the ability of future generations — our generation — to live a good life on this planet. The EuroBRICS states need to be
at the forefront of this transition. Sustainability is about social fairness not only between generations but especially between societies and states
around the world. Only in a fair world without the monopolies in the West we witnessed over the last couple of centuries, every human being on
the planet can prosper. The EuroBRICS initiative is a promising way to achieve that. It appreciates the incredible diversity and differing
perspectives of all its members. They are the key to a new way of communicating and living together on our shared planet. It enables a creative
friction between differing points of view. It is only through diverting our frictions towards results-oriented conflicts, that we can avoid armed
conflicts in the long run. This is what we do at EuroBRICS.

It is time that “sustainability” becomes the keyword of all attempts of creating a new XXIst century economic and social model for our planet.


For the next EuroBRICS Summit we will bring together 100
delegates from Europe and the BRICS in India’s capital New
Delhi. The delegates will be recruited to represent the brightest
and most outstanding young leaders from different social and
professional backgrounds to assure the continuance of our
broad perspective. To avoid exclusion based on individual
financial situations, 50 delegates will be fully funded. The other
half will have to secure their own funding and cover their
expenses. A comprehensive guide of achieving funds will be
provided for every applicant. A 50/50 ratio between European
and BRICS delegates will underline the bilateral character of our
endeavour. Another 30 experts, government members and
high-level professionals will be invited to represent academia,
politics and economy.


Heads of state and government from the EU and BRICS countries will be kindly invited to patronise the event in support for younger generations’
concern for their globalised future. It will be our future and this is the chance for current governments to support a friendly get-together and
exchange to lay the foundations of long-lasting, sustainable friendships that foster peace and collaboration in a multipolar world.


The event will consist of two days of sessions. Not only will there be experts and practitioners - both local and international - speaking in front of
the plenary, we put emphasis on exchange and interaction both between youth from across the world and different generations. Smaller groups
will enable youth, experts, practitioners and officials to work on specific issues and come up with new angles on well-known issues. We will invite
six high-profile experts from politics, economy and academia to share their knowledge with our delegates and take home a lot of inspiration and
young perspectives from our summit.

Hands-on experience of the local reality in India and exposure to how sustainability is lived in New Delhi are a crucial outcome of our endeavour.
Therefore we are organising a one-day excursion to get out of the conference halls and experience incredible India. The colourful Holi festival will
frame our summit at the end of March matching our ambition to create a colourful, multipolar world. We want to increase the knowledge of our
regions and the excursion will be one step towards that end.

Another step will be a voluntary Post-Event - along the lines of last years trip to St. Petersburg. This will not only increase the knowledge about
Sustainability in a Multipolar World but foster even more intercultural understanding and exchange. From our experience we know that this is the
environment in which lasting friendships are forged and international alliances created. The main aim of the summit is, after all, to connect even
further the Youth of Europe and the BRICS.



1. Strengthening the Euro-BRICS Youth Platform, network and projects

2. Improving the connection with the official levels of global leadership

3. Producing another set of analyses, recommendations and project proposals

4. Drafting a common statement to be shared with the highest levels of global
leadership and media

5. Showing the instrumentality of the Euro-BRICS angle in reaching the global
multipolar level

6. Paving the way to the holding of a full-fleshed Euro-BRICS Summit: putting
around the same table European and BRICS leaders as the most efficient
way to address the multipolar world’s burning common challenges: peace,
democracy, sustainability, modernity, innovation, mobility and diversity.



We are warmly inviting you to be part of our ambitious project. Help us to make our dream come true. Support us, so we can meet in Delhi next
year to work on our common future in a sustainable, multipolar world. Please find out more about our fundraising campaign and sponsor benefits
on our website:
Please do feel invited to share your thoughts and provide input on the topic “Sustainability in a Multipolar World”. We feature a fast growing
magazine and for our summit in Delhi we are looking for high quality input from young, outstanding members of the EuroBRICS’ society. For more
information and the option to subscribe to a weekly newsletter do feel encouraged to visit our website.


Questions, remarks, just want to have a little chat? We are looking forward to hearing from you!


Mr. Fabian Wagner

Mss. Fizza Jaffer & Mr. Shahzaib Ahmed

(Laboratoire Européenne d’Anticipation Politique)

(Project Coordinator)

(Local Team Coordinators)


+33 6 03 33 29 84

+49 (0) 151 61443760






fizza.jaffer1 & ahmedshahzaib

Let’s make this happen, let’s come together to build tomorrow’s world!
Image Credits: Shahzaib Ahmed



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