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Etienne DEDIEU


First Name:

Date of birth: ______/______/____________


Zip Code:


Chosen presentation level:
Do you want to benefit of the official accompanist?
( )Yes (if yes, get in contact at least one month before the Competition
( )No with the association « Musique et Partage en Couserans »).

For the candidates on the category E - Excellence: specify the chosen

By signing this application form the candidates declare that they
accept the terms of this regulation and in any case of doubt, the
French text will be the one that applies.
hereby confirm
the accuracy of the information given above.
Place.................................................. Date..................................
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BEFORE MAY 30th 2016


may 30th 2016


Name of attended school:
Name of the teacher(s):


Doriane BODART
Raymond COUMES
Christophe DESTANNES
Pierre MARI †
Stéphane MULLER
Jean-Jacques RAMPAL
Jean-Frédéric SCHMITT †




Marie Cantagrill


“Musique et Partage en Couserans”
Le Village - 5, Rue de l’Eglise
09190 - Taurignan-Vieux - France
mobile: +33 (0)6 13 51 20 32
phone: +33 (0)5 61 01 85 39


Facebook Page:
Under the High Patronage of Saint-Lizier City Hall.

Complete and sign this application form and send by post to
«Musique et Partage en Couserans» together with :

- two 1 euro self-addressed stamped envelopes / if they’re not available in
your country, please contact the association «Musique et Partage en
Couserans » .
- a check payable to the association «Musique et Partage en Couserans » in
the value of the registration fee according to the category of your choice
(Non refundable in case the participation is prevented or cancelled) or
make a bank transfer (see under “applications” for information).

01 - 02 - 03 july 2016

from beginners to excellence

Christophe Destannes

Club Saint Girons
en Couserans
et District 1700

IV. Marie Cantagrill

It's in Couserans (South-West of France), in the beautiful city of
Saint-Lizier, city of art and history, that this 4th edition of the «Marie Cantagrill International Violin Competition» will take place, organized by the
association «Musique et Partage en Couserans».
The competition is open to the public and is an opportunity for beginners
and advanced violinists to meet and present their best work to a jury of
professionals and to a caring audience.
Designed to create an emulation, that is a dynamic fit to stimulate the
arising of new talents, this «musical encounter» will give to all a chance to
discover new interpretations, technics and also profit of wise and professional advices, all of that in an atmosphere of conviviality and sharing.
The jury is chaired by the virtuoso Marie Cantagrill and it'll consist of
violinists and musicians recognized for their work.
In addition to the prizes from the professional jury, in each category will be
given a special audience Prize that will reflect our desire to underline that
in art and music, the emotion felt by the public has to remain the essence
Category A - Beginners (Registration Fee : 25 euros)
- Carillon n°2 des "5 petits morceaux très faciles” de Georges Blanchet
Category B - 1st Cycle (Registration Fee : 45 euros)
- Oskar Rieding - Concerto n°2 opus 35 - 3rd mvt
Category C - 2nd Cycle (Registration Fee : 55 euros)
- Fritz Seitz - Concerto N°4 opus 15 in D Major - 3rd mvt
- Antonio Vivaldi - Winter (from the 4 Seasons) - 2nd mvt
Catégory D - 3rd Cycle (Registration Fee : 75 euros)
- J-S Bach - Partita N°1 - Sarabanda and double
- Henryk Wieniawski - Concerto N°2 - 1st mvt

Catégory E - Excellence (Registration Fee : 100 euros)
- Paganini - one Caprice of your choice
- J.S Bach - one slow and one fast movement from a Sonata or a Partita, or
the D minor Ciaccona.
- Contemporary piece : the score will be available and given by the association « Musique et Partage en Couserans » from February 15th, 2016 on
- 1st movement of a violin Concerto of your choice from the following
composers: Mendelssohn, Tchaïkovsky, Brahms, Saint-Saëns, Sibelius,
Prokofiev, Shostakovich or Beethoven)
For all categories, memory performances are mandatory.
*Category A - Beginners :
- 1st Prize : 30 euros
- 2nd Prize : 25 euros
- 3rd Prize : 20 euros
*Category B -1st Cycle :
- 1st Prize : 100 euros
- 2nd Prize : 70 euros
- 3rd Prize : 50 euros
*Category C - 2nd Cycle :
- 1st Prize : 160 euros
- 2nd Prize : 120 euros
- 3rd Prize : 100 euros
*Category D - 3rd Cycle :
- 1st Prize : 400 euros
- 2nd Prize : 300 euros
- 3rd Prize : 200 euros
*Category E - Excellence :
- 1st Prize : 2000 euros
- 2nd Prize : 1200 euros
- 3rd Prize : 800 euros
In all categories a special audience Prize will be given.
The candidates not awarded will receive a Participation Certificate.
The 1st Prizes Winners Concert will take place in October 2016
with the Ariege Chamber Orchestra in the Couserans.

- The applicants must provide the following documents:
*two 1 euro self-addressed stamped envelopes / if they’re not available in
your country, please contact the association «Musique et Partage en
Couserans» .
*one completed application form
*a check payable to the association «Musique et Partage en Couserans» in
the value of the registration fee according to the category of your choice
(Non refundable in case the participation is prevented or cancelled) or
make a bank transfer to:
Musique et Partage en Couserans
Bank CIC, St. Girons, FRANCE
IBAN: FR7610057190570009274010191
and send a copy of the receipt with your application
*The Competition will take place at the hall of the Domaine du Palais des
évêques, in Saint-Lizier (09).
*Due to limited number of places, late applications may not be accepted
(in this case the registration fee will be fully refunded).
*Two weeks before the competition the candidates will receive a written
notice specifying the time and place of their presentation.
*According to the pieces, the candidates can be accompanied by a pianist
of their choice or by the official accompanist (free of charge for the competition performance).
*Rehearsals with the official accompanist before the competition must be
scheduled at least one month in advance through the association «
Musique et Partage en Couserans» (10 euros for the beginners cycle, 20
euros for the 1st and 2nd cycles, 30 euros for the 3rd cycle, 40 euros for the
excellence cycle per rehearsal).
*The application fees are not refundable in case the contestant cancels
his/her participation or if he/she is prevented to come and participate to
the competition for any reason.
*Photocopied scores are prohibited.
*Photos, video and audio recordings are strictly forbidden during the
performances in the competition.
*Upon applying the candidates agree with the use of their image and
sound by the organisation of the Competition. The organizers will freely
use and/or distribute the images and sound to television, radio and any
other media.
*The jury can interrupt the candidate's performance if they consider it
*The jury reserves the right to not give a Prize if they judge the level was not
*The jury's decision is final and can not be in any case object of complaint.
*The results will be given after the jury deliberation.
*Prizes and Certificates will be delivered at the end of the Competition and
only at this time.
*If they wish, candidates can ask the members of the jury their evaluations,
critics and advice regarding their performance.
*A candidate that has already been awarded the 1st Prize in a category
cannot apply to that same category again. He can apply to a higher

Aperçu du document online_applicationForm_MCantagrillCompetition2016_editPDF.pdf - page 1/2
Aperçu du document online_applicationForm_MCantagrillCompetition2016_editPDF.pdf - page 2/2

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