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Special Newsletter


1st Edition/Monthly/Bilingual

Yes, We Did!
Retrospection on a Magical 2015!

Join our 7
Activities for

Dear all! We are so happy and proud to

benevolent life coach to students so

share with you our first Newsletter on

that they can get an EU

the 7 Enchanting Activities of our

scholarship. Of this we are very

altruistic movement AfterApril24th2015!

proud indeed! We have built a

This first Edition is called Special

network of highly efficient

AfterApril24th2015 Mission

Newsletter since we would like to

personalities, also in legal affairs,

Statement is to accompany each

inform you about our magical journey in

who care deeply for the future of

Armenian integrate a new

Magic Armenia throughout the year

Armenia. We entered a joint-

attitude by acting as a Magic

2015! For a young movement that only

venture collaboration with

Armenian! A Magic Armenian

started in November 2013 in

Producing Studio Gal.A in Yerevan

acts as a Hero. We are victims no

Luxembourg and run by a young family

and now renamed The Art of Music

more! A Magic Armenian covers

of 4 fantastic children, our achievements

23! We launched free and online

the victims of the Armenian

are huge! We have composed, written,

Skype language coaching for

Genocide with the ritual of the
White Sheet of Hrant! Magic

Our Mission Statement is to help you become
the voice of change for your country! We can
all act for Armenia! From without, from within,
we must help our country improve on

Armenians look forward and find
way to foster the development of
Armenia! Magic Armenians
integrate a coach attitude: be
positive, see the good first and

economic, social and educational levels! Join

find simple solutions to

us and see how you too can be a part of this

complexed issues! Our 7

Magical Journey…

enchanting activity have been
created specially to reinforce the
Armenian identity no matter age

performed and published five songs and

young and old in English, French

or location! The 7 activities act like

their clips dedicated to the Centennial of

and Armenian. The Founder of the

a magical bond that reunite the

the Armenian Genocide and shared on

movement visited Armenia four

twins of the Home land and the

YouTube. In Yerevan, we have given

times. Each visit re-enforced the

diaspora once separated in 1915!

two major presentations: in August in

movement’s mission and its

Activity 1: The White Sheet of Hrant

Aeon and in December in school Tbrotz

determination to succeed for the

104 and one debrief session in

sake of Armenia’s children. We

September. In December we held a radio

wrote letters to the world leaders

Activity 3: Share your talent with us

interview at “Feel The Vibe” – Radio

(121 to-date and counting) such as

Activity 4: Go for a good resolution

ARA in Luxembourg. The movement

Pope Francis or President Barrack

Activity 5: Téghatchour

passed the 50 members mark, our

Obama peacefully inviting them to

followers on social networks amount to

recognize the Armenian Genocide

38’000 and counting, our videos are

of 1915. We call for peace and

viewed in primary schools in Europe.

reconciliation; we work on the

We acted as a solid reference and

recognition of the Armenian Genocide

Activity 2: Language coaching

Activity 6: Be a Magic Armenian
Activity 7: I have a dream!

with a heart that has forgiven! Of course,
our constructive journey in this

Special Newsletter Edition n°1 - AfterApril24th2015, altruistic movement,
Written and edited by Marie Dalia van Marcke-Iskenderian. Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Armenia. All rights reserved © 2015

unforgettable year would not have been

development to our nation! Our Mission

complete without facing the bad too.

Statement is to help you become the


And so, we received our share of hate

voice of change for your country! We can

mails, we faced the cynical remarks of

all act for Armenia! From without and

an Armenian physician from the

from within its borders, we must help


diaspora telling us: “Why do you bring

our country improve on economic, social


positivity to Armenia? What for? Why do

and educational levels! Join us and see

you offer them free language coaching? So

how you too can be a part of this Magical

that they leave the country even faster? Why

Journey. Our projects for 2016 will be

do you sing for them, what good is that for?”

just as numerous, exciting and life

A rich Armenian from Armenia even

changing. Thus, wherever you are,

invited us to leave the country, telling us

whoever you may be, Armenian or not,

that “...your altruistic charity work has no

come and join us, we need you now!

place in Hayasdan.” A young Armenian
student claiming our working procedure

We always look for benevolent

is far from satisfactory when compared to

translators, language coaches, for

European NGO’s. Etc etc etc. But it’s all

students willing to learn Armenian

ok! We hear you and we forgive you!

or reinforce their linguistic

Just bear in mind that our passion for

knowledge. You have a dream; you

Armenia has no limit, our love and

need a constructive exchange with a

admiration for our beautiful people in

professional life coach? We are here

Armenia unabiding! To us, they are the

for you too!

real heroes and we, living in the coziness
of the diaspora, have the obligation to
assist them in creating a complete
Armenia! We stand for what is just, we

Happy New Year 2016. May it be
filled with love, health and success
in all your future projects!

act for our children’s happiness and we

engage our efforts to bring a peaceful,


constructive and professional

When your professional dream becomes reality!
AfterApril24th2015 and School Tbrotz 104
The two foremost of our 7 Enchanting

in numerous languages thus creating a

online Skype language classes for

Activities are of course transmitting

universal bond! For those who wish,

English, French, and German etc.

the Armenian language and living its

they will also be guided by a

Teaching and learning are the best

Christian heritage! During our

benevolent coach by Skype. For our

way to unify our nation beyond

unforgettable presentation at school

youngsters, the children of Tbrotz 104

borders and cultural differences!

Tbrotz 104 on December 21st, our

have already started creating the

movement has been blessed and

pictograms of each of the 500+ words

honored by the interest of its Director

of our virtual glossary so to offer a

and team to evaluate a joint

very independent and playful learning

collaboration in creating a free and

method for families with young

online virtual Armenian pictographic

children. This project is aimed at

language book and offering free and

answering the psychologic needs from

online Armenian catechism and

both sides of our Armenian being.

cultural education. Our main didactic

Armenians in Armenia will offer their

impulse being to motivate Armenians,

Armenian knowledge to the

young and old, and living in faraway

Armenians in the diaspora. On the

countries, to join us during one year to

other hand, we invite Armenians in

learn each Sunday 10 Armenian useful

the diaspora to join our benevolent

words. Those words will be translated

language coach team to offer free and

Special Newsletter Edition n°1 - AfterApril24th2015, altruistic movement,
Written and edited by Marie Dalia van Marcke-Iskenderian. Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Armenia. All rights reserved © 2015

We call it the Give and Receive
Language Coaching Tool for all!
Separation means disappearance! We
jointly can avoid this from happening.
So, let us come closer and use simple
Internet tools to make a huge
difference! We herewith thank Tbrotz
104 for its warmth and open-


mindedness, especially these
wonderful kids who enlightened our

The Art of Music 23! Producing Center

hearts with talent and beauty! Thank
you for the Armenian dance, the
poems, the wonderful singing! Really,
we feel truly blessed!

In 2016, do not miss the release of our CD soon with its most beautiful songs, all
dedicated to the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide. AfterApril24th2015 and
The Art of Music23! plan a concert tour in Armenia. We will bring good music,
happiness and hope to the villages of Hayasdan!

The Founder will gladly present you
the movement’s Mission Statement

Do not miss out on the come back of your favorite singer Mr. Artur Galstyan!

and the 7 Enchanting Activities! You

As Mr. Galstyan writes:

can contact her to book a date on
Reminder to our Members: Do not
forget to get in touch with us to receive
your member’s gift!
Benevolent Language Coaches, please
get in touch with the Founder Marie to
launch your application at
Thank you all for sharing this Special
Newsletter with friends and family
around the world!

Այս գեղեցիկ պատմությունը ուզում եմ սկսել ամենասկզբից.... 2015 թվականի
հունվարյան մի ցուրտ օր, իմ լավ բարեկամ Անդրանիկը խնդրեց ձայնագրելու դուդուկի
իր ձայնակցությունը մի գեղեցիկ անգլալեզու երգի մեջ, որը նվիրված էր Հայաստանին
եվ հայերին... Այսպես սկսվեց իմ ծանոթությունը եվ բարեկամությունը Մարի Դալիա
Վան Մարկ - Իսկանդարյանի, իր ամուսին Փոլ Վան Մարկի եվ իրենց հրաշք ընտանիքի
հետ.. Ինձ բախտ վիճակվեց աշխատելու Մարիի գեղեցիկ , հոգեբուխ երգերի
գործիքավորումների եվ ձայնագրությունների վրա :
Երգերի հիմնական թեմաներ են՝ Հայաստանը, հայ ազգը, 1915 թվականի
Ցեղասպանությունը , հայ զինվորը, հայ փոքրիկները, հայ ազգի ուժը, համբերությունն ու
անսահման բարությունը... Ամեն նոր երգով սկսեցի նորովի ճանաչել եվ գնահատել
Մարի Դալիա Վան Մարկ - Իսկանդարյանին, իր աշխարհընկալումը եվ այն բարի ու
հզոր հոգեվոր ներուժը, որը հատուկ է միայն իսկական Հայուհուն...
Ձեզ եմ ներկայացնում Մարի Դալիա Վան Մարկ - Իսկանդարյանի նոր երգերից եվս
մեկը՝ "Mary's Prayer" - ը : Շատ եմ սիրում այս գեղեցիկ եվ շատ հուզիչ երգը ... Վայելեք

Շնորհավոր Ամանոր եվ Սուրբ Ծնունդ !
Ամենաջերմ ու բարի մաղթանքներով՝ Արթուր Գալստյան

Special Newsletter Edition n°1 - AfterApril24th2015, altruistic movement,
Written and edited by Marie Dalia van Marcke-Iskenderian. Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Armenia. All rights reserved © 2015

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