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Female team Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Our team is composed of 5 players evolving on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive from level Supreme to Global Elite.
We are searching for a serious team which can support us for visibility and to participate in competitions.
Actually, we are doing french competitions cause we don't have enough means to go in International competitions.
We are really motivated and we will be glad to do those competition with you.
Mayssa and Kiara have a twitch account and are streaming each time they can. A lot of viewers are supporting us
already. Those streams bring us visibility which is growing up each day.
We own a facebook page (we can't change the link's name) :
and a twitter page :
We are really closed friends and we have no doubt about our future together. It's almost 1 year that we are together
(for 3 players). We took time to do our team cause we wanted a strong and an efficient composition of team. We are
motivated to progress together and to go as far as we can. We want to evolve inside the Female eSport and make it
progress in the whole world.
We aren't here to do nothing. We want to do a lot of competitions online and offline.
We are waiting from a team to be here for us from the beginning to the end, for trainings and for our projects.