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Press  release    
January  4,  2016  


Ween raises USD 2 million to support the launch of its
life-responsive thermostat



A CES Innovation Awards 2016 Honoree in the Smart Home Category,
Ween is an exhibitor at the CES in Las Vegas, from January 6 to 9
Eureka Park – Booth # 80 635
Founded  in  2014,  Ween,  a  fast-­‐growing  company  based  in  Aix-­‐en-­‐Provence,  France,  designed  the  very  
first   life-­‐responsive   smart   thermostat   that   automatically   adjusts   the   temperature   within   a   residence  
to  the  comings  and  goings  of  the  occupant.  This  major  breakthrough  proved  appealing,  giving  birth,  
as  of  the  end  of  2014,  to  the  largest  fundraising  campaign  for  a  smart  device  on  the  KissKissBankBank  
platform.  Today,  a  year  later,  Ween  announces  the  finalization  of  a  USD  2  million  Series  A  financing  
round  to  support  the  launch  of  its  life-­‐responsive  thermostat  in  2016.    
This  financing  round  was  led  by  Crédit  Agricole  Alpes-­‐Provence  and  its  CAAP  division,  expert  in  financing  
local   innovative   companies.   It   also   involved   the   local   PACA   investment   fund,   the   French   Public  

Investment  bank  BPI,  as  well  as  business  angels  from  the  Smart  Angels  crowdfunding  platform.  Ween  
has  also  received,  since  its  inception,  the  support  of  Marseille-­‐based  business  accelerator,  P.  Factory.    
As  pointed  out  by  Jean-­‐Laurent  Schaub,  CEO  and  cofounder  of  Ween:  «  This  fundraising  will  allow  us  to  
market  our  life-­‐responsive  thermostat  in  France  this  year.  Ween’s  ambition  is  to  let  consumers  reap  the  
benefits   of   a   life-­‐responsive   thermostat   which   outperforms   the   traditional   learning   or   weekly  
programming   thermostats.   Ween   offers   the   possibility   to   leverage   the   global   position   of   the   user’s  
smartphones   and   adjust   to   their   whereabouts,   even   when   unplanned.   The   solution   accounts   for   twice  
as  many  user  absences,  and  also  generates  twice  the  savings  compared  to  traditional  devices.  »  
This  technology  innovation,  named  «  Smart-­‐Time  »,  benefits  from  a  global  patent.  The  life-­‐responsive  
Ween  thermostat  also  includes  presence  detection  and  machine  learning  of  time  and  schedules,  so  that  
kids  who  do  not  have  a  smartphone  can  enjoy  an  ideal  temperature  when  their  parents  are  out.  
Nathanaël  Munier,  Ween’s  CTO  and  cofounder,  also  welcomes  this  financing:  «  This  is  a  new  milestone  
for  Ween  that  will  help  speed  our  product’s  time  to  market,  and  make  it  available  in  technology  stores  
and  do-­‐it-­‐yourself  centers.  This  financial  backup  will  fuel  the  roll-­‐out  of  our  business  plan,  and  enable  us  
to  provide  the  very  first  next-­‐generation  life-­‐responsive  application  ».    

For  more  information,  please  visit  :        

To  see  the  Ween  life  responsive  thermostat  in  action:  

For  more  information  and  requests  for  interviews,  please  contact:  

La  Toile  des  Medias  (PR  for  WEEN)  -­  David  PILO  
Tel.  04  66  72  68  55  
Mob.06  20  67  70  37    
Crédit  Agricole  Alpes-­Provence,  Capital  &  Innovation  –  Jean-­Louis  BERTHOLLE  
Tel  :  04  42  19  48  54  
Mob  :  06  18  11  54  78  

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