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Paris’s finest boutique French school, providing Educational programs
for students and teachers
46 Rue Saint Antoine, Paris 75004. Tel. +33 (0)1 85 09 90 14. Email info@frenchasyoulikeit.com

We provide French classes 7 days per week between 7am-9pm
Custom made French educational programs for custom made trips
Learning to speak French while studying in Paris can turn a great adventure into an unforgettable one. With French

As You Like It’s customized French workshops, we put sharp focus on the development of oral skills to ensure
students to develop deeper relationships with French professors and classmates, speak with confidence, and
generally feel more tuned into Parisian life!

We are a recognized French language school designing bespoke programs for individuals to small and larger
groups. We specialize in providing educational courses that match your schedules, your needs and interests of the
students. Each itinerary is unique, so should the French experience be!

Our approach
Our group classes intensely focus on the development of oral skills in social and practical environments. They are
designed for students who want to improve their understanding and speaking abilities through interactive
experiences. We prefer to separate large groups into smaller micro-groups of 5-6 students per teacher to maximize
individual attention and ensure that each students can play an active role in class, and have ample opportunity to

During class, they will work on their communication skills in a variety of everyday situations. They will work on
grammar and vocabulary on a given theme, as well as polish your pronunciation while doing real-life exercises. We
use innovative education materials, including videos and e-learning, to maximize your exposure to the language
and help you progress efficiently and rapidly.
Differing levels of French in the group is not of concern. We are skilled at handling the varied linguistic needs of
each individual in the group while making the class a beneficial experience for all.

Our school-our classrooms
Our center and classrooms are in the historical heart of Paris, a few steps away from Place des Vosges. We have 2
classrooms capable of holding 35 students and 7 classrooms with a capacity of 8 students each. However, our most
talked-about class format is our lessons out and about in Paris, off the beaten tracks of the city. Here our microgroups of 5-6 students per group are assisted by their teacher. Students will go to a produce markets, shopping sites,
cultural and historic areas.

Our center

Paris is your classroom!

Our teachers
Students are carefully matched with our highly experienced French teachers. All our teachers are Parisian natives
who don’t just teach French, but put the language in context by giving valuable insight into Parisian life and culture.

Our values
Customer service and flexibility are what distinguish us, we always strive to exceed our customers’ expectations: in
addition to the outstanding service we provide, we know that reactivity and adaptability are today a requirement to
satisfy demanding clients. Personal service, attention to detail and keen prices are what we deliver.
Light snacks are provided throughout the lessons to keep the students refreshed and alert. Wifi, free coffee and tea
area (with the finest freshly ground coffee in Paris) access to tablet PC’s and all the help, support and advice we can

Our Prices

Individual 1-on-1 lessons: 1 hour
80 €
Small private group: 1 hour -2-4 people
100 €
Group French Classes: 1 hour
Group price
Number Students
€ 150
€ 190
€ 231
€ 250
€ 300

€ per student

Other services
Experts at what we do best, teaching French, we are also very knowledgeable about Paris and are also able to help
you with finding the accommodation that your students will remember: homestay with a host family youth hostels
or affordable hotels.

A 5 minute walk from 2 fabulous Mije youth hostels dating back to the 17th century and open throughout the year

Please contact us info@frenchasyoulikeit.com with any questions and we promise to get back to you within
24 hours.
If you’d rather speak with us directly, you can contact our team on +33 (0)1 850 990 14

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