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Mineral feed for ruminants and small ruminants

Vitasel Oligo Ruminants
Lick blocks for mineral supplementation

Calcium and magnesium Carbonate – Sodium chloride – Bicalcic Phosphate – Calcium
Carbonate – Sugar cane molasse

Analytical contents:

Phosphorus (P):
Calcium (Ca):
Magnesium (Mg):


Additives (in mg/kg)
E6 Zinc (Zinc oxyde):
E5 Manganese (Manganese Oxyde):
E2 Iodin (Anhydrous calcium iodate):
3b304 Cobalt (Cobalt carbonate
coated pellets (II)):
E8 Selenium (Sodium selenite):
Anti-caking agent
E562 – Sépiolite

10 000 mg
8 000 mg
200 mg
100 mg
40 mg

Packing: 5kg Circular stone individually packed with cling film, with handle.
216 packed stones pallet, or 1 080.00kg.
To be used within 24 months after manufacturing date.

How to use Vitasel Oligo ruminants?
Leave at free disposal to animals of more than one year, close to a water point and
change it as soon as a block is over.
Control daily intake in order to avoid excessive consumption (especially on salt and
mineral subdeficient herds).
Store in a well-ventilated and dry place before being used.

Why to use Vitasel Oligo ruminants?
Vitasel Oligo ruminants ensure mineral supplementation to animals with moderated

17.06.2015 – FH – 3352

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