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Natural product as mycotoxin inhibitor


In animal feed for poultry

Yeast-derived products
Corn gluten
Sugar cane molasses
Dried seaweed
Packing/Storage: 25 kg bags – 1000 kg pallets
Use preferably within 12 months after manufacturing date.
Keep in a dry and fresh space in its original package

How to use Vitamyco?

In poultry feed: From 1 to 3 kg / of feed, well mix with the other ingredients.

Adapt dosage according to the contamination level.

Why to use Vitamyco?
 Allows you to confidently manage the risk of mycotoxins in case of several
contamination (Aflatoxin, A and B trichothecenes, fumonisins, zearalenone and its
metabolites and other mycotoxins or Ergot alkaloids) or in situations of high


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