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Organic acids premix

Liquid Vitacid HP
Enriched in "antibiofilm" agent for poultry and pig production
This product is offered in a non-corrosive version, with the characteristics of
organic acids.
Composition :
Organics acids (E236-E270-E280) – Antifilm-forming agent – Buffering agent
(Sodium formiate) – Mineral acid (E338)
Characteristics :
Classification : Irritating (not corrosive) according the EU legislation
Color : Slightly bluish liquid
Packing/Storage : 36 kg, 237 kg and 1 120kg drums
Use preferably within 24 months after the manufacturing date.
Keep in a dry and cool space in its original package.

How to use Liquid Vitacid HP ?
Incorporation :
9 In breeding continously in drinking water at a rate from 500 to 1 500 ml for
1 000 l of water (depending on the chemical nature of water and risk factors in
9 It is advisable to regularly check the water pH and dose adjustments to achieve
a pH between 3 and 4

Why to use Liquid Vitacid HP ?
9 Decontaminating effect with a bacteriostatic and bactericidal action on
9 Decrease the buffering capacity of the food or water
9 Stimulation of enzyme activity and protein digestion
9 Control of the balance of flora in the intestine
9 Better absorption of nutrients
Results :
- Improve digestive safety
- Improving the quality of manure and bedding
- Lower production of ammonia
- Improved growth
- In hens: improved shells and longevity of animals


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