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D.O.B: 09.01.1988 _ French
+33 (0)6 50 91 90 71
Driving Licence

Le Coudougnol
24540 Saint-Avit-Rivière

Environment Engineer
___Work Experience__________________________________________________________
July2013 /
April 2014

Research Engineer
CEA de Saclay/ LSCE, Saclay, France- Fixed-term contract

Analysis and data processing (statistics, vertical distribution, correlation…) of airborne trace
gases measured (CO, CO2, CH4 et O3) in the Siberian atmosphere during
YAK AEROSIB 2012 and 2013 campaigns.
Modeling of atmospheric transport using FLEXPART (backward trajectories, PES, crossing
of data with emission inventory such as EDGAR)
April 2012 /
January 2013

Policy Officer for Coriolis Expedition
22 rive gauche/ Association Coriolis 14 - Bordeaux, France – Fixed-term contract

Definition of scientific topics for each stopover in relation to the Climate Change
Preparation of the expedition and the stopovers (administrative and scientific aspects)
Organization of meetings with scientists at each stopover
May 2011/
August 2011

Environmental Policy Officer
CEREMA Sud-Ouest/LRPC - Bordeaux, France – Training period

Made the “Atlas of Landslides, Rock Falls and Cave-ins” on a departmental scale
Participated in the collective project: Mapping of Coastal Flooding (following the Xynthia
Storm on the Atlantic Coast)
Performed field trips (for landslides, rock falls and cave-ins mitigation)

___Education and training_____________________________________________________

Master’s degree 2 Sustainable development – Arctic Studies specialty
University of Versailles Saint-Quentin en Yvelines

Multidisciplinary understanding of the climate change and human society’s adaptation

Master’s degree 1 Environment, Geological and Natural resources
Ecole Nationale Supérieure Environnement Géo-Imagerie Développement (ENS EGID), Bordeaux

Management and exploitation of natural resources, specialty : risk and remote sensing

Bachelor of Physical-Chemistry
University of Sciences, Bordeaux

___Skills and abilities__________________________________________________________

Programming software: Proficiency in R, introduction to Matlab and Python
Modelling software: FLEXPART (atmospheric dispersion)
GIS : Proficiency in MapInfo
Office software: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet


French : native speaker
English : Good working knowledge of English, Training and preparation for the TOEIC (January)


Joggings, football, interest in team sports, chess
Co-manager of a small tourist accommodation company (L’escapade en Périgord)
Russia, Spain, Dominica Republic, Tahiti, Portugal, Serbia…

Mr. Jean-Daniel Paris

Scientist at LSCE, Coordinator of LIA (YAK-AEROSIB),
+33(0)1 69 08 17 00,
Other references available upon request.

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