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Amandine Piot
1 rue du Faubourg Saint-Jacques
21200 Beaune - FRANCE

Château de Pommard
Beaune, 4th of November 2015

Dear Mister Baum,
I would like to apply for the job offer as a Marketing Communications Manager. I am currently finishing my
own project and will be available beginning of December 2015. I would like to present my current work and
two missions demonstrating my ability to succeed at this position.
Drink the world is created in January 2014 by a friend and I. Our aim is to visit a selection of almost fifteen
winemaking countries and eventually write a book in French about it. We have been to Croatia, Serbia,
Armenia, Georgia, Israel, Lebanon, South Africa, India, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile
and the USA - California and Oregon. You can find some information about our work on Thanks to this project I have highly improved my knowledge about wines out of France.
Originally from Burgundy, I grew up in a winemaking environment and quickly started to be passionate. As
a result, I have always dedicated time for this passion (readings, travels, tastings). Thus, I think that I can be
a valued employee in your team as I have a good knowledge of the wine business.
The first mission I want to present is the creation of the Christmas catalog 2012 at Nicolas, in partnership
with the agency Publicis Dialog. As the main interlocutor of the agency, I provided the recommendations for
the designers, corrected and validated creations, participated in photo shootings and directed the catalog
layout. In the meantime, I prepared the desktop publishing gathering bottle shots and prices or writing
product descriptions. To provide a print catalog in October to all the wine shops, in order to ensure good
sales, I was highly involved and available.
Finally, I would like to highlight my quick understanding of the brand identity of Evening Land (wines from
California, Oregon and Burgundy) and of the wine market in Europe. The integration of these two elements
allowed me to set up effectively and independently a strategy and tools (communication, press, fairs and
winery diners) to quickly develop and increase sales in Europe.
Through my different experiences, my organization, my respect of deadlines and my rigor were noticed
aspects in my work. All qualities that I consider important to fulfill the responsibilities of this position.
I assure you of my motivation to be an efficient and qualitative collaborator within your team. Please note
that I am at your disposal for any further information. Thank you for your time and consideration, I am
looking forward hearing from you.
Sincerely yours,
Amandine Piot

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