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Individual Certificate of Travel Insurance Policy
Personal Identification Number: UGRAM0001413 (Remember to quote this number whenever you require
Policy number: 551067223
Start Date of Trip: 25/08/2015
End Date of Trip: 20/06/2016
Destino: FRANCIA
Effective date: 30/07/2015
This extract is purely for informative purposes and in the event of a dispute or lawsuit, the terms
laid down in the General Terms and Conditions and Specific Terms and Conditions of the policy
shall apply, which the Insured declares to have received and which is governed by Law 50/1980 of
Insurance Contract Act, the Royal Legislative Decree 6/2004, which approves the Consolidated text
of the Private Insurance Supervisory Act, and the Royal Decree 2486/1998 which contains the
Private Insurance Supervisory Act.
The contracted guarantees do not include:
Voluntary acts by the Insured or any in which the said person is guilty of malevolent intent or
gross negligence.
Pre-existing illnesses or chronic diseases, as well as their consequences, suffered by the
Insured person before the beginning of the trip.
Death by suicide, or injury or illness deriving from attempts or caused intentionally by the
Insured to him/herself and any deriving from criminal acts committed by the Insured.
Pathological illnesses or states arising from the consumption of alcohol, psychotropic,
hallucinogens or any drug or substance of similar characteristics.
Aesthetic treatments and the supply or re-issuing of hearing aids, contact lenses, glasses,
artificial limbs and prosthesis in general, as well as expenses arising from childbirth or pregnancy
and any type of mental illness.
Injuries or illnesses arising from the Insured's participation in bets, competition or sporting
events, skiing or the practice of any other type of winter sports or so-called adventure sports
(including hiking, trekking and similar activities), and the rescue of people at sea or in mountain or
desert areas.

Cases that arise, directly or indirectly, from incidents relating to nuclear power,
radioactive radiations, natural catastrophes, armed conflict, riots or terrorist acts.. h) Any type
of medical or pharmaceutical fee costing less than 9 euros.
This Policy excludes any countries which during the Insured's journey or stay are in a state of war
or siege, insurrection or armed conflict of any class or nature, even when they have not been
officially declared, and any which specifically appear in the bill or the Specific Conditions.
It is expressly agreed that the obligations of the Insurer arising from the coverage of this Policy
end the instant the Insured has returned to their usual address, or has been admitted to a health
centre situated 25 km at the most from the aforementioned address (15 km in Balearic Islands and
Canary Islands).

Dental costs
Medical and health care
Medical transfer o repatriation of injured or ill persons
Convalescence at a hotel

Up to €100
Up to €60000
Full cost
Up to €1000

Repatriation or transfer of the deceased Insured

Full cost

Curtailment due to the death of a family member

Full cost

Theft and material damage to luggage
Visit by a family member in the event of hospitalization
Subsistence expenses of the family member displaced abroad
Transmission of urgent messages

Up to €300
Full cost
Up to €1000
Full cost

Missing classes

Up to €1200

Missing enrollment

Up to €1800

PROVISION OF SERVICES: The provision of the services outlined in this policy will be carried out via the
insurer ARAG S.E., Sucursal en España. The designated person in the current document is insured
during the duration of the described trip in the indicated Travel Assistance policy, as contracted with ARAG
in terms of conditions, limits and statutory exclusions.

The present certificate is a summary of the conditions of the policy, with the conditions of the same
prevailing in case of any discrepancy.
If the prevision of our services is required and in order to have right to the same, it is ESSENTIAL,
whatever the time of the day or where you are located, to call to our 24-Hour Operational Helpline,
providing your name, policy and certificate number.
From Spain 93 300 10 50
From the rest of the world +34 93 300 10 50
You can make a reverse charge call. Ask the operator for this service or use the TELEFONICA
"España Directo" service (you will find the prefixes in


The Policyholder, has received the following information before entering into this
contract, in compliance with the provisions of Article 60 of the Private Insurance
Organisation and Supervision Law and in Articles 104 through 107 of its

- The insurer for the policy is ARAG S.E., a German company with registered office in
Düsseldorf, ARAG Platz number.1. Its activity is monitored and supervised by the
Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BaFin). It is authorised to operate in
Spain under the right to establishment via its branch ARAG S.E., Sucursal en España,
with VAT number W0049001A and address in Barcelona, Calle Roger de Flor 16;
registered in the Administrative Registry of the Directorate-General for Insurance and
Pension Funds under code E-210.

- Under article 81.1. of the revised text of the Private Insurance Organisation and
Supervision Law, approved by Legislative Royal Decree 6/2004, of 29 October, it is noted
that in the event of liquidation of the Insurance Company, Spanish regulations with regard
to liquidation will not be applied.

- The applicable law to the insurance contract is Spanish law, in particular,
Agreement Law 50/1980 of 8 October.

- In the event of any dispute with the insurer, the policyholder or insured party
may seek resolution through arbitration or through the ordinary Spanish courts of

For any doubts or claims ARAG has a Customer Service Department (C/ Roger
de Flor, 16, 08018 - Barcelona, telephone 902 367 185, fax 93 300 18 66, email:, website: to attend to and resolve complaints and
claims presented by Policyholders in relation to their legally recognised rights and
interests, that will be attended to and resolved within a maximum period of
two months from their presentation.

In those claims in which the Policyholder states their disagreement with the
refusal of the company to cover a claim in the field of legal defence for
considering that the pretension of the interested party is unfeasible, the only
person authorised to know about the claim will be the Ombudsman. In such
cases, the Claimant must write a letter to P.O. box office 419, postcode 08080 of
Barcelona, explaining the reasons for the claim, and the Ombudsman will issue
a reply within two months of the filing date of the claim against the Insurer.

In the event of disagreement with the resolution adopted by the Customer
Service Department or by the Ombudsman, or if two months have elapsed
without obtainingh a reply, the claimant will be able to contact the Claims Service
of the Directorate-General for Insurance and Pension Funds, (Paseo de la
Castellana, 44, 28046-Madrid, telephone 902 197 936).



For the Company



Member of GEC


We inform you that the personal details that you have provided us with when contracting
this Insurance have been added to a file owned by ARAG S.E., Sucursal en España. The
purpose of processing of this data is to facilitate the establishment and development of
the contractual relationship linking the Policyholder and the Insurance Company.

The personal information provided will be subject to disclosure to other insurance
companies or public authorities related to the insurance sector for statistical,
fraud-detection and -prevention, or risk co-insurance or reinsurance purposes.

The Policyholder's consent to the aforementioned processing is essential for the
formalisation of the contractual relationship referred to herein, which is not
possible without it.
The Insured may exercise the right to access, oppose, correct and cancel any
such information with the Insurance Company, under the terms of applicable data
protection laws, by addressing any such notices to the branch address, Carrer
Roger de Flor, 16, Barcelona (08018).
Similarly, the Insured authorises the processing by ARAG S.E., Sucursal en
España of the Policyholder's personal information in order to send information on
other insurance products, and of legal services marketed by ARAG S.E.,
Sucursal en España or Arag Services Spain & Portugal S.L. This communication
may be carried out via email or by any other means. The Insured person also
authorises ARAG S.E., Sucursal en España to share their details for the same
purpose with Arag Services Spain & Portugal S.L.
If you do not wish to receive promotional information, or for your details to be
shared for the purposes indicated, let us know by sending an email to the
following address

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