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The inequality in sport: cheat or

Sport has a great importance in our history. Because sport has been
practiced by humans for centuries. Right now, it traces the beginning of the
sport in Ancient Greece, but some experts are sure that sport is practiced
for ...
But what impact sport has in our lives? It can be used for entertainment,
leisure or as a means of competition (The Olympic Games, The World Cup,
For my project, I decided to focus on competitive sports or professional
(Olympic athletics, football, basketball, hockey, baseball, soccer, etc.)and
denounce inequality in sport due to the methods used in these sports to
increase physical performance of their athletes.

The types of enhancements in athletic
There are many, but I decided to limit myself to three types of
The first: doping
The second: Gene doping
The latest: physical anomalies


Doping: description
Doping is when someone consumes illegal or banned substances to
enhance his athletic performance or to maintain a high level of physical
intensity or constant mental.
There are a lot of products used for doping: steroids, cortisone,
cannabis, hashish, marijuana, amphetamines, HGH, GH, narcotics, etc.

Doping: used by whom?
Doping is used in all the sports in the world. Sports such as athletics, boxing, baseball,
cycling, football, weight lifting, professional poker competitions (yes poker is a sport,
it's broadcasted on ESPN), etc.
In my research, I found statistics made by the organization MPCC, that shows that the
sport that has the most cases of doping are athletics. The country with the most cases
of doping is the United States.
*for more info on these stats, see image

Doping: the inequality?
As I said in my intro, I denounce the inequality caused by doping in
We are seeing more and more athletes perform unhuman
performance, but then you realize that the majority of these athletes
are doped. Does it mean that to be great, you have to cheat? These
athletes have millions of fans who dream to be just like them, but can
hey without doping? I let you make your own opinion on this subject.


Gene doping: description
Gene doping is a doping type that involves the modification of certain
genes to improve athletic or mental performance. Gene doping is a very
expensive process, because it is a complex operation .
They (scientists) proceed on selected youth with "favorable" genes for
sport to add genetic changes that will make extreme improvement on
their athletic performance. In some countries, some athletes are mated
to give a super-athletes child (such as Yao Ming).

Gene doping: Mutants are coming and who use
gene doping?
In recent years (2010- ...), the chances to see "mutants" on TV (Olympic
Games, etc.) will be real. Because these super athletes have much
higher capacities than those of normal humans. They have more
important muscle building, they would need less oxygen than us to
perform, etc. So basically, they surpass in everything.
Known countries that use this technology are: Russia, China, Japan,
Australia, the United States, and many others.

Gene doping: Unfair or not?
They say that all humans are different from one another. But is that fair
to compete with these genetically modified athletes? These athletes
have bodies made for the sport they practice so it's a bit like a dodge
caravan was racing a Formula 1 car. Do you think, they should compete
against non-doped athletes.
So I let you make your own opinion on this.


The physical anomalies: description
All human beings are different, our genes make us unique Some people
are born with favorable genes for a certain sport. Some develop a single
body that allows them to perform at high level. Some are born in
specific environments and by adapting to this environment, they
develop specific qualities for a certain sport.
Example: African dominate endurance sports like the middle distance
running because of their high altitude environment (Kenya, Ethiopia,

Physical abnormalities: Who are these monsters
of nature?
In the previous page, I gave an example but there are many more known cases of
freak of nature.
For example: the physical phenomenon Usain Bolt dominating the sprint. A sport
where normal athletes are smaller and more physically build. We see this giant,
thinner than others, dominate in each event. There is also LeBron James, a grown ass
man tall like a tree, strong like an ox, quick as a rabbit and jumping as high as a
But these monsters of nature are also people that you meet in your everyday life. At
school, a community center (YMCA, etc.).In short, everywhere.
  These athletes you are trying to outdo but despite all your efforts, you are unable to
reach their level. Maybe, because they have natural advantages that overwhelm you
(but that should not prevent you to give up against them).

Physical abnormalities: Can we compete with
In my previous slides, I just showed some examples of athletes with
natural benefits. There are millions in this planet.
So, do you think it is right to let these monsters of nature dominate in
your favorite sport? Do you think we should treat them like cases of
doping and deny them from participating in competitive sports? I leave
you,to make your own opinion on this matter.

My opinion: Equal or unequal?
My opinion on doping and gene doping is the same. I'm against cheating in
sport, especially when superstars are doping themselves. What imagedo they
give to their fans? That to make it, it's necessary to dope yourself. I think there
is no good reason for doping, and that it's cheating no matter the reason.
Gene doping is even worse. Change someone's genes to make him better.
There is no longer any competition, so what's the point of following sports.
Regarding physical abnormalities, no one can do anything about it and it is
natural to meet someone who is always a step ahead of us, as long as he is
not doped.


Here are all the sources that I used for these devices:
Bonus#1 :http://www.insidethegames.biz/images/2015/01/The_stats_by_Mouvement_Pour_un_Cyclisme_Cr
Bonus#2 :http://www.newyorker.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/130909_r23924-875.jpg
Not possoble whithout
doping :http://s2.quickmeme.com/img/d7/d7f5a83dc0e77225f0a2305d41f4408a7ed454c0844f6dce55be467b8dec41d9.jpg

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