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Silat Suffian Bela Diri seminar with Guru Maul Mornie
organised by SSBD Provence et SSBD France
First Name: ___________________________ Second Name :______________________________
Email : _____________________________________________
Tel : _________________________
The number of participants being limited.To validate your registration you must fill this form
completely and send your payment. The seminar is open to anyone over 18 years old.
I will attend (circle you choice) :

Saturday 14th

Sunday 15th

1 day: 70 €

2 days: 110 €

Payment must be sent to :
Provence Penchak Silat
46 rue Borde
13530 TRETS

All the week-end

Once your payment has been received no refund is possible. However, you can resell your
ticket at purchase price provided that you inform SSBD Provence in advance. SSBD Provence is
not in charge of finding you a replacement if you eventually cannot attend the seminar but can help
you to do so upon request. In case of cancellation of the seminar by Maul Mornie, SSBD Provence
will only refund the seminar fees (excluding all related costs such as: accomodation, transportation,
The seminar will be held in Aix-en-Provence or in the Provence Region (no more than 50
km around Aix-en-Provence). Once the location is decided, the location and the timetable will be
posted on the Facebook event
page of the seminar and on the website :
SSBD will not be held responsible for any payment that has been lost. We therefore advise
to liaise with SSBD Provence ( 4 days after proceeding to the
payment of the seminar feesin order to get the confirmation that SSBD Provence has received it. 1
month before the seminar, please check the Facebook event page of the seminar on a regular basis
in order to receive all the updates.
Depending on the location of the seminar, most of the restaurant might be closed on Sunday.
Therefore, we advise you to bring your lunch.
Taking pictures or videotaping will only be allowed during breaks The participants agree to
abide by the safety rules which will be given during the seminar and to preserve the physical
integrity of the other attendees. Material: Safety goggles are mandatory. Groin protection and knee
pads are strongly recommended. For the seminar, bring a blunt knife, a blunt kerambit, a blunt
machete or a kali stick.
I hereby, _______________________________________, agree to all conditions mentioned


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