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Player Description

Benjamin Damian
Gonzalez Zuniga
Attacking Midfield/Forward
Club: Toronto FC
Date of Birth: March 12 2004
Category: U11
Place of Birth: Santiago-Chile
Weight: 43 Kg.
Height : 1.58 mts.
Shoe size: 5.5 US
Stats 2015 season


Yellow/Red card

20 games / 910 min



Toronto FC season: 2014-2015


MLS Player Assessment
• Benjamin is able to express himself in a variety of attacking actions 1v1,
combining, making forward runs and crossing.
• Benjamin is confident in his abilities to perform in difficult situations
• Excellent decision making in possession

• Team mates view Benjamin as a talented player and place trust in him as player
• Respectful to both staff and team mates, very easy going on/off the field
• Does tend to assume leadership role naturally
• Great Aerobic Capacity

• Balance and change of direction on the ball is very effective
• Excellent technical skills

• Very Versatile player covering holes in the starting line or enabling a gaffer to
switch up his or her team formation without bringing on a substitute.

U11 Benjamin Gonzalez

TORONTO FC U10/U11/U12 team

Benjamin Gonzalez
U11 team

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