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Guide - Fake Echo Mage

- Tantrum

Objective of the deck :
Fake a tempo mage and punish by surprise your opponents by a big molten swing. The
advantage is that contrary to a regular echo mage with belcher and sheeps which enables
your opponent to play around your chance of win with the molten, here it's nearly
impossible for your opponent to know that it's super greedy for him to rush you, apart from
knowing it from thoughtsteal or jousts.

Main difficulties of the deck :
-1) how to mulligan in every match-up, because since this meta is really pressuring you
need quickly your most adequate cards to win.
-2) perfectly sequence your secrets to get the maximum benefits from duplicate/effigy and
kind of board control
-3) planning over at least two turns and not overdrawing or wasting crucial ressources.

Tech choices explanation :
Effigy : super effective on molten giant because it gives you a new one and directly on
board and so you keep board control even after a mass removal such as shadowflame or
lightbomb. It enables to buy a lot of time when it's set up early on a frost elemental for
instance giving you the opportunity to plan your giant turn while not taking too much
damage with a 4 mana minion on board.
Unstable Portal : 1) First mission if you have it on turn 2, you just blow your opponent's
mind with an absolute illusion that you can't be a molten deck and it's a huge part for this
kind of deck which sometimes relies on a big molten swing to be that strong. 2) With an
effigy set up, it can just give you an ish insta win if you get like a 6 drop or more in the first
fourth/fifth turns. 3) Sometimes it's the only way to reverse a situation with getting extra
damage (doomguard, getting taunt, aldor etc).
* It can be switched for one explosive sheep if there are a lot of pally or hunters (you win
board control but maybe warns a sort of giant deck at the same time), or a BGH if you
struggle vs heavy decks like control warrior or handlock sometimes or Cone of cold which
is a sort of little blizzard that can avoid massive damage from pally, hunter and druid before
your T5 Doomsayer + Nova, or be played T6 before a flamestrike.

Alternative cards :

Water elemental : in my opinion the best 4 mana cost creature with shredder and
voidcaller. It doesn't seem to, but this guy plays often a big part in your games. 1) He has a
huge body for his mana cost and always trade two minions, 2) it gives you so much tempo
with its freezing ability, just having to attack in a guardian, druid of claw, 3) it sets up your
flamestrike turn easier, ex : trading it in boom (you deny 7 damages and are nearly sure to
kill it next turn with the whole board). 4) it combines well with effigy (it is really annoying
and at one point your opponents will want to remove it to avoid a 3 trade-minions or
abusive freezings and moreoever on the 71 4mana-cost minions, 36 are good or better
(Chillwind Yeti, Pit Lord, Piloted shredder etc)) 5) Against classes which can attack it
super effective (Warrior, Paladin and hunter in this meta).

Counterspell : It's definitely my favorite secret of the deck. 1) Not expected, and can
obliterate your opponent's turn and sometimes his game. 2) It super strong when it's set up
just before your doomsayer + Frost nova turn. (avoiding shadow word pain from priest,
swipe/wrath from druid, fireball from mages, sap from rogue etc). 3) Of course you have to
play it (if possible) after the coin is played if your opponent has it and in some match up, if
you have it in hand, wait until he used a lot of "little spells" to increase your chance of
maximum punishing. Ex : vs warrior, wait after the shield block, whirlwind etc, to force him
to play when you want the brawl and destroys his hope of cleaning your giants. This secret
is a big suprise in an echo mage and will save you more than one time (with no more
iceblock against a hunter/mage which will lose his fireball, killcomand), or will destroy the
force of nature combo of the druid, and rekt brawl/lightbomb, giving you the instawin.

Some rules you have to follow

I) Always count your cards for your turn and next turns with duplicate
As expected you play a control mage, implying you'll have to draw a lot to get all what you
need to sustain but also to set up your "big giant turn", and so you'll have a lot of cards in
hand with arcane intellect and duplicate. So when you plan to duplicate one creature, think
of it one or two turns before to be sure to not lose your molten or alex in the next draw.
(Don't forget that tempo mage can make you overdraw by surprise with spellslinger).

II) Always keep in mind how many "big ressources" you dipose of to win the game
and how you could lose everything
Always keep in mind how you are going to win, it seems obvious but when this is the kind of
deck which punished the slightest misplay you'll make. And one of those is too lack of "big
ressources" to succeed to get the win, throwing your two giants and taking the risk that
they might not be duplicated or not be able to "echo them" is very dangerous. If you are not
able to make enough giants, it's just insta loose like against control warrior and even
against aggro deck where you need to punish them quickly with a huge wave of giants. Also
evaluate the risk of loosing your giant on polymorph/duplicate, sometimes you have to
echo it before it gets duplicate to avoid to be extremly punished by hex/polymorh, being to
greedy is sometimes unforgivable. When you want to duplicate your giants think a lot
before taunting it, there's a risk your opponent anticipates the dupli/effi and finds a way to
kill your sunfury before it (dark bomb, bash, exec) that often loses you the game. r

III) The Balance of greedness you should know
Each card in the deck has a high value contrary to some other decks, your win often
depends on your ability get the maximum value from your cards BUT you have to be aware
of the limit of "greedness" (the maximum damages you can take before there is no comeback for you). Value each card of your hand and know when they will be the most effective
and when you're forced to play them if you don't want to take too many damages. Freeze
mage is used to play some "tempo doomsayers" ; this is a strong play but in this list you
don't run explosive sheeps, meaning that apart from flamestrike you don't have any more
massive cleans (like blizzard, multiple explosive sheeps etc), and that's why except if you
have duplicated them for some reason (then you can of course use this kind of play), in a lot
of match up (aggro) i'll recommend to nearly always keep it for the nova. Against control,
tempo doom to set up thaurissan, giant or Alex is a strong play. Sometimes you won't need
the nova like against tempo mage when their mirror entity is set up but for the others
match up, that combo is too much strong to be wasted, we are not freeze mage, so we have
to be more cautious with our fewer board cleans.

IV) Patience and optimisation : Evaluate the best moment to play each secret when
you have them in hand
Don't play secrets just because it fits on curve. If you play your effigies too early in some
match up you'll struggle a lot. Same for duplicate, at least one must be kept for your giants
since they are the core of the deck. That's why when you have mad scientists and some
secrets in hand, try to evaluate the probability of getting a certain secret/minion and
optimize it so that you can set up the most optimal play or at least not be too much
punished (playing a mad scientist after a mad scientist can rekt you if you get duplicate
from the first one). If you don't get the one you expected, that's not the end of the world
(apart if you are about to die needing your iceblock of course) because you'll just have to
play around your own secrets and adapt your line of play. ex : waiting two turns without
playing your water elemental to get a great value from duplicated thaurissan or getting
effigy on a molten a bit later instead of on a crappy healbot that you didn't suceed to suicide
yet. Board control could have appeared important at that moment but remember that was
with an unsufficient number of giant's value, there is no possible win.

V) Anticipation
As much as possible try to play around loatheb and prepare your next turn in case of a bad
kezan steal. That happens very rarely and sometimes you can't do anyting against it, but if
you anticipated a kezan which steals duplicate/effigy, you can sometimes gain time on your
own turn and make your opponent duplicate shitty things or even make him overdrow.
Same for loatheb when you know you can be hardly be punished by him sometimes just
setting one turn before an iceblock/counterspell to avoid a deny flamestrike from your
opponent can save you a game. (Ex : you are turn 6, planning to flame strike next turn if
your opponent plays loatheb you lose because on turn 7 you can't play any secret, just play
a counter spell to avoid a druid combo on his turn 7 or an iceblock to be able to be still alive
and make a massive giant turn with playing your other ice, heal or taunt.

ZooWarlock : ~75%
This deck is super strong vs zoo because they nearly don't have direct damage, and their
line of play is too rush you down. You just have to sustain the time you get your major
pieces and kill them just one or two turns before they proc your ice or sometimes even
without it. The objective is to clear their board with the combo, freeze their board at 7
minions to avoid them to play anything and just rush them with your giants. And taunt
your giant with an effigy/duplicate set up, so they can't passed your wall of giant and if they
do so, they juste reincarnate an other giant directly on board which kills them next turn or
give you two other giants in hand to set up lethal just the turn after. Just be careful about
when yo clean the voidcaller to avoid being punished by malganis, sheep is there for him or
for doctor 7.

Mulligan : Molten giants (if you have two keep both), echo medivh if you have one giant at
least and sunfury. This is a dream hand against them because what ever they do, if you
have some secrets set up, playing molten + molten + echo + two others molten = 32 on
board + frost nova/iceblock on turn 7 is just insta win against them. You can also keep mad
scientist to get your iceblock set up, arcane intellect flamestrike is also super strong vs zoo
if you already have your best early cards, as it its for nova (T6 nova, into t7 flamestrike is
really effective when you have to gain time to get your giant avoid any damage).

Tempo Mage /Mech Mage: ~85%
I have only lose 2 games on 34 against tempo/casino mage with this deck. It's simple, they
almost can't win if you play correctly or don't have a single doomsayer/novas at the bottom
of your deck.
Mulligan : Doomsayer + Nova is the best combo against them. You can often play
doomsayer when you they set up mirror entity, just wait to get a good value when you clean
but don't be too greedy if you take too many damages i think it might be tied. Like doing it
when you are 12/18 hp is fine. If you have this combo in hand, the must is to have your
counterspell set one turn earlier to avoid their fireball+ping on turn 6, if you don't it's safer
to do your combo clean before they can do it and not wait one more turn and get rekt. As
for a lot of mulligan Molten is a good keep, mad scientist and arcane intellect too.
The only way i losed is to have no answer for Dr Boom or Antonidas, it happens sometimes,
that's why you can feel free to switch unstable for bgh (you have sheep for antonidas and
they have to wait a certain amount of time before playing it with spells and at that moment
you'll alrealy have your giants on board) the thing is that unstable enables you to proc their
mirror entity with crappy minions when you don't have doomsayer in hand or when your

hand contains only thaurisssan and giants.
Sum-up of my last game vs tempo mage to illustrate :
Mulligan : i kept molten + echo + second echo (it's super powerful combo) + doomsayer
T2 : played mad scientist. T3 : played my iceblock. T4 : played water elemental. T5: played
my doom into their entity to get board clean. T6 : Use my coin, to play giant + echo of
medivh + play the new giant + counterspell (avoiding an unfortunate polymorph). T7 : Echo
the double giants to get new ones : 4 giants ) board + frost nova. 32 damages on board, had
effigy set up in case he kills one giant, counterspell for a crappy spell, ice block safety and all
is board frozen. That just shows the power of echo + giant + nova turn on T7 and how
doomsayer is a single card that destroy their board with their own secret and if not you just
play it with nova.
Alex + molten is dead end for them

Duplicate on Alex is more powerful if you succeeded to maintain a high health and it just
denies any kind hope for him to rush your face with top double fireball topdeck because
you'll be able to heal at least two times to 15 without counting on your healbot. If you lose
Alex with no back up, don't heal too quickly because the best thing is too have board control
with big creaturse against them and if you are not enough low you'll have to wait a certain
amount of time before playing a combo with your giants and if it takes too much time your
opponent will be able to set an annoying board to deal with at that time.

NB : Freeze mage can be really tough because of their direct damage, the way they can just
doomsayer + nova your giants, and if you don't have the poymorph antonidas just
obliterates you. Try to kill them the fastest you can, playing alextraza turn 9 and trying to
fake you are also a freeze mage to force them to damage you is a good strategy because then
you just have to spam the board with big threats (play a duplicate/effigy at least in case of
board clean and pray for no polymorph from him).

Even with a two turn thaurissan, without Archmage, at one time they will have to make a
choice : save their burst and frostbolts for lethal or start to kill your minions with their
precious ressources (because they don't have so much ones and flame strike is bad against us).
Here, i managed to develop quickly a massive board and now he is forced to play defensively,
knowing i duplicated my alex.

Druid midrange ~ 40%
This is a really tough match-up. Even without knowing that you can make a giant swing,
druid has a lot of ways to destroy your strategy. First, the main combo of the deck
"Doom/nova" works nearly never against them because they always have a keeper in hand
or a wrath + swipe to kill it, but if they don't manage to deal with him, the match up
suddenly becomes decent. Then, they have problematics threats like Dr boom of course
which can destroy your board clean or doomsayer nova turn because it procs your iceblock
in your turn and you lose, Loatheb destroys us, the keepers silenced our taunts, they have
creatures that can't be killed in on flamestrike (druid of claw, ancient of lore, ancient of war,
shredders repop), and since we don'have blizzard to sustain et prepare flamestrike, it's
really hard to deal with their whole board effectively and even a lonely minion with the
combo in hand procs the iceblock and kills you.

Moreover since you nearly plays nothing on board they become very agressive thinking you
are freeze mage and can just proc you with one roar and without giant in hand it's just
finished for you. That's why to win this match up 0 mistakes in sequencing secrets are
allowed and you also have to make the greediest mulligan to get what you want. And they
also have direct damage spells (swipe, living roots that your taunts can't block ofc)
Mulligan : Molten X2 (even if it's not an aggro deck, molten is your only way to kill them
quickly when you are about to die and with druid it comes really quickl against us (like turn
6). Sunfury, because by chance after comboing they won't have the direct damage to
finish you and that's your chance of getting a duplicated/effigied giant and kill them one or
two turns after behind your wall of taunt. If you have those keep flamestrike too which is a
bit more reliable than doomsayer. You can keep mad but don't expectate too much a silence
from them, they'll just play their curve with darnassus, here molten giant is what you aim, i
would keep the unstable just because it's sometimes the only way of slowing them down or
to just improve the chance of getting something they would want to silence. Also keep in
mind that if you have Doomsayer + nova, playing a counterspell just one turn before you
plan to do the combo increases your chance of denying a swipe/living roots kill with drake
on board, of course you can't do anything against the keeper, but in a lot of match up it
remains really strong. The main objective is to get the molten playable as soon as possible
with effigy on so that you can regain board control and echo/duplicate to go for the win.
Having the lead with giant on board is almost the only way to win and enables you to finish
the game. Slow them down a maximum so that you can play molten + echo without fearing
to be dead on combo. When you have two giants on board they will be forced to trade
otherwise they will die to it, and will be forced to bgh or combo in it and effigy just destroys
that as for counterspell.
Mad scientist (get secret or bait silence before doomsayer) + Unstable + Arcane
intellect is also a good mulligan vs them because that will give you an early minion that can
trade into darnassus, cut their ramp and contest the board, then getting thaurissan on a
board you dominate is the best way to plan your win, moreover portal may force your
opponent to play around mirror entity and will buy you one or two turns if you have any
early secret set.
It's better to play "pro active doomsayers" against druid, because it gives you a lot of tempo,
and enables to play your threat on empty board to get the edge, whereas waiting for crazy
doomsayer/nova turn played defensively will often get you a lose because of keepers.
Try to get initiative with one giant on board with an effigy/dup set and just rush them
ignoring their sylvanas and other threat with multiple nova and flamestrikes.

Here is a picture of what you need to aim to beat them.

Molten + Sunfury + Efiggy is a great combination to play at the same time defensively and

Then wait for your echo and build a wall of taunts without forgetting to heal in case of
direct swipe/living roots or at least an iceblock to avoid dying stupidly.

Usually you use your frost elemental to deny an attack and you start going face to finish the
game, just make sure that savage roar doesn't have a crazy value against you.

Handlock ~ 70%
Normally you can struggle with the regular echo version but thanks to effigy + the surprise
effect of having molten giants, handlock will play it aggressively and will be often punished.
I played around 15 games against handlock and just lose four of them. The line of play is to
deal as much as possible with their threats (2 moutain giants, 2 twilight drakes, sylvanas,
boom, thaurissan). This is it. Of course they can make pop demons which can be annoying
but you often face one or two giants, one drake and two other legendaries. The thing is to
sustain a maximum just the time you get molten /duplicate/echo/nova. The water
elemental are very strong here because they deal with the drake (with 6 damages
sometimes), they freeze giants and make them easier to kill with flame strike, and you also
have a sheep. The strategy is too never let them have the molten. Why ? Because with in this
case it becomes easier for them to punish you by board clear.
The real threat of handlock is not their big "4 mana cost minion" because those ones help
you getting quickly low health and can be slow down easly by freeze and you can just delay
them for on or two turns when you fake a tempo mage.

(Remember that if you play unstable turn 2 and have a trap set up t3) they won't take the
risk to giant t4, that gives you a lot of time. No, the main threat they have is voidcallers into
Malganis and Shadowflame. That's why you need to save the polymorph as much as
possible and why you can't let them go below 20 hp (sometimes just making a strange ping
on one of their minion is better than letting them reach molten, because we don't need to
damage them since 4 giants are often enough on board). Then they are two other ways to
get punished, being shadowflamed on a mountain giant from hand. In this case you can't
spam a bunch of giants on board (apart if you echo them and have duplicate on board) that
forces to estimate with the mana he has and the number of cards in hand if he can or not. Ex
: T8 with 9 cards in hand he can moutain + shadowflame, and of course if he played
thaurissan before, you'll have to take that into account. Then if he they don't have enough
cards in hand/or mana, or no more moutain giants. Handlock can also shadowflame his own
sylvanas, but it's not that effective because if you have 3 or 4 giants that won't be enough.
Effigy is super strong on a molten giant because it simply negates BGH and enables to
directly trade or face with your giant next turn.

Mulligan : The best card here as for a lot of control match up is Thaurissan, you'll
absolutely need to set up a duplicate before you play him, with effigy it's even better of
course but aim first for duplicate for your t5/t6 thaurissan. Then, you keep polymorph of
course for mountain giant or sylvanas, malganis (avoid it on drake since they don't make
that much damage and you can trade them with water elem and just deny their next attack).
Arcane intellect is really useful and here if you have molten just keep one, you'll may be
able to play them very soon and get it quickly duplicated. Don't rely too much on
doomsayer+nova since they have the owl, the main thing here is too get multiple thaurissan
so you can make crazy combos after 3 thaurissan played (and handlock struggles also to
deal with it turn after turn), if you succeed to do it then you'll may have board control
against him, never rush him, and just prepare for massive spam of giant on board like 4 or
more with effigy/duplicate on and no possibility for him to clean your whole board and
pass through ice block. Water elemental is ok, but the best way to win is simply to get a
crazy thaurissan value with your secrets. Later on, frost nova will become the ultimate card
to obliterate handlock since you'll have a massive board with like 40 damage and all is
board frozen. Unstable portal is really nice to fake them and get a minion playable against
their first wave and with effigy it's a really strong combo at least no to be too far behind
and in case of a great minion to be clearly farer and it also delays your opponent from
playing mountain t4 if you play a secret before with faking mirror entity.

Here is just an example after i get rid of all his moutain giant : shadowflame becomes a dead
card just like for his molten, using his bgh just give me a new giant on board and two other
in hand, nothing he can do.

Control warrior ~50%
This match up is one of my favorite because it tends to be hard but if played perfectly and
without a crazy bad rng on your draws you can take revenge for all the freeze mage and
punish it even with 65 health. Here it's the same as for handlock but it's more difficult since
warrior normally runs at leats one brawl and often 2 and contrary to shadowflame the only
way to play around it is either to have like 3 regular creatures like duplicated frost
elemental which will forced either a brawl, either a counterspell on when you have played
like 3 or 4 giants to test it. More over he has more big threats than handlocks (Double
maiden, Boom, Baron geddon, sylvanas, Ysera, Alexstraza, Grommash,) which are really
hard to deal with no bgh in deck (here one bgh could replace unstable). The only way to
win is to get an insane value from your biggest threats. You'll always have to get a
duplicated thaurissan. Then play it each turn, it can be tough for him to deal with and don't
die immediately to his death bite. Water elemental can also be duplicated at the start if you
feel you really have a good hand. Here it enables to freeze him each turn, forcing him to use
execute on him and then with two of them on board, it may bring the first brawl.
Healbot can be played here just to avoid overdrawing and improve your board to increase
the chance of the first brawl with your water elementals. When you got your thaurissan
value, you absolutely need to get your molten giants duplicated, play them with echo, and if

you saw him using his shield blocks before and have your counterspell on, you can play a
third one, keeping one in hand + the one in your hand remaining + a second echo and
double effigy, it's often enough. Just be sure to use your second duplicate for giant only.
Otherwise because of trueheart you'll never reach enough of his life total before fatigue.
Counterspell and the giant are really precious cards here, always keep it mind. Don't
duplicate alex in this match up, but effigy is really great on her, just play it one turn earlier
and it will give you a lot of tempo and board control (apart from getting un unlcuky anima
golem). Most punishing play for him is to kill all your giants without getting any
duplicate/echo or playing his sylvanas and shields slams it to steal your thaurissan at the
beginning, that becomes really tough after this one.

Mulligan : Thaurissan + Duplicate if you have it, Water elemental, arcane intellect,
molten, polymorph if you already have a good hand. Unstable and mad can be kept if you
have thaurissan in hand.

This is exactly the hand that you are looking for when you play against a war control. Plan
here is water elemental T4, Duplicate T5, and Thaurissan T6. Save your counterspell for
brawl or when you want to save a big creature and don't have yet any dup/effigy.

Use echo to get at least two new big ressources, because you need a lot to contest the warrior's
ones and to pass through its huge amount of health before fatigue.

And finally when you are ahead, keep your nova for his big reactive creatures to freeze them
while finishing him, double nova streak with so much damage on board after one brawl is the
way you win.

Yes, you need a lot of giants to kill control warrior ...

NB : If you reach fatigue, don't forget to play around the grommash combo to not die
instantly the turn after he does it.

Shaman/ Mech Shaman~65%
This match up is normally yours apart from him getting hex on your molten duplicate. Here
you are playing like against an aggro deck, don't be too greedy about the damage, with
crackle and bloolust they can finish or surprise you faster than you think.
Mulligan : Molten + Echo, Doomsayer or unstable portal to bait an hex or an orion on it
before you play your doom + Frost Nova.
You'll sometimes need to frost turn6 to flamestrike turn 7. Most important thing is to get
the board clears, you can duplicate healbot or alexstraza against them. Try to always echo
your giants before taking the risk of an hex-duplicate/effigy to still have ressources. Dont
forget shaman (like druid) can silence a frozen creature to lethal you if you don't have your

Giants + echo + Nova is by far the best combo as it's shown here

Secret Paladin/ Midrange Paladin ~ 50/55%
This match up depends just on one thing ; if you succed to succeed with your doomsayer
nova when he plays mysterious challenge. It can be either really hard or really easy.
Owl, equality and repentance on doomsayer punishes you hardly, try to get rid of this trap
when you know it's it before your combo clean. Here you can play your doomsayer on turn
2 if you have a very good hand (like with double molten echo,) or an other doomsayer in
hand after he plays knife juggler, because muster for battle will often deal you at least 9
damages. Counterspell is really good against their blessing of kings or divine favor. Gain as
much time as possible with your healbot until you can clear his whole board and be able to
play yout threat, paladin can kill you very quickly.
Mulligan : Doomsayer, Frost nova, molten, flamestrike. Keep polymorph for tirion.

Here is an illustration of what you aim. Destroying his « mysterious board » after the proc of

secrets and saving as much health (=time) as possible to set up your swing and gain

Hunter~ 45% (This match-up becomes 60% with explosive sheeps)
Midrange hunter is a bad match up because they can put quickly a lot of pressure, some of
their minions are hard to deal with totally (shredder, highmane, boom), they have direct
spell damage, et even run freezing that can block your lethal. The objective is to make the
game as long as possible, that is to say slow them down with you little creature if you have
them, your only out is a huge echo turn with your molten giants.
Face hunter is easier because they don't run big threats like boom, if they rush you down
like hell, taunt giant + healbot/alex is freewin.
Mulligan : Molten (both if possible) + echo (X2 if you have one giant) + Frost nova +
sunfury/ + mad (to get your iceblock). Further on you'll need either healbot/alex or
flamestrike to stabilize. Frozing them each turn you can until the flame strike is really
effective if you have echo in hand because each turn they hero power you and give you
better lower cost molten then you just obliterate their board and play them freely.

Frost nova+ molten + echo as always is often your win condition. Don't hesitate to rush

them because the more you wait, the more they will find direct damage to provoc several
times your block through your taunt, and if you have effigy on it's an other reason to go

Priest~ 85%
Against this deck it's nearly impossible to win for them. Control priest with thoughtsteal
can be a bit less easy but honestly not a big deal you are heavily favored unless it's a velen
priest with mind blast. Here you just have to wait them to fill the board with like 3 or 4
creatures buffed with velen and stuff and doomsayer nova. The best thing is to play earlier
your water elemantal to bait a shadow word pain (like you can do it against tempo mage to
bait their fireball), thus your doomsayer will 98% of the time make his job. After this turn
6/turn7 combo you should be enough low to play one secret like duplicate + effigy and a
giant the turn after. And they can't do anything against that. Just play around lightbomb
with echoing your giants after he duplicated them the first time with his shadow word
death, and set up like and effigy to still have one 8/8 after the lightbomb, that gives you
board control, and enables you to echo again. If you have counterspell in hand don't bother
to play 3 giants and it if he has no board to bait lightbomb it worked a lot of time for me.
Keep the sheep for ysera or sylvanas (or a big velen target which is about to kill you) The
only way to loose is to not have doomsayer nova or flamestrike when they have lethal soon
and to lose all your giants on lightomb withtout having them duplicated or echoed. Effigy is
super strong against them when played with molten or Alex.

If you have giants taunted but no more iceblock and low health don't forget they have direct
damage with holy nova, and blackwing corruptor. Be above at least 6 and it will be ok if you
have giant on board, just trade his creature to avoid velen's chosen boost for holy nova.
Mulligan : Doomsayer + Nova + Arcane intellect + thaurissan + flamestrike / Water
elemental to bait the shadow word pain, thaurissan and counterspell if you already have
doomsayer + nova. When both power shield and death have been played counterspell is a
massive destruction against priest.
Just wait for around 14 hp like here and for him to play all his little spells and commit in the
board is perfect for doomasayer turn, with a counterspell to be super safe. Tempo
doomsayer is also really against priest if you already have cleard their board, so than can
you can set up duplicate for your molten giant or thaurissan if you don't have them yet and
if it's your first duplicate, or set upt effigy for alex the turn after.

Moreover, when you DS+nova, playing a mad scientist to get duplicate/effigy on for your
next "big minion turn" will prevent you to wait an extra turn or to wait a trade with your

Here my Alex will have effigy and duplicate set when she will be played ; which is nearly game
over for priest

Oil Rogue~
Not popular in the meta, i met a few on them. You have to slow them as much as possible
because their oil can be really fast killing if you can't remove the minion buffed.
Counterspell is a great card against them saving you from blade furry (this card is really
annoying for echo) or denying a sprint/ it often blocks their whole turn. The best way to kill
rogue is too control the board and just be enough low to play your molten giants + echo
(with duplicate/effigy set) and with frost nova before your block pops. Having thaurissan
/water elemental duplicated against them is also very good because they'll use a lot of
ressources on it, giving you more time to set up your giants and even pressuring them.
Tempo Doomsayers is a fine tactic against them if it unables a turn 6 thaurissan for you on
empty board next turn. Sludge belcher are insane against them but with not so many rogues
at the moment i don't feel to add one in the list.
Mulligan : Molten X2/echo with one giant + sun fury or frost nova / thaurissan with
flamestrike on coin / water elemental + effigy. Alestraza is really good if you already have
moltens in hand.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------NB : Don't forget your opponents can play around counterspell with his coin or spare parts
but it happened really few times if you don't have too many secrets set and that your
opponent couldn't test them before it will be fine. Like playing counterspell with one other
secret on board, it's nearly impossible for him to guess that it might be a counter spell and
not a duplicate one with your giant on board. Try as much as possible to get unstable in
your starting end to pretend being a tempo mage and then at least a sort of strange tempo
control mage, don't letting them know about the giants is the best way to get their concede
just one turn after they realize they were bullied. Try not have too many secrets (like 4 or
more) at the same time before you are ahead in the game because that will help them to
evaluate which secrets you played and play around them.
NB2 : Use your water elemental as a punching ball to bait fireball, shadow word pain, exec,
sometimes silence, to increase your chance of succedding when you will doomsay your
opponent's board.
NB3 : Even if the deck seems reactive, the best way to assure your win is to have a kind of
board control to plan perfectly your giant's turn without being pressured at all which is the
best case. Leading the board with unstable minion, water elemental, effigy and thaurissan
on empty board helps a lot to achieve it.
This deck is strong because he is focused on one of the most important mechanic of
Hearthstone which the "tempo plays" ; being able to freeze all your opponents minion while
playing freely 4 8/8 with a back up secret is like making them skip their turn and forcing
them to use their ressources inefficiently and fact of having 4 different secrets played
against your opponent will create a state of uncertainty that will often lead him to make
misplays or to play around things that don't exist on your side.
Making your opponent think and plays against a deck that you aren't playing at all, is a huge
thing in this game, when normally everbody knows what are the threats he is about to face.
Why Echo of medivh is the best and funniest card in this game

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