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Alarms are costly noise makers that nobody wants to know about. If a traditional back to base alarm
goes off, someone rings you to tell you that your alarm has gone off. However, they can’t tell you what
set it off. False alarms are an absolute nightmare and sometimes you never know what set it off. These
are extremely taxing on your time, sleep and energy.

The XT control panel
The XT control panel is a Videofied wireless, battery operated hybrid alarm system. It is designed for
residential and small business security applications, as well as both indoor and outdoor commercial
applications (construction sites, cell tower, remote sites, substations...).
XT can be used as a standalone alarm system or can be integrated into an
existing alarms system as an upgrade to Videofied features and
XT has programmable inputs and outputs (outputs available Q1 2011).
Programmable inputs and certain event types can be configured to capture video from a MotionViewer
device using the mapping feature.
The control panel has two easy to access external connectors for upgrading GPRS and RF antenna

DCV 751 Outdoor Motion Viewer
The Outdoor MotionViewerTM Camera DCV751 is a battery operated,
wireless outdoor motion activated camera designed for use in
Videofied® security systems.
Motion-activated cameras are intended for applications where video
verification of intrusion alarms is necessary or desired.

The DCV consists of a digital camera, a passive infrared motion detector, and S2 VIEW spread spectrum,
Videofied® interactive, encrypted wireless cicuitry for secure two way communications with the control
panel. The camera consists of a CMOS black and white sensor and an 85 degree, wide angle lens. Two
infrared LED provide a night illumination distance of approximately 8 meters/26 feet. For motion or
movement detection, a Fresnel lens inside the cover captures a 12m/40 ft wide, 90 degree angle passive
infrared pattern. The base can be fixed on wall directly or by using mounting. A tamper function
provides cover tamper detection.

CMA 701 Keypad
The Keypad Model CMA 701 is a battery operated, wireless alphanumeric
keypad designed for configuring/programming and operating VIDEOFIED®
security systems.
The keypad consists of a liquid-crystal (LCD) display with two 16-character
lines, multi-function push buttons, a panic alarm button, a built-in sounder,
and S2View® spread spectrum, videofied, interactive, encrypted wireless
circuitry for secure two-way communication with the control panel.
The LCD display provides easy to read messages and goes out after 30 seconds of no keypad activity, to
conserve battery power. Pressing any button (except the panic alarm button) restores the display.

SE 751 Outdoor Siren/Strobe
The Outdoor Siren/Strobe Model SE is a battery operated, wireless
combination unit designed for use in Videofied ® security systems.
The unit consists of a sounder, strobe light, and S 2View® Spread
Spectrum, Videofied ® , interactive, encrypted wireless circuitry for
secure two-way communication with the control panel. The siren
produces an output level of 105 dB at 1 meter for three minutes, in
alarm. The strobe light flashes four times per second for three
minutes, in alarm. The unit is typically installed outdoors on the structure to help responding authorities
locate the alarm site. The unit should be mounted where it is protected from weather elements, at a
height where intruders cannot reach to help prevent disabling the unit. A dual tamper function provides
detection for both cover and mounting surface. The unit is powered by four alkaline batteries that can
last four years, depending on the amount of siren/strobe activity. The unit transmits a check-in signal
every eight minutes that includes its unique identification code, along with the tamper condition and
battery status.

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