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Bolt Action Additional Units

Armies of germany
additional units
Goliath Demolition Team (anti-tank team)

fired as normal, except that instead of rolling to hit, roll on the
following chart. Note that if a Recce vehicle reacts to the Goliath
attack by moving, the mine automatically scores a result of 1-4.

The Goliath was used by the German engineer units in a variety
of roles. It was essentially a radio-controlled tracked bomb,
carrying a big charge of high explosives direct to where it was
needed – commonly a pillbox, minefield or disabled enemy
tank. The controller steered the robot tank by using a wire
connected to a simple control box.

Dice Effect
1–4 The Goliath breaks down, or is damaged or
prematurely detonated by enemy fire. The Goliath
model is removed and has no effect.
5–6 The Goliath reaches the target and is detonated. If
the target is a vehicle, it suffers a hit with a Pen of
+7 (no Pen modifiers apply). If the target is a unit
inside a building, the unit is hit by the equivalent of
a heavy howitzer – remember that if this explosion
scores twelve or more hits, it brings down the
entire building, killing everyone inside!

The Goliath was fairly successful and used on many fronts, and
though slow and vulnerable to small arms fire would be a
frightening sight as it rumbled towards you with its deadly
Cost: 60pts (Regular), 78pts (Veteran).
Composition: 1 NCO and 2 men.
Weapons: Rifles and anti-tank grenades
• The NCO can have a submachine gun instead of a rifle for +3pts.
Special Rules:
• Tank hunters.
• Remote-operated mine: The Goliath model itself is just a marker,
and it is treated as a one-shot weapon with a range of 18”.
Goliaths can only target stationary targets, either a stationary
vehicle (i.e. any vehicle that is not sporting an order dice showing
a Run or Advance order) or a unit inside a building. Goliaths are

• The Goliath counts as an anti-tank team for the purposes of the
generic Reinforced Platoon selector from the Bolt Action
rulebook. Alternatively, 0-1 Goliath teams can be added to forces
from the following theatre selectors of the Armies of Germany
book: Operation Blue; Stalingrad, Death on the Volga; Rommel’s
Defeat; Operation Citadel; Anti-Partisan Security Patrol; Defence
of the East; Defence of Italy; Atlantic Wall Resistance Nest;
Normandy; Operation Watch on the Rhine; Holding the West Wall;
Operation Spring Awakening; Last Levy.

Waffen-SS Goliath
Demolition Team

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