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For once and compared to last creations, I dare to speak about chemistry between men and women, to
sublimate the idea of desire and love, to look and dream about the original desire of a world in search of
truth - naive, authentic, devoted, instinctive.
Here, we will find human beings dominated by conflicts, the conflict of the desire and its impossibility, the
one who drives out the duality of love and wishing for love, the fear to accept to give itself and to loose
its independence, to be changed, to be betrayed.
We look at human beings who run behind one question, the question of love:
Why do we love ?
Why do we need so much to love ?
There is a kind of madness in all of this.
This is a wild race against the time which generates the distress. The incapacity and the fierceness of
wanting to find the answer urges us to miss the point: the let go.
Here, bodies are confronted to each other, are engaged in an endless physical collapse.
Love is difficult and permanent, even when he goes away, it gives a way to desire the love or to not do it
anymore. He obsesses us, even when he hides behind the denial, the escape, the fear.
Love is the axis of our lives, tangible, fragile, the one who questions everything and brings us to get lost,
to find us better or loose us even more.
In the sense that love is a permanent risk; here, dancer's body are confronted to the imminent physical
This piece is a journey between the extremes of the filling and the nothingness, between our original
desires and our social faiths.
Are we able to make the difference between desire and love ?
This problematic is the central core of the piece.
Inspired by two books who marked my beginnig of adulthood, one of René Maria Rilke: Letters to a
young poet, and The praise of the shade by Junichiro Tanizaki, and some widely inspired
philosophic works, I focus this new creation on the way we have to love, to conceive love and desire in a
world of perdition and in lack of freedom.
At the heart of these works is the movement between what is clear for us and what is foreign to us.
By working on the idea of desire and love, we have focused our inspiration on FLAMENCO music.
This music in the Arabic and Andalusian origins draws his energy from hot, impulsive and powerful
energies, like these peoples of character.
This is why we choose this musical entity to raise our choreographic subject. Due to this heat and sound
strength, we want to give some strength and some sensual delight to our dance.
The creation is not made, but we have been working on a short video model after a first working session,
which gave a kind of video teaser where you can see where whe are going physically and in the meaning
and the sense.
By hoping to get a favorable answer from you, we wish you a good reading and a good viewing.

Sarah Baltzinger

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