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Team Trade (A Synechron Company) is a leading Business Consultancy and IT Services Company
dedicated exclusively to the financial services industry. Founded in Paris in 2000, Team Trade went on to
open subsidiaries in Luxembourg, Milan, London, New York and Singapore to cover the European, North
American and Asian markets.
Team Trade is looking for young highly motivated junior profiles to be involved in Financial and IT
projects located in Milan or Paris (opportunities to work in different international locations).
The candidates will be gradually introduced on the job with an intensive studying program, work case
and finally they will be required to gain greater autonomy in understanding and solving problems,
preparing functional specifications, developing solutions and contacts with the client.
The profiles we are looking for must have the following characteristics:

Bachelor Degree in Economics, Statistics, Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, Computer science
Good knowledge of English
Good knowledge of Excel
Available to travel abroad
Microsoft Office

Knowledge one of the following topics is appreciated
 Financial market and the main asset class (IRD, CRD, FXD and COM)
 Quantitative finance (volatility, pricing model, Black and Scholes)
 Thesis in one of the following matters is a plus: risk management, econometrics, statistics,
quantitative finance, collateral, CVA
 Regulatory compliance (e.g. Basel 2/3, EMIR, Dodd-Frank)
 Knowledge of SQL, Windows, Unix.
Soft skills
 Problem solving
 Communication
 Team working

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